Lightning and Sunbird 0.8: Now available for Solaris, Linux x86-64 and OS/2

Since the release of 0.8 many people have asked for builds on additional platforms and we’re happy to comply as our community has supplied us with builds for Linux x86-64, Solaris (Intel), Solaris (SPARC) and OS/2.

Here are the links:

Many thanks to Philipp Kewisch for the Linux x86-64 builds, to Sun Microsystems for the Solaris builds and to Walter Meinl and Peter Weilbacher for the OS/2 builds. Enjoy!


  1. Just started using Sunbird 0.8 – checked my calendar and there are some strange timezone issues. I worked in Brazil in 1999-2000 and most of my times are now way out.
    I checked by setting up a new monthly recurring even, and prior to October 1999 the time difference between Sao Paulo and Sydney is just 2-3 hours (depending on daylight savings) when it should be 13-14 hours. After the first Sunday of October 1999, the times display properly! Are timezones still a work in progress in Sunbird?
    As an aside, the timezone selection interface still needs a fair bit of work (inconsistent labeling, many major cities missing, cities by continent rather than country, etc.), but this is a minor issue. Otherwise, Sunbird is a gem to use (I certainly prefer it over iCal).

  2. Thanks for the x86-64 version. It was worth the wait. Looking forward to the next upgrade.

  3. Where can I go to trouble shoot Lighting? Right now the events I add in Lighting aren’t showing up on my Java systems calendar.

  4. Great links, with this, the people we use Linux x64 and/or openSolaris can use Google Calendar Provider to Sync with our Desktop. It’s great!!