[May 30, 2008] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

Another eight days have gone by and lots of fixes have happened since the last installment of the status update. Thanks to our developers and reviewers 16 bugs have been fixed.

Here’s the list of all the 16 changes within the last three days:

  • Bug 323952:
    no progress indicator when reloading remote calendars
  • Bug 338527:
    Load of remote calendar fails if ‘Automatic proxy configuration URL’ is set (regression)
  • Bug 428496:
    Editing event or dismissing alarm collapses Today/Tomorrow/Soon section in Agenda
  • Bug 429938:
    no cancelation message is send to attendees if event is deleted
  • Bug 431811:
    Context menu of tasks in today pane causes error
  • Bug 431980:
    Tasks marked as completed disappear from tasks list in task mode
  • Bug 433753:
    Add Romanian localization
  • Bug 434092:
    Allow disabling calendars completely (i.e on an outage)
  • Bug 435083:
    Day/week view: Event boxes don’t show color but are transparent
  • Bug 435268:
    Double-clicking an event in the Today pane opens *two* editing windows
  • Bug 435634:
    Missing ids in calendar-calendars-list.xul
  • Bug 435795:
    Can’t open Edit Task dialog via Return key for first entry in task list
  • Bug 435877:
    UTF-8 decoding problem breaks wcap calendar
  • Bug 435904:
    untitled tasks generate an exception when sorting
  • Bug 435934:
    No chrome package registered for chrome://calendar/widgets/calendar-widget-bindings.css
  • Bug 436030:
    Calendar services should specify nsIClassInfo::SINGLETON

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that make this possible.


  1. Wow, thanks for your work. Bug 428496 is really annoying in v0.8.

  2. Thomas (another)

    Great job guys.
    It’s going so fast !
    Thanks a lot.
    PS : Have you planned a RC1 ?