Lightning/Sunbird 0.8 RC2 is out

After all the previous hassles we’re happy to report, that the second release candidate for our 0.8 release (0.8 RC2) has been released. We know you’ve been waiting for it, so grab yourself a build. Here are the links:

We would really appreciate it, if you test those builds heavily, as we plan to push out the final release, if nothing serious comes up within the next 2-3 days. We’re especially calling out to our Mac OS X community, to test these builds, as there were no recent nightly builds available for you for the last two weeks and we want to make sure, that everything looks fine on the Mac as well.

If you find a bug, that you think is serious enough to block the final 0.8 release, then please file it over in Bugzilla and make some noise in the bug report.

If you have problems or questions, please drop by in #calendar-qa on or in the newsgroup available via Google.

Thanks and happy testing!


  1. Just loaded .8 RC2 on Windows XP.
    Am getting an error relating to google calendars.
    Error number: 215333318
    Description: TypeError: Components.classes[“;1?type=” + type] has no properties

  2. @JimInKS
    Your Provider for Google Calendar extension is probably disabled because it’s not compatible with 0.8. You need to use a nightly build of the extension (can be found next to the Lightning nightly builds) or wait for the next release.

  3. What about the bug with repeting events and drag&drop:
    Do you plan resolve it before 0.8 come out?

  4. Kalthor, we will not fix bug 354935 before the 0.8 release. Only serious regressions that might affect a large percentage of our user base will be fixed until 0.8 comes out.
    After that we will focus our development efforts on getting 0.9 into shape.

  5. Hi guys,
    Where can I find the localized builds for Sunbird RC2?

  6. Thanks all-
    The Google Calendar extension nightly did the trick.

  7. Emerson, either follow bvdbos’s link or replace the en-US at the end of the Sunbird links with your locale code (e.g. de, hu, pt-BR, sk, …)

  8. Running thunderbird
    with 0.8rc2 Lightning 0.8 RC2.
    Unable to accept meetings from others.
    PRODID:Microsoft CDO for Microsoft Exchange
    Can make entries into calenders, both remote and local directly but meetings will not accept, sometimes get popup as to which calender to add to but then they don’t appear in the calender choosen (both local and remote ones). Sorry to post here but don’t know how to bug report it. Iam happy to forward meeting.ics attachments of examples etc.
    Many thanks

  9. I am getting this error on a WabDev shared calendar: Publishing the calendar file failed
    Status code: 412: Precondition Failed

  10. Why dont you guys release for Solaris Sparc platform? We use the SunRay environment and would like to use the latest available build.

  11. Mike, the reason is simple. We don’t have the build machines available for releasing on Solaris SPARC. We would of course be grateful, if someone would supply us with a contributed build.

  12. Mike, we will release for Solaris SPARC, too. In the meanwhile you can use lightning builds from [1] which are of equal quality.

  13. javaboyuk, I can’t accept some meeting requests too. I’m currently trying to find the reason. What I already found out:
    This seems to happen only if the meeting is sent to an account which is not your default one. say you have as your default mail address and as a second one. Meetings sent to abc can be accepted and added to the calendar, whereas those to xyz cannot (exception: meeting is sent to both, then xyz can accept as well).
    So this seems to be this bug:

  14. I installed Sunbird 0.8 RC2 on Windows XP and had 1 remote Calendar open and it started at 70MB memory and when I came back 30 minutes later was at about 120MB of memory without me even using the computer. Any ideas or suggestions on that? Thanks

  15. Where is the source code for the RC2 release? I will build a copy for you guys…

  16. Hello folks
    First off, many thanks for what is obviously a monumental effort by a small team. Much appreciated.
    I wonder if someone could give me a definitive rundown of what is now possible with Sunbird and Google Calendar. I’ve read a load of posts, but am still not clear. Specifically, is offline access possible yet? If not, is Sunbird or the Google Provider the issue? And then what’s the plan? This is a key feature for me :)

  17. Hi Dbj,
    Your issue is being looked into. Below is the link to the issue that is filed.

  18. Sunbird 0.8 final at
    Wish for 0.9: moving calendars in the calender list per drag and drop up and down and lock them.