Calling All Testers: Test Day January 30!

We have been exceptionally busy on the calendar-QA team this week. Working together, we have brought our number of non-enhancement, unconfirmed bugs down to 87! Additionally, we are gearing up for a powerful week of testing. In order to address the upcoming United States daylight savings time changes, the calendar team is releasing a patch for 0.3. The team is moving as fast as possible to get this release out so that it does not impact the 0.5 release schedule.

And that is why we need you. We have to do testing on Sunbird and Lightning 0.3.1, and we have to continue our testing on Sunbird and Lightning 0.5 as well. So, we are having two test days next week. Our primary test day will be on January 30th, and a secondary test day will be held on February 1st. Click here for more information on those dates.

To underscore the importance of the January 30th test day, I’m happy to announce that we WILL have a reward for the hard working winner of the test day. It will be a Mozilla Store gift certificate. We will announce the winner of the test day at our QA Chat on February 1st.

If you’ve been wanting to try out a Mozilla test day, if you’ve been waiting to get involved, this is the perfect time to jump in. We will need all hands on deck as we release 0.3.1 and move quickly toward 0.5.

Thank you very much for your help. We hope to see you either on January 30th or February 1st, or both!


  1. As always you can count on me for litmus testing.

  2. Awesome! (Now all I have to do is write the testcases :-)