[June 19, 2008] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

Sorry for the long delay folks! I haven’t really kept up with all the changes lately due to some private matters, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not going full-steam ahead towards the 0.9 release. Within the last three weeks nearly 40 bugs were fixed, which is an impressive thing I have to say.
Here’s the list of all the 39 changes within the last three weeks:

  • Bug 363191:
    Handle Timezones more efficiently (Timezone Database)
  • Bug 367153:
    Event text not readable in calendar view during inline editing (due to unselection)
  • Bug 387398:
    Missing (Client, Server) Certificate support
  • Bug 387402:
    Short or zero-length events are hard or not selectable in Day/Week view
  • Bug 389251:
    Cannot dismiss alarm on single overridden instance of recurring item
  • Bug 391495:
    calRecurrenceInfo::getNextOccurrence/getNextOccurrenceDate have bugs
  • Bug 395017:
    Event & Task dialog for read-only calendars don’t show start time and end/due date and time
  • Bug 399762:
    Task dialog: Error opening Invite Attendees dialog
  • Bug 408240:
    Reading backup preferences fails [Error: backupBranch is not defined]
  • Bug 413326:
    Read only calendar, use ‘Click Here to Add a New Task’ text field -> nothing happens
  • Bug 413847:
    Timezone preference changes require restart to take effect (regression)
  • Bug 413908:
    Events using internal timezones are no longer updated to recent timezone version
  • Bug 419807:
    After closing task dialog now save-messagebox pops up
  • Bug 419816:
    Task mode does not set Application title
  • Bug 428496:
    Editing event or dismissing alarm collapses Today/Tomorrow/Soon section in Agenda
  • Bug 429092:
    Borders are missing for Task List in Today Pane and Task Mode
  • Bug 429685:
    Toggling of ‘Delete’ – toolbarbutton in calendar-mode and task-mode does not work
  • Bug 429687:
    Follow-up features for the mode dependent today-pane
  • Bug 431536:
    Only one invitation can be accepted per Thunderbird session
  • Bug 431811:
    Context menu of tasks in today pane is broken [Error: taskTree has no properties]
  • Bug 432579:
    Enabling cache for public calendar like US Holidays causes entries to dissappear
  • Bug 435877:
    UTF-8 decoding problem breaks wcap calendar
  • Bug 436476:
    Deleting a single instance of a recurring event fails
  • Bug 437048:
    Invite an attendee to an event causes error
  • Bug 437189:
    Gdata prov: cannot delete last remaining occurence by “delete this occurence”
  • Bug 437398:
    Invitation Link broken (currently WCAP only): createXULElement is undefined
  • Bug 437593:
    invitations link should be provided in mail mode too
  • Bug 437615:
    Exceptions when creating/editing/deleting an event/task/calendar or selecting/deselecting a calendar
  • Bug 437689:
    [Trunk] Timezone definitions extension is not compatible with Sunbird 0.6a1
  • Bug 437898:
    events list can have a selector for ‘later today’ list. (prerequisites, actual fix done as extension, see bug)
  • Bug 437921:
    GData provider is not working with TB 3a2pre by default
  • Bug 437941:
    Task-Trees: Selection Style does not make a difference between focused/unfocused
  • Bug 437942:
    Find calendars is broken
  • Bug 437964:
    ‘Mark Completed’ via context menu doesn’t work
  • Bug 438020:
    Task list is broken [Error: document.getElementById(modeBroadcaster) has no properties]
  • Bug 438338:
    Add zh-TW language
  • Bug 439245:
    Selecting events in the unifinder doesn’t scroll view to event
  • Bug 439608:
    modifyEventWithDialog cannot be called with false as third parameter
  • Bug 439633:
    Error console output in month/multiweek view when selecting events in the unifinder

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that make this possible.


  1. Hi,
    I am trying to use the nightly build of lightning 0.8 with TB 3.0 or Eudora 3.0.0b3.
    But it complains that the version is not compatible with 3.1prea, can you please help me.
    Thank you,

  2. Nice to see so many bugs being fixed. I also see that there is some movement on the multiple reminders (including by e-mail) feature. I am very eagerly looking forward for this feature since I left mozilla’s calendar extension about 1.5 years ago.

  3. Nambi,
    You need to use the trunk build of lightning with TB 3. Use the following link http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/calendar/lightning/nightly/latest-trunk/windows-xpi/. Beware this is not getting the same priority that lightning .8 and/or .9 is getting with TB 3 not officially being released, so sometimes changes to .8 and/or .9 affect the trunk build differently. In other words it is experimental.

  4. I recently installed build 2008033120 of Lightning on my Thunderbird client (build 20080421) and noticed that I cannot delete tasks once I have entered them.
    On the stand-alone Sunbird, this feature works fine.