Mac nightly builds are now available (again)

Thanks to Mozilla IT and our build engineer ause, Mac builds for Sunbird and Lightning are now available again. Here are some links for our mac friends:

Expect the release of our second release candidate (RC2) shortly…


  1. hi!
    im using a Java Calendar Server and i can’t find a wcap-xpi file.
    are these files provided separately or did you merge all code into main xpi?

  2. Muzzol, all code has been merged into the main xpi

  3. Are the trunk builds of Lightning not working? I haven’t seen a new one since 3-28-08.

  4. Hi,
    thanks a lot for your great work.
    RC2 will be the final 0.8, won’t it ? (No more opened bugs after a long test of the nightly builds).
    Please give us a few news…