[April 17, 2008] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

It’s been nearly a month since my last status update and nearly two weeks since 0.8 was released, so I guess it’s time to show you what we’ve been working on in the last days. Since 0.8 came out, we’ve already fixed 29 bugs. So grab yourself a nightly and help us test those fixes.

On a sidenote: Many of the calendar developers will meet in Hamburg (Germany) to discuss future plans, meet up with some of the Thunderbird developers to discuss the future integration of Lightning into Thunderbird and perhaps also do some hacking. We’re hoping that this will strengthen the team spirit and give us a better vision of what we wanna do with 0.9, 1.0 and onwards.

Here’s the list of bugs fixed since 0.8 was released:

  • Bug 368865:
    REG_APP_DESC should be removed from the Calendar 1.8 branch
  • Bug 393769:
    Mouseover tooltips aren’t shown on trunk
  • Bug 393998:
    Next button in new calendar dialog is disabled when changes are cancelled
  • Bug 396075:
    ‘New Calendar’ dialog: sentences should get punctuation marks
  • Bug 399599:
    Help menu has no accesskey for item Contents
  • Bug 402482:
    No scroll-bar for all-day events
  • Bug 402593:
    Sunbird lacks Ctrl+Q to exit
  • Bug 410755:
    Impossible to resize and reorder the columns of the task list on trunk
  • Bug 413333:
    Offer auto-conversion of google ICS calendars to writable Google Calendars
  • Bug 413523:
    No icon images are shown in the Customize Toolbar dialog on trunk
  • Bug 418058:
    Add tooltip to close button in unifinder
  • Bug 419184:
    “msgHeaderParser is not defined” when dragging mail to Calendar item
  • Bug 421307:
    Synchronize FilterOptions with FilterOptions in task mode Menu
  • Bug 422369:
    Make Calendar styles LTR (left-to-right) and RTL (right-to-left) agnostic
  • Bug 422630:
    Fix groupbox theme regression caused by bug 421814
  • Bug 422640:
    Enable view menu-items
  • Bug 423503:
    Memory leaks in lightning
  • Bug 424808:
    Use binary search to make addItem in month view scale better
  • Bug 426140:
    Wrong sort order for priority
  • Bug 426759:
    Create calIAlarm interface
  • Bug 427216:
    Make tools menu popup match other applications
  • Bug 427237:
    cvs remove unused files in Sunbird themes
  • Bug 427458:
    Completed task time is shown in UTC and not in local time
  • Bug 428798:
    Remove obsolete CSS rules .next-button:hover:active and .prev-button:hover:active
  • Bug 428922:
    Remove even more obsolete CSS rules
  • Bug 428933:
    Consolidate view-specific CSS rules
  • Bug 429095:
    Recurrences with no end date should be limited to a maximum of 60 instances
  • Bug 429101:
    Missing styling on navigation buttons in main calendar view
  • Bug 429313:
    Open the invitation dialog when the counter is ‘Zero’ -> error console output

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that made and make this possible.


  1. Great!
    But what about the bug with Outlook invitations that we couldn’t accept?
    There is a topic on the Mozilla forum at this URL:
    Thanks in advance

  2. Noticed that there is a fix for memory leaks. I just installed the nightly build performed on the 17th and I see that the memory still leaks. Just wanted to let you know about it. I guess that fix addresses only part of all the leaks. Anyway I think it is a good start.
    Now, if I could only make the alarms trigger via e-mail. Resolving “Bug 426759: Create calIAlarm interface” is a very good start towards my wish come true. Good job everyone.

  3. sunbird 0.8 is great!
    thanks a lot.

  4. Hi
    is it possible to create an extension to change the calendar to Shamsi (jalali) ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iranian_calendar )?
    How ?

  5. New calendar looks great, thanks.
    P.S. I don’t want to create issue, but think it’s important: why does not Lightning remember height of task’s description panel??? Every time I have to raise the separator and every time after restart it replaces.

  6. I daresay height of lines in calendar mode is unequal (0.9 pre from 20.04). May be it’s residual effect of Bug 402482? It does not look well.

  7. One more notice: in calendar mode when you press on “today button” in calendar, it goes to today date only! in calendar but not in main part of window (with applied plot).

  8. Today pane’s width changes spontaneously when changing left pane’s width in calendar or task mode:
    1. Close Today pane in calendar & task mode (among other things it’s active in this modes and it’s activity is independent of “Today Pane” button in mail mode – just after inslall 0.9 pre)
    2. Open Calendar or Task mode and change left pane’s width
    3. Go to Mail mode – Today pane’s width is changed

  9. Maybe I’m stupid, but I cannot find a way to print my Task list any where. Every time I try to do it, I get the calender events page. and I can’t copy and paste the list into anything to be able to print there.
    What am I missing?

  10. I searched this feature too, but there’s a bug:

  11. I’m looking for a way to sync my Nokia N73 with my calendar.
    Can this be done with sunbird?

  12. 1.all day events don’t show up with the date info in the sidebar.
    2.Also in the tomorrow tab the date for the tomorrow is not shown.
    3.Also why the multiple calender thing instead simply making filters and being able to set the colour individually for each task or event?
    4.When using the daily mode and you enter a name for the event when it loses the name when you open up the event info window.
    otherwise it’s quite awesome.

  13. In the Lightning ‘Calendar View’ IMHO it should be possible to select a certain hour in a day, right click with the mouse and create a new avent starting at the time you are clicking on. On the contrary the default starting time for the new event is the local hour. For example if it’s April 29, 9.00 o’clock and you right click on May 1st, 11.00 o’clock to start a new event that day at that time, then, by default, you have the new event will start at 9.00 even if you point at 11.00.

  14. @Topoldo
    Try double click instead of right click inside the hour when you are in day view or week view.
    You can set starting time with 15 minutes steps by double clicking in the right position inside your hour:
    xx:00 xx:15 xx:30 xx:45
    Anyway you are right about starting time. I think it should be correct.

  15. What new stuff can we expect for the next version 0.9? Any guess on when it should be out?