Results From December 19th Test Day

  • 35 Litmus Test Cases Run
  • 3 New Bugs Found

Due to the lack of advance notice, we had a very light test day. However, the folks who attended did very good work. We will have another “Remote Calendar Test Day” because remote calendars still need quite a bit more testing. Thanks to everyone that participated: Ulf, Andreas, Ssitter, xFallenAngel, Omar_public, Jminta, Lilmatt, UnLoGiC, Mechtilde, Ghoulio, Ogirtd, TFDuesing, Maarten, and Dmose.

Our next test day will be January 2nd. My new year’s resolution will be to make our test days more interactive and more fun. I’m currently brainstorming ways to do that, and I welcome any ideas you may have. If you’ve got an idea, please post it in a comment to this thread. I will post my ideas once I organize them, so you can see them and send me suggestions.

I look forward to seeing you in the new year as we drive toward our next release of Sunbird and Lightning in early 2007. Please have a happy holiday and a wonderful new year’s. I’ll see you on January 2nd.

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