Lightning 0.1 release candidate 2 is here

Thanks to everyone who helped us find and fix bugs in 0.1RC1.  We’ve fixed a couple of bugs in the agenda and release noted a bunch more problems that were found, and 0.1RC2 is now ready.

Lightning 0.1RC2 identifies itself as 0.1, but has a build ID of
20060310xx with various values of xx.  The build ID is visible from the
extension manager.   If we’re lucky, this will be our last release candidate!

As before, Calendar:Lightning:0.1:Release Notes – contains the release notes and download information.


  1. Sorry to sound like an idiot, but the RC2 post says to download the lightning.xpi and then install.
    Can someone flesh out ‘then install’ a bit. I double click and see no result. I ‘Open With’ Thunderbird, but don’t see anything new.

  2. To install the lightning.xpi: once you have the lightning.xpi downloaded open thunderbird, in the “Tools” menu select “Extensions”. This will open up the Extensions