Lightning 0.8 and Sunbird 0.8 are out!

I am happy to report, that the 0.8 release of Lightning and Sunbird has been completed and is now available via AMO and the Calendar Project website.

Five months after the 0.7 release we are again one step closer to our 1.0 release, which we hope to release at the end of 2008.

Notable improvements of this release are written down:

Lightning 0.8 and Sunbird 0.8 are available for Windows, Mac OS X (universal builds) and Linux in 30 different languages including English.

Please use the following links to download the release:

Please read the release notes for Lightning 0.8 and Sunbird 0.8 before downloading.

Thank you again to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. We would not be able to do this without your assistance!


  1. Congratulation!

  2. The download-links shows still V. 0.7

  3. BUG: Sunbird cuts last letter while moving over event.

  4. Sunbirduser, the web server finally accepted all the changes after nearly two hours of waiting

  5. congrat !
    that’s a big progress from 0.7
    getting better with every version even if still misses many features.
    PS : is weird, it says I’m going to download macosx version but in fact it loads the correct win version when clicking (I’m on win xp with Fx 3.0b5)

  6. Google Calendar User

    Has the “Provider for Google Calendar” extension been updated as well to be compatible with 0.8?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of the most popular lightning extensions…maybe incorporate it directly into Lightning/Sunbird?

  7. Thanks everyone for progress in 0.8, wondering if there will be a libical update early in the progress to 0.9? I’ve reported custom repeat entries firing on wrong dates since pre-0.5

  8. Yeah, great!
    This release brings a whole lot of very cool features just at the first look. Wonder, what i will discover in the next time.
    Thank you very much!
    Now take a deep breath and a good and long vacation and start for the 0.9. There are some features on the roadmap I’d love to see implemented. And I promise, I’m going to check my timetables for some spaces to contribute to this wonderful project.

  9. Congratulations! However I have an important request in the recurring event category. Is there a way to add a “Future” button to the options of “All Occurrences” and “This Occurrence only”? I want to be able to keep all the information in the old occurring events. This is the way the old Palm desktop works and it is missing from all other calendar programs!!

  10. Yes! o/
    Are there any differences with the RC2?

  11. Thanks for your feedback guys! Here are a few answers to your questions/issues:
    matp75, the issue that you are seeing is bug 426913, an bug, that his us and that we can do nothing about at the moment.
    Google Calendar User, the 0.4 update for the GData provider has been uploaded to, but is still waiting for approval. In case you don’t want to wait, get the update (The file is called gdata-provider.xpi) directly from one of the platform-specific sub-directories of
    Andy Burns, we will likely update libical early in the 0.9 cycle.
    GUEST, this is a known bug (bug 320178) and on the list of features that we want to implement for 0.9

  12. julien, there are no differences between the RC2 and the final release.

  13. Will there be an x86_64 build ?

  14. For next releases it would be nice if you will include also 64 bit binaries for Linux

  15. For next releases it would be nice if you will include also 64 bit binaries for Linux

  16. manual trackback:
    (…)this release. The new SunSnarl 0.4.1 now is compatible with Sunbird 0.8 (but not with Sunbird 0.7 – but who wants to use the old version(…)
    Good work – the 0.8 release is great :)

  17. Wow!!!
    Waiting for 0.9 pre!!!

  18. Great! good work!
    Waiting to .9 and then the big one v1.0!!!

  19. Hm, using 0.8 pre I was bet on such issue: in task mode Lightning does’t remember user defined height of task description. I was sure it will be fixed in release, but it wasn’t! :( Is it possible to do this in 0.9?
    Thank You!

  20. Is there an option to see tasks in calendar? I had it set like that with previous version but can’t find a way to get it back.

  21. Oh, sorry, it’s there but it would be nice if I didn’t have to set it manually, if I have done it before. I really love the way categories are displayed!

  22. udo van den heuvel

    Where are the Linux x86_64 builds? Please recognise Linux x86_64 as a major platform.
    Please fix the bugs in the build system and the updater setup.

  23. Oh, I even didn’t know that viewing tasks in calendar is possible. Great!
    One more suggestion for future versions: to be able to define day’s tasks/events – not “all day” but regardless of time.

  24. Is it possible for Sunbird and Lightning to share the same datafile?
    If so, where would I learn how to do this?
    Thank you,

  25. Congratulation! I’ve been waiting for this and it look’s really good.
    Thanks again

  26. Confirmed bug of comment #3.
    Thanks for this release. Lightning is very good-looking and that’s good news for “average users”.

