Continuation of Localization Testing on 0.3.1

Today has been an incredible day of testing. Testers, localizers, and hackers came together, joining forces to test 0.3.1 and its localizations. We have finished verifying almost all the Sunbird builds. However, our Lightning localizations were delayed and did not arrive until late in the day.

As a result, we are extending the test day through the weekend. If you have a chance, please take a build and run it through our small suite of Localization tests in Litmus.

I have summarized all the information about where we stand on the test day wiki Using that table, you can determine which builds need to be verified and which have already been done. Localizers, you can use that same table to see if you have any issues you need to fix before we spin release candidate 2. We filed bugs for all the issues we found, and those bugs are listed there.

I am extremely encouraged and excited about your response. Today the #calendar-qa channel broke its own record of 30 people involved during a test day! Please keep it going–we need to get all these localizations tested before we push to the final release.

Thank you very much for your time and energy.

Happy Testing!


  1. Bas van den Bosch

    I ran several litmus-tests for lightning with dutch locale and didn’t find any problems in the normal functioning. When importing the 0.4a1 data (which shouldn’t work) a russian error is reported (don’t know what it says). In weekview and dayview the date is noted as 2/11 where it should be 11/2 (minor problem bug 370037). I can’t create tasks (bug 370038) but I doubt it has to do with the locale. but aside from the date no translation errors.

  2. Bas van den Bosch

    Dutch locale translations fully tested for both lightning and sunbird.

  3. Tx for testing the dutch locale! pleased to hear that it is ok!
    Nice to hear the testing days are a big succes! Hope to join again soon!

  4. I just installed the latest nightly (mozilla 1.8) on/in my thunderbird (2b2) and there seem to be 2 features missing.
    1) ToDo is missing: “Show completed tasks” checkbox.
    2) Auto login to remote calendars no longer works.
    Can anybody confirm that these 2 are missing.
    I installed an old version of lightning to get them back
    I am now using ( 04a1 – 2007011505 )

  5. Raymond,
    Those features disappearing is expected. The latest nightlies are release candidates for 0.3.1, which is only a maintenance release. The missing features are scheduled to be included in the 0.5 release.

  6. Lilmatt,
    do I understand correctly that there will be no branch nightlies for the 0.5 release until after the 0.31 release ??

  7. Raymond, yes, you’re right.