First Test Day of New Year January 2nd

We are getting started early in 2007 with our drive toward the release of Sunbird and Lightning. To do that, we’re throwing a test day on January 2nd. We will be testing remote calendaring again, because there is so much to test in that area. We have endeavored to make this testing as easy as possible for people, and we have provided a few servers that you can use (so you don’t have to set up your own).

We wish you a happy new year, and we can’t think of a better way to kick off 2007 than spending a few hours working with your favorite calendar project. We hope to see you on January 2nd.

For dates, times, details, and all of that, please turn to our ever faithful wiki page:

— Calendar QA Team



  1. Will Lightning 0.5 sync with Google Calendar?

  2. A basic Google calendar sync-engine (provider) has been submitted. It will probably ship with the 0.5 release as an extension. You can find out more about the code at bug 355117

  3. I love Lightning. Will it ever allow tasks/events to be created for email messages by right clicking or some other way?

  4. I will make sure that i will be there.

  5. My first day at new work… Hope i have some time off…

  6. Thanks for all this good work. For my use, I hope lightning wcap will support sun calendar server v5.

  7. gerl,
    Unfortunately, due to time and resource constraints, the first offering of lightning wcap will only support sun calendar server versions 6 and higher.

  8. heya, happy new year and congrats for the great work! Keep it up! :)
    But: Have you ever noticed that there is a wrong link to the lightning-nightly in the menu?

  9. jasper,
    what is wrong with the link? The link takes me to that lists trunk and branch nightly builds for all systems.

  10. well,
    you are truely right…
    i must have overseen that… or i forgot to scroll down…
    thanks for the hint anyway. ;)