  27. Will there be any lightning 0.8 builds made for the 1.9 trunk?
    I use OS X Thunderbird 3.0a1pre as it has the OS X address book integration. So for OS X it’s the only way to go.
    Pretty please!?

  28. Emerson Prado

    Great job, guys!
    I just missed one thing: in Task view, I can’t find a way to hide completed tasks, as I did until 0.7. Is it still possible? If not, and there’s no bug filed, I’ll do it, because it’s a hell needed feature for me.
    Best regards,

  29. Congratulation! Great to see that WCAP support is now included in the xpi.

  30. @Dorsanty
    No, but you could test with a trunk nightly build of Lightning.

  31. Is anyone having a problem with a new clean install of Thunderbird and lightning 0.8?
    When you load it up for the first time after installing it places the Calendar side bar next to the Email folder side bar. When I switch to Calendar mode, the Mail folder side bar stays and the Calendar is unusable and all the buttons on the toolbar are grayed out. The task mode doesn’t work at all.
    I have no problem in Linux or Windows if the installation already had lightning 0.7 on it.

  32. x86_64 Pretty Please?!

  33. It seems that in any mode, I can’t actually create a new calendar or task, and there wasn’t any default calendar created when 0.8 was installed. This is using Kubuntu Gutsy 7.10 and Thunderbird

  34. Thank You a lot! For another wonderful release.
    Keep rocking!

  35. Martijn van Berkel

    In Lightning 0.8 there is a new shortcut in the ‘Go’ menu: Ctrl + Down Arrow. This jumps to today. This shortcut is also active in the email mode(ctrl+1). That’s pretty annoying when selecting e-mail messages with the ctrl button. Can it be turned off?

  36. The release notes for Sunbird 0.8 include:
    > Sunbird contains several performance fixes,
    > which should improve working with larger calendar files
    Wow! I’ll say! My PC is getting a little long in the tooth
    and on 0.7 just about anything I did seemed to take “forever”.
    I was about to declare the new versions unusable and figure out
    how to get back to 0.3 .
    Now, on 0.8, those things all seem to take about three seconds!

  37. I’ve been using lightning since the 0.1 release. The new 0.8 release is fantastic! With the addition of the task functionality, and the drag and drop conversions between email, event, and task, it’s become a truly useful productivity tool for me. To the development team, bug reporters, and testers, I have to say, thank you very much! You’re doing a great job.

  38. Another vote for x86_64.
    We are already a user-base of non-trivial size, just as engaged as your 32-bit users, and we would love to help out with bug reports and tests … if only we had something to report against.
    Thanks and congratulations. I hope to be a user soon.

  39. I’ve updated Lightning and it’s ok but I’ve a problem: The reminder don’t appear. The window pops-up, it appears the number of reminders but no reminder at all. Is it ok?
    Anyway, thanks a lot, it’s a great work.

  40. Congratulations on 0.8 release … keep up the good work guys ..

  41. sycks: I have the same problem, with both Lightning and Sunbird, and the same version of Thunderbird. No default calendar, no way to add another. In Sunbird, the error console gives you a whole lot to look at, but it just boils down to the fact that there is no calendar.
    FWIW, I did have Lightning 0.7 installed, but disabled it since our corporate calendar server didn’t support CalDAV. Now we are upgrading, and I am stuck without a decent client! /sob… I will try your workaround of reinstalling 0.7 before upgrading to 0.8.

  42. 64 bit version could be found here:
    I installed and works, AT LAST!

  43. I’ve fount two Mac issues so far.
    1 – When I get an event invite, I have no button to accept or deny the event. It just says “this message contains…”
    2 – On the task sidebar (when in mail view) I can’t add a task in the “click here to add new task” box. I add it and it disappears.

  44. I cannot add tasks at all! I had lightning from the earliest versions till this one and changed complete systems and nothing happens when I click “add new task” or when I add one from the text box. Just nothing happens. Any idea how to resolve that? Please contact me by email if possible or just let me know where I can find help.

  45. Thomas Lauria

    Hy, nice features in the new Version. I’m missing at the moment the amd64 Version.

  46. I have had to revert to version 0.7 of both Sunbird and Lightning for different reasons. Lightning would not read my network calendars and Sunbird does not run on Vista for me.
    Sigh. I was really anxious to use the new cache feature, but I never was able to even try it.

  47. I only have to say: Great Release! Nice features, since I upgraded to 0.8 I’ve found a lot of useful things by chance and really like it. Keep up the good work.
    Btw. is there any progress regarding SyncML support?

