Sunbird and Lightning 0.3.1 Released

The Mozilla Calendar Project today released the latest versions of their flagship software, Mozilla Sunbird and Lightning 0.3.1. This is a maintenance release containing the recent changes to Daylight Savings Time in various countries around the world, and is recommended for users of all previous Mozilla Calendar software. No additional features were included, although a select number of stability issues were addressed. Work continues on Sunbird and Lightning 0.5, the next planned release.

Download Sunbird and Lightning 0.3.1 from the project’s website.


  1. The changes are listed here:
    If they are useful, pls feel free to add a link to them in the release notes, similar to what’s being done for Thunderbird.
    I’m sure they’ll be of use to whoever wants to know. :)

  2. Perhaps you should update the info on the Add-ons site so that users know that Lightning
    is compatible with 2 beta 2.
    Also, I don’t know where else to post this, but I believe that a Lightning logo contest would be a good idea to both bring more attention to Lightning and to finally get a cool logo for it.

  3. does this mean you will start focusing on 0.4a1 now

  4. Reinstalled version 0.3 again.
    0.3.1 release doesnt work properly.
    – Screens like adding events open collapsed.
    – Can not subscribe to ics file on network.
    These things do work in 0.3 so, no updates for us.
    Really looking forward to 0.5 though

  5. Which version, SB or lightning? And which locale?

  6. @Ken
    According to Lightning 0.3.1 work with Thunderbird 1.5 to 2.0.0.*. This should include Thunderbird 2 beta 2. No need to update.

  7. Great you got it delivered!
    Back to the new version: when will a new build come out? The most recent one dates back to 22nd January which is about a month old, quite a few things have happened since. :)

  8. Keria, Matt, and anyone else who is wondering about the nightlies.
    We will now be transitioning our nightly build system back to the normal nightly mix that we had back in January (0.4a1 — the 0.5 candidates on MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH and 0.6a1 on trunk).
    Look for an updated post on that topic once we get all the build machines transitioned.

  9. Ken,
    if you have a good idea for a Lightning logo, I would definitely be interested in hearing about it or actually seeing some mockups.
    Send me a mail if you like.

  10. Are you serious? “Remember HTTP auth info” still isn’t working! How come that you haven’t noticed that already?

  11. Unfortunately, Nils is right: Lightning still asks me on each startup for my password. I was looking forward to see that fixed in this version…
    Besides that, update worked fine.

  12. bvdbos, here are the facts
    Lightning 0.3.1 2007021403
    TB: 20061207
    locale: Dutch (nl-NL)
    OS: WinXP
    tried SB for compare:
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; nl; rv:1.9a1) Gecko/20070213 Sunbird/0.3.1
    locale: still Dutch
    Same problem, can not make a calendar in any way.

  13. Question pls: Is it possible to share my Calendar in Lightning? I want to have it on my laptop, but also be able to see it when I am in office, minus laptop, and also so my colleagues access it and make entries.
    Cheers :)

  14. Andrew,
    How do you want to share your calendar?
    By server:
    You can use webdav with ics files (the way i work).
    This is available since 0.3
    When you look at:
    You can see that serverless calendar sharing is planned for the 0.7 release

  15. Tobias & Nils: The fix for the password is in the 0.4a1 code. So once the building of those nightlies will start you can get the fix for that.
    the only fix in the 0.31 version is for the timezones.

  16. @manuel: I assumed you were dutch already, that’s why I asked :-) I tested the locales on different computers with winXP. Did you also get the strange russian errormessage when starting lightning? (not important enough to be blocking). I think you’re currently using a 0.4a1-calendar. If you create a new profile it should work without a problem. If not, please leave a message in the forum:

  17. Strange thing: I use several networked calendars generated by different sources, and when I upgraded to 0.3.1, some of them look fine after the daylight saving switch, but some are an hour off (the ones that are off don’t have dates that extend past the old April 1 switch date, so I don’t know if the off period is just the three weeks between daylight saving switch dates, or all of daylight saving time…). I’ll be filing a bug report, complete with .ics files… Oh, and I’m on WinXP, using Thunderbird, in the default locale (en-US, I assume).

