Sunbird/Lightning christmas status update (Dec 23)

Hi everyone,
as a small christmas present from all the developers here’s the latest development update with the list of all the bug fixes, that have been incorporated into our codebase in the last two weeks:

  • Bug 215971
    auto refresh remote calendar every x minutes
  • Bug 327064
    Adds STRIP_XPI to Lightning
  • Bug 329582
    Remove superfluous parts of gCalendarWindow object, including disabled mail support in sunbird
  • Bug 343721
    just try to password from passwordmanager, instead of prompting
  • Bug 343792
    bulletproof libical to not hang after import of .ics file which has INTERVAL=0 in RRULE
  • Bug 350323
    add selected calendar to composite calendar
  • Bug 356207
    start searching at the right place when reading .ics which has BYMONTHDAY and BYDAY in an RRULE
  • Bug 357397
    support WCAP server invitations
  • Bug 358701
    Makes vertical day/date header column narrower
  • Bug 359656
    Make toolbar customization restore defaults restore the app’s defaults, not Firefox’s defaults
  • Bug 360479
    move workweek days calculation to multiday-view so it refreshes just once
  • Bug 360947
    Fixes calendar grid to not overflow when screen is in portrait mode
  • Bug 361057
    minding asynchronous provider responses
  • Bug 361650
    Default event start time is 00:00 and not the next full hour
  • Bug 361836
    Calendar csv import/export does not include alarms
  • Bug 362496
    Fail more gracefully if we can’t parse the date during csv import
  • Bug 362639
    Adds missing accesskeys to Lightning’s main menu
  • Bug 362856
    Edit Task command from tasklist context menu does nothing
  • Bug 362866
    Tasklist, unifinder and views still display old task/event after conversion to event/task
  • Bug 362876
    Offer a chance to save changes to an item if the app is trying to restart
  • Bug 362930
    Selected calendar will not be restored after restart of Lightning
  • Bug 363043
    Unfork Sb’s customizeToolbar
  • Bug 363147
    attendee list and free/busy grid are not synchronized
  • Bug 363275
    Makes week printout show correct dates for timezones with positive offset from UTC

Over the christmas holidays development will likely slow down a little bit, so expect a new status update in the middle of January.

The Sunbird/Lightning developers want to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters for staying with us in the year 2006. We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2007, which will hopefully bring interesting times for both Sunbird and Lightning.


  1. Great to hear it’s going on!

  2. When can we expect 0.4? Great work by the way. Any chance of partnering with Calgoo? They seem to have some great stuff going on.