Lightning 0.1 Released

Lightning 0.1 has been released. See the Release_Notes for details and download instructions. In addition we have created a first draft of a official Lightning homepage which you can point your friends to.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out with coding, testing, documenting, etc. For those who have been trying out the release candidates, this is the same as RC2, so if you already have that, there’s no need to re-download.


  1. Lightning 0.1 already hit the german IT news site

  2. Hello Lightning 0.1! Great work guys!
    Is there allready a releasedate for Sunbird 0.3a2?

  3. Lightning

    Сегодня состоялся релиз Lightning 0.1 — «календарного» расширения для Thunderbird. Lightning является частью Mozilla Calendar Project и сделан на основе Sunbird. Однак…

  4. congrats with this ‘milestone’ :) keep up the good work

  5. Gteat!
    Is there any idea when sunbird nightlies will be able to be downloaded in a “.exe” file?
    Also when will I be able to export calenders in sunbird again?

  6. I wonder how long it will take until this release is posted on the front page of in the Announcements section; usually a huge delay for anything other than Firefox or Thunderbird, unfortunately…

  7. Balazs Lengyel

    Tried the 0.1 release found the following problems:
    1) Importing events from Korganizer I got around 100 alarms immediately. IMHO alarms should not be raised for missed events after an import. It is natural that you also load old things.
    2) When I tried to dismiss all the alarms with dismiss-all it dismissed only one event as a simple dismiss.
    3) I received an outlook event. In the thunderbird window only the start and end time appeared. The date and some other info was invisible. Actually using “view message source” I could find them.
    4) I could not move the outlook appointment to lightning without saving it from thunderbird and importing it to lightning.
    Linux redhat 9
    KDE 3.1.10 redhat
    Thunderbird version 1.5 (20051201)
    HP nc8000 laptop (pentium)

  8. Nice work!
    But on the left side, below my email accounts, the position of the calendar window isn’t remembered by Thunderbird. On each new startup, Lightning uses more than half the space, and every time I drag it back down…

  9. @Marx: This is a known problem. It will be fixed in the next release.

  10. Can anyone explain the difference between Lightning and Mozilla Calendar?
    I tried Lightning .1 and it doesnt seem as robust as MozCal.
    No easy import/export options or a subscribe button like Sunbird.
    It seems more integrated than MozCal but not in a good way.

  11. Nice work, and just what I’ve been looking for.
    One question, though. How do I force a reload of a remote calendar to fetch any new events? I’m used to CTRL-R from Sunbird, but that doesn’t seem to work.

  12. Looks nice, but when using webdav, every time when I start Thunderbird, I have to confirm my webdav username/password. Both fields are already filled, just have to press OK – why? I don’t have to do that with my e-mail accounts!

  13. How come the Sunbird nightly build for Windows hasn’t updated since the 13th? Is this intentional? Both the OSX & Linux versions are up to date.

  14. Lightning 0.1 est sorti

    Lightning, qui vise � int�grer un agenda dans Thunderbird, est disponible en version de test 0.1. Consultez les notes de diffusion pour plus d’information et les liens de t�l�chargement….

  15. Hi. We actually use Sunbird 0.2 with Webdav.
    I install Lightning 0.1 and I try to open an ics created with Sunbird, but it seems to fail.
    Aren’t Sunbird’s ics and Lightning’s ics compatible ?

  16. ifyoucanreadthis

    I use for my public calendar and I was able to synch with it immediately with MozCal but I don’t even think it’s possible with Lightning. That sucks. And the other issue I have is that my left hand pane used for inboxes is now taken up (with no options to move or change the view) by the calendar. The first is a very important feature for me and the other has created a major problem. Now I have scroll every time that I want to see all of my RSS links. Yuk. I’m switching back; let me know when these are fixed!

  17. It is getting worse — Sunbird for Win is still stuck in March 13th (Friday the 13th effect???) — 9 days of delay — what is wrong?

  18. ‘ifyoucanreadthis’ – with regard to your issue “my left hand pane used for inboxes is now taken up (with no options to move or change the view) by the calendar” – grab the seperator bar above the calender pane and drag it down. It resizes until near the bottom, then hides altogether. Drag it back up to see the calender pane anytime you need to.

  19. Eesrte release lightning beschkbaar

    Eindelijk is er een eerste release van de mozilla calendar voor thunderbird (lightning) beschkbaar. Ben je geinteresseerd in de voortgang kun je de calendarweblog bekijken.
    Downloads zijn te vinden op developer wiki

  20. Hey, thanks for your great work. Still a lot needs to be done but getting closer to creating an alternative to Outlook feels pretty good.
    Problem: Don`t know why, but I can`t manage to download the xpi-file. I`m on the lightning-homepage and click on either the windows or the mac version – I just get a note, that the file was not on the server. Any help?

  21. Thunderbird does not cannot open ics files. This means that if you open an ics file you cannot select it to automatically open it with the calendar.
    I think it is essential for the succes of calendar integration that you can just double click the ics attachement. At the thunderbird forum there is a post that suggest to save the ics file and import it in the calendar. I had just migrated to thunderbird with sunbird and had to migrate back to outlook because the users did not like that.
    I hope ligthing can somehow fix this. Success!!

  22. I installed and use Lightning 0.1 for some days.
    Seems to be a good calendar. Some features are not supported as list at the homepage. Hope they are done soon.
    If developers can support searching in calendar, search in title, description… that sound great.
    Wait for offical release.