[May 8, 2008] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

Only three days after the last status update, it’s already time for another as the developers have fixed lots of bugs (19) in the last three days.

The most notable fixes are in the area of iMIP/iTIP (sending and receiving e-mail invites) with the fixes for bug 377761 (better compatibility with earlier Outlook releases) and bug 429938 (support for meeting cancellation).

Here’s the list of all the 19 changes within the last three days:

  • Bug 202360:
    Color Coding of Tasks and Events (multiple classification)
  • Bug 322979:
    Views should not scroll the labelling columns along the non-scrolling axis
  • Bug 368976:
    Cannot undefine alarm for an exception
  • Bug 377761:
    Outlook 200x does not recognize iTIP/iMIP invitation because of MIME type issues
  • Bug 397896:
    Sync default snooze between Sunbird and Lightning
  • Bug 397913:
    Add tooltips to the miniday buttons
  • Bug 401693:
    Today pane not updated on Mac OS X after hibernation
  • Bug 426746:
    Consolidate startup code
  • Bug 427006:
    Timezone offset incorrectly calculated for negative half hour timezones
  • Bug 428715:
    Between 23:00 and 00:00, the default event start date is 00:00 of the next day
  • Bug 429938:
    No cancel message is send to attendees if event is deleted
  • Bug 430254:
    Add interfaces to GData for UI code
  • Bug 430805:
    Permit to change the default free/busy attribute policy for all-day events
  • Bug 431829:
    Moving Today Pane button on Task toolbar removes it from Calendar toolbar
  • Bug 432218:
    Remove TB 1.5 specific code in getMailBar() function
  • Bug 432499:
    Duplicate id in calendar.xul
  • Bug 432703:
    Changing month with scroll wheel throws error
  • Bug 432793:
    Get rid of “move” transaction type
  • Bug 432794:
    Allow loading chrome scripts in test cases

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that made and make this possible.


  1. Keep up the great work guys!

  2. All my google calendars appear with the same colour! Checking the info of each event, every one is assigned to the same calendar, no matter with calendar was the original for this event. Any idea?

  3. Congrats on the great strides. Are these bug fixes making it into the release or just the nightlies?

  4. Munroe,
    these fixes will all make it into the next release (0.9).

  5. Something is wrong with the gdata provider or Lighting itself in the last nightlies.
    All the events are assigned to the last added Google calendar, with all the attributes. And the today pane shows all the events “color-less”.

  6. Hello,
    How can I use the progresses with Bug 202360 in order to also change the color of the small square by each event in the Today Pane?

  7. If I set on off the “today pane” on mail mode, when goto calendar mode, the “today pane” it is show.

  8. BtX, Lucas:
    It’s a feature. The Today Pane can be enabled/disabled separately for mail, calendar and task mode.

  9. Very nice program. Only thing that stops me using it is I cannot print out individual tasks. Is this in the pipeline for Lightning?

  10. Hi ssitter, but on “calendar” mode, I can’t add a “today pane” button on toolbar!

  11. @ ssitter.
    In other words: from menu it is possible set to visible = false the “today pane”, but from toolbar not it is possible!
    I use nightly version
    Lightning 0.9pre (2008051519).
    Ciao and thanks.

  12. @ulysse: the button is already there, the third from the left.

  13. @bvdbos
    Hello, the third from the left (see this:
    it is the button that go to current day. My post it is for “today pane”.

  14. @ulysse
    try to reset your toolbar via the Restore Default Set button on the Customize Toolbar dialog. Maybe you used a nightly build that was affected by Bug 431829.

  15. @ssitter: you are right! resetting toolbar, I resolve this issue, many thanks.

  16. The color-bug of google calendar seems to be fixed in the latest nightly, but today pane still displays the events colorless.

  17. @Lucas: Bug 433937 is not yet fixed.

  18. Hello
    I’ve been emailing about this for almost two years and never got a sign of life. I hope this time it gets to be read.
    There is one big thing missing from Sunbird : a Year view. People need to be able to click forward/back a year at a time, not just months/weeks/days.
    Would it be possible to get this point on the UI discussion ? If this is the wrong place to post, can anyone point me to the correct one ?
    thanks people

  19. @enkidu
    I can suggest you to add your vote here:
    although it seems not going to happen until version 1.0 (next year??)

  20. I have been using your calendar for quite some time.
    Great program.
    Thanks Much