  18. Michael, You’ll need to ensure that your Windows XP box has had its timezone files patched as well. Without that patch, you will see this “one hour off” problem that you are describing. You can download the patch either through Windows Update, or from here:

  19. @bvdbos
    Youre right.
    New profile added, no problems encounterd. Never had russian like errors though. Thanks

  20. bvdbos: Can you say what russian errorcode you get? Is it still there in the 0.4a1 release? For 0.4a1 i corrected a strange string, but i didn’t know it was in 0.3.1 also…

  21. FAO: Manuel
    Shared calendars�
    Thanks for the info – all working brilliantly now and have Lightning running on my laptop with a �personal� and �work� calendar, and Sunbird on office PC’s subscribed to �work� Calendar only, so team can see my appointments.
    Is there a good way to show my personal appointments in the shared �work� Calendar as just ‘busy’ or something?
    Obviously I need work team to know I�m not available if I have a personal/family appointment, but don’t necessarily need them to know details.
    Many thanks, info really, really helped :)

  22. New nightly builds (at least for Lightning and Mozilla 1.8) are available, if anyone interested.

  23. I like Sunbird. I am waiting for the next version.

  24. For more information how to manually update computers that are running Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Windows 2000, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    914387 ( How to configure daylight saving time for the United States in 2007

  25. In the event other folks hit this same issue…
    I’m on XP with the appropriate updates (KB 931836 applied, using Lightning 0.3.1). I was seeing hours marked correctly in the event dialogs, but when I went to create a new event during the DST change period, the event was an hour off in the calendar displays (this display vs. dialog issue is known bug, 337191). I was a bit puzzled since everything should be up to date, yet I was seeing a DST issue. I checked the ICS file, and it showed the event an hour off. So the displays were agreeing with my ICS file.
    It turns out I’d lost a setting on the Date & Time properties settings in XP. The time zone has an option “Automatically adjust clock for daylight savings changes”. It was unchecked. I checked that option and restarted Thunderbird. Now things are working properly; all the timestamps line up as I expect.

  26. since the last updates i have problems to use my webdav calendars over http :( i’ve used them with 0.3.x, 0.4a, 0.6a-versions. i can load it as files, but not with http-access. are there known problems with webdav?

  27. What about colors in Lightning? I can easily do colors and categories in sunbird, but that seems to be missing from Lightning.

  28. Hi, I’m having the exact problem of “an hour off” (described above) in the calendar in Thunderbird. There is a 1 hour discrepancy between the event-edit dialog and the event title/time itself as displayed in the calendar. I tried to install Microsoft’s patch, as suggested above, but it says that my WinXP already has it. Is there a way to fix this problem? Thank you in advance!

  29. Actually, nevermind, this problem does not happen for any dates beyond April 1, 2007. So I’ll just wait :)
    Ah, time-and-date problems solution – “just wait” :)))

  30. I’m having this same “1 hour off problem” in Sunbird. But, it does not seem to happen starting 1 April 2007. However, if you created any recurring events in March, this problem does continue. You must delete the recurring event and then recreate it.

  31. Hi,
    I’ve installed Lightning but it doesn’t really work correct.
    If I want to create a new calendar or if I want to import an external calendar I only come to the point to write down the calendar name. But if I push the “next-button” nothing happens. Seams like that that button has no function.
    Same if I want to create a new termin. I click the right mouse button -> new termin and fill out that nice form. But if I press the “save-button” again nothing happens. Whats wrong here?

  32. I hate editing the registry as much as the next guy. And, I’m in Jerusalem on Windows 2000. Much of what was discussed above was irrelevant to me. So instead I downloaded the Tzedit.exe utility from Microsoft found in this article:
    I edited Jerusalem (GMT +2) for Jerusalem Daylight Time ( ), saved it, closed Thunderbird (2.0.x) opened it, and it’s all fixed, no registry editing necessary.
    Is this a hardcoded issue? Why aren’t the calendar times relative to their respective days? Just curious..

  33. I’m having the ‘hour off’ issue as well, but it is affecting dates in June 2007 as well. I have the XP time zone fix in place and the ‘Automatically adjust clock for daylight savings changes’ box is checked. It is June 22 and my clock says its in ‘Newfoundland Daylight Savings Time’. The weird thing is that I don’t have the problem on the local ‘home’ calendar, but I do have it on the ‘google calendar’ that I have linked using the ‘Google Calendar Provider’ add=on. My google calendar times are correct. I’m using Thunderbird 2.0 and Ligtning 0.31.

  34. I tried adjusting my timezone in Google Cal and in Lightning both to Baghdad time (GMT + 3:00). All of my events shifted to really early in the morning, as you would expect. But when I try to drag one of the events from 4:00am and put it at 6:00am, it automatically shifts down one more box to 7:00am. If I go in and change the start time for the event manually to 10:00am, when I click ‘save’ my event shifts down to 11:00am. It must have something to do with either the Google Calendar or the Provider because when I try all of this on my regular (non-google-cal-linked) ‘home’ calendar, it all works fine whether I enter the times directly or drag & drop them – they stay where I put them.
    If I perform this shift from the Google Calendar side of things, the drag and drop works perfectly and the times in Lightning are modified to match Google correctly. The one-hour shift only happens when I change the Lightning side.

  35. Stoobah,
    the provider for google calendar does not handle timezones. This is a limitation of the current provider architecture as well as a limitation of the current google XML protocol. We will be addressing this in future versions, and hoping that Google chooses to support a more fully baked protocol like CalDav. Sorry for the inconvenience.