Calendar Community Testday On Thursday, June 5

Our first test day after the release of Lightning and Sunbird 0.8 will be on Thursday, June 5th. Please help us find any new regressions and bugs. We identified some areas where we need your help testing:

  • New dialog for modifying & deleting a repeating event
  • ‘Switch this calendar on’ feature to disable a calendar completely
  • iMIP/iTIP support (email based invitations)
  • CalDAV calendar support

We suggest that you try a mix of Litmus and ad-hoc testing. Ad-hoc testing is testing where you attempt to use the product like a “normal user” to find any issues that crop up along the way. You also try to make the program break by doing unexpected things, just do anything you can imagine – mix up events, emails, tasks, calendar types etc. When you find something, take a look at the Error Console (especially before submitting a bug report), since there is usually very valuable information there that points to the cause of the bug.

There are also many fixed bugs that need to be verified. You simply add a comment to the bug report stating what product, version and operating system you used while verifying the bug fixed.

Join us in the #calendar-qa IRC channel on Thursday. All the information on the test day is on our usual test day wiki page.

Happy Testing!



  1. A quick “help me”.
    My job forces us to use MS Outlook. I want to merge the calendar of my personal life with my working life calendar. I can export the calendar from MS Outlook (comma delimited …etc…)
    Question: Is there a hand held device that Lightning and Sunbird will run on … and can I import the data from Outlook into Lightning and Sunbird using the MS Outlook data formats?

  2. Is Bug 382363 (“Hide completed tasks” should also hide cancelled tasks) going to be looked at before the 0.9 release? Still happens in version 0.8.

  3. Hello everyone,
    is there any way to kind of ‘sort’ calendars in the calendar view? Like in Apple Ical, where one can just pick a calendar with the mouse and shift it to a new position. I think this would be useful to most users, not only for me :-)

  4. Any news on bug 199732?

  5. There seems to be a problem with the trunk build of lightning? It opens error windows continuously?
    Thunderbird version 3.0a2pre (2008060803)

  6. Hi,
    sorry but i don’t understand : this is a test day for the 0.8 version ? Is-it O.8.1 or 0.9 ?

  7. Whit 2008061118 version, when I is on tasks mode and I click on calendar comboBox (because no day it is set), thunderbird go to calendar mode! For my this is wrong.

  8. Maybe it exist a change to set an automatic numeric identifier to a task?

  9. I keep getting the following error when I open Thunderbird:
    An error was encountered preparing the calendar located at*************.net/public/basic for use. It will not be available.
    Error #: 2152333318
    Description: TypeError: Components.classes[“;1?type=” + type] has no properties
    I recently upgraded to Thunderbird version (20080421) And installed a fresh copy of Lightening 0.8. I had to reinstall all of my calendars from google.
    Any fix for this?

  10. @KBM
    Sounds like you have still a Google Calendar configured but the Provider for Google Calendar extension is not enabled or installed. Reinstall or enable this extension to delete the remaining calendar if desired.