[May 22, 2008] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

Two weeks have gone by and lots of fixes have happened since the last installment of the status update. Thanks to our developers and reviewers 41 bugs have been fixed in the last two weeks, which is really amazing. Nothing is really noteworthy. The fixes contain mostly backend fixes, cleanup work and (unfortunately) regression fixes.

Here’s the list of all the 41 changes within the last three days:

  • Bug 248342:
    Alarm goes off for completed tasks
  • Bug 273600:
    Task Progress bar
  • Bug 309081:
    Sync xpfe autocomplete attributes with toolkit ones
  • Bug 357706:
    Alarms fired too late (alarm timer stopped while hibernating)
  • Bug 363932:
    Delete Warning should be redesigned
  • Bug 392561:
    Need to revise provider error notifications, enhancing onError
  • Bug 392572:
    Correct comments in calIDateTime.idl
  • Bug 400835:
    CalDAV provider should display errors
  • Bug 413101:
    Calendar view missing background
  • Bug 417457:
    Remove XPInstall leftovers from packages files
  • Bug 421886:
    iTIP/iMIP doesn’t handle REPLY and CANCEL methods
  • Bug 428236:
    Selecting snooze times from alarm popup always causes the first entry to be highlighted
  • Bug 431039:
    Move only string from sun-lightning.dtd and remove file
  • Bug 431218:
    Multiple install: targets missing in calendar/ tree
  • Bug 431852:
    Move calendarProperties.xul/js from resources to base
  • Bug 432224:
    Remove more obsolete event dialog files
  • Bug 432653:
    All events in all views take the color of the last calendar in my calendars list (regression)
  • Bug 432877:
    Custom recurrence description is broken (regression)
  • Bug 432956:
    calIcsSerializer code bug
  • Bug 432985:
    Category colors are not displayed (regression)
  • Bug 432992:
    Replace getService() with createInstance() calls for nsIConverterOutputStream
  • Bug 432998:
    Creating event ignores selected date and creates event for today
  • Bug 433229:
    Remove empty /calendar/base/content/calendar-alarm-widget.css
  • Bug 433250:
    Add Norwegian (Nynorsk) localization
  • Bug 433352:
    Day/week view: category color is used for the entire event box (regression) – fixes also Bug 416604 and Bug 432957
  • Bug 433462:
    Correct calGetString() callers
  • Bug 433500:
    IMIP bar does not display anymore
  • Bug 433604:
    Error: hideElement is not defined
  • Bug 433839:
    Uncaught exception in dnd code
  • Bug 433843:
    Revise or remove getFloatingDate
  • Bug 433889:
    Fix regressions from Bug 430254 (regression)
  • Bug 433892:
    Specialize calendar list tree style
  • Bug 433906:
    Cannot dismiss alarm on Kerio server
  • Bug 433937:
    All-day items in Agenda have no styling and can’t be selected via mouse click
  • Bug 433947:
    Move goToDateDialog.js/xul from resources/content to sunbird/base/content
  • Bug 434188:
    calIDatetime::icalString should enforce timezone
  • Bug 434291:
    Fix calendar-ui-utils’ addMenuItem
  • Bug 434371:
    Error on deleting item from Zimbra server
  • Bug 434735:
    Consolidate auth prompts
  • Bug 434736:
    calWcapRequest: use nsIStreamLoader instead of nsiUnicharStreamLoader
  • Bug 434985:
    Remove unused entities and properties

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that make this possible.


  1. I need you make trash for it.

  2. Emerson Prado

    Hi all. Could you pls give a kind look at the following bugs?
    Since 0.8, the task view lost the ability to show only open (not completed) tasks. Instead, we can wee only closed (completed) ones. IMHO, the former is greatly more useful.
    In some places around Calendar, text is shown with the OS regional settings language, regardless of the localization language.
    Many thanks and keep up!

  3. Hi all. I have two problems with the last nightly Lightning version:
    1. I cannot edit existing tasks, nor from Today Panel or Task View.
    2. Small box by each event in the Today Panel is always the same colour than its Calendar, but I need to use the colour of the Category instead.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. I could not find it, so does anyone know if there is a bug for adding the Address Book/Contracts to the list of items on the bottom left (next to Mail, Calendar, & Tasks?

  5. I second Emerson’s first request.

  6. @Alan
    you are searching the bug 403950 https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=403950

  7. Thanks Decathlon!
    now hopefully they will add that…
    of course i also want a simple memo/notes feature like Outlook or was in the Palm Desktop software. Unfortunately every time i see some with a bug related to that they mark it as Won’t fix even though I think it is a key component
    thanks agian

  8. In the Multiweek and Month pane I don’t get a New Event window with the date I double-clicked or “right-clicked -> New Event” on. Thats a mayor annoyance for me.

  9. @Chris M.:
    Works for me using Sunbird 0.9pre (20080527). Maybe you are still using an older nightly build that was affected by Bug 432998.

  10. with lighting 0.8 I had the following problem:
    emails with attached event invitation from some servers (for example Notes server) are shown with “Accept” button, but the button doesn’t work.
    I tried lightning 0.9pre.
    for the same event invitation the button is not shown anymore.