  48. Hi. Love your work!
    However! Is it possible to have more alternatives on which calender file you want to use? Like in shared folder on the computer or local network drive? Not only some calender file hidden somewhere in the Mozilla profile directory! At least I have not found a way to make it work. And how about quarter or whole year view?
    Using Thunderbird and Lightning 0.8 on WinXP.

  49. @sycks
    You need to install the libstdc++5 package from the repositories first. Reinstall Lightning afterwards.
    I’d recommend to switch to the Thunderbird default theme. Some custom themes are not yet updated for Lightning 0.8 and therefore break Lightning.
    Store the .ics calendar file somewhere you want. In Calendar Mode use File -> Open -> Calendar File to create a calendar based on the file.

  50. @Dalli
    For year view please vote bug 157270
    Now there are 21 votes, maybe more votes will convince the team to implement this enhancement.

  51. Thank you so much.
    Now the testing on the new boxes can begin. Some people were getting pretty angry with 0.7’s memory problems.

  52. As for the issue with hiding completed tasks in task mode, there’s already a bug:
    Twister Mc, I also saw this problem in Win2k. Pls see this bug:
    IMHO, these were sad losses from 0.7. We’ll keep here hoping this is solved, if not now, for 0.9.
    Best regards

  53. I am still having the no calendar problem with a fresh install. I have libstdc++ 4.1.2-33 installed. I put a symlink in for to the lib under /usr/libs
    Help I want my calendar back!!!

  54. The only way I have been able to get a calendar is using the rpm packages for lightning. I even went so far as to delete thunderbird entirely and start from scratch. I tried lightning 0.7 & 0.8 with the same results no default calendars, messed up screens, etc.. I am tired now, will pick this up on Monday. Maybe I need to do the rpm thing,,, Although I do not want to…

  55. Fixed the problem..
    Under Fedora you must install the compat-libstdc++ rpms.

  56. A few issues to be expected, but a fantastic step forward – congratulations to all concerned …

  57. Can someone look into the Time Picker feature/bug for 0.9 the release:
    I realize that many of the developers are likely from countries without AM/PM so it wouldn’t seem like an blocker bug but this is by far the number one complaint among the people in my company switching from Outlook. Maybe a choice of Time Picker could be developed for those selecting a timezone in an am/pm country? Thanks for all your great the work!

  58. I also vote to turn off the ctrl-down shortcut in Mail mode. This is hugely annoying when multi-selecting mails.
    Good work everywhere else though! I’m a big fan of the sunbird/lightning project.

  59. Alpha-CentaUrI

    I don’t want to see the tasks at all. I just use Lightning together with GCal Provider to see my Google Calendar. Is there a way to get rid of the task tab (TB in mail mode)?

  60. Thanks to the team for all your hard work! I hope there are future plans to “count” the years, so a birthday or anniversary will tell the age. I have bug also mentioned: mouse over of event has last digit of date cut off (both Lightning and Sunbird). All the best!

  61. @Alpha-CentaUrI
    Customize the Mode Toolbar and remove the task button.
    Use the button on the Today Pane header bar to display only the events.
    @a fan
    Truncated tooltip issue is known, happens only with some Window themes (Bug 390313).

  62. Cant seem too get the download working. when i click the d/l button for windows i get an errormessage that says that Inet explorer cannot find the file..

  63. nevermind, got the rc2….

  64. Chris Nordahl,
    there’s nothing we can do about this, as this is a known bug in Internet Explorer. See

  65. Is there a way to use the same extension in Linux and Windows? Or possibly make Thunderbird use appropriate extension for both OSes? Currently trying to install another version overrides the other one. Or could someone point me to an explanation why this hasn’t been done, is hard to do or is considered to be done at some point.

  66. Florian Bruch

    I am having the same problem with TB and Lightning 0.8 in Win XP. The calendar appears left to the mail sidebar and you cannot create new calendars or anything. I also tried the nightly build of 0.9pre with the same result.

  67. I am having the same problem with TB and Lightning 0.8 on Win XP. The calendar bar appears left to the mail directory bar, you cannot create new calendars and the error console returns a lot of messages!

  68. I, also having a problem to add a new calendar. the menu is simply disabled. No errors at the error log (Tools > Errors).
    My TB is fresh (no upgrade), win32 version, lightning 0.8, provider 0.4.

  69. Pawel Palucha

    Under Debian problem with messed up screen, no default calendar and so on can be resolved by uninstalling Lightning extension and installing iceowl-extension package with apt-get.