January 2nd Test Day Results

  • 5 new people!
  • 6 new bugs!
  • 31 Remote calendar Litmus tests ran (2 failed, 1 unclear)

Congratulations to our top two testers: Jallison and Archaeopteryx! This was their first calendar test day and they did an excellent job! We had a lively test day with lots of contributors. Thanks to everyone involved: jayelix, ulf, ssitter, mschroeder, maarten, xFallenAngel, dror, bbbrowning, jminta, lilmatt, archaeopteryx, jallison, sipaq, mvl, setr, fopper, mechtilde, and damian.
Come join us for our next test day on January 16.



  1. Does this mean v. 0.5 will be released then?

  2. Oh no. It is way too early for v0.5. Many things slated for v0.5 have not yet been implemented, but several things have been improved since the v0.3 release.

  3. Hi guys,
    thanks for the credit but I didn’t participate in the actual testing, just watched the process. I hope next time I’ll a get a chance to contribute,

  4. Hello,
    Keep up the good work, any idea when itip invitation will be available in the nightlies?

  5. The ability to accept an iTIP invitation and add it to your first calendar has been in Lightning since 0.3.
    The new iTIP functionality (ability to send response, decline and send an invitation) is about 90% complete and has begun the review process. You can follow its status by adding yourself to the CC list in bug 334685.

  6. Is iTIP the ability to view an invite to a meeting/event and you are able to accept it? If so, it does work on my system with a button to add to my calendar, but ONLY when the message is read via the message window pane view in TB. I prefer to view messages in their own window and not use a message pane to view messages. In this view I am not able to view meeting/event invites and there are no buttons.

  7. Yes, iTIP is the RFC (2446) which describes an interoperable way to deal with invitations to meetings and events.
    Thanks for mentioning that problem. While I am aware of that issue (and am hoping to address it in the next iTIP patch), I don’t think a formal bug has been filed on it. Would you mind filing one?

  8. Hi ctalbert,
    Thanks a lot for the info on itip.
    I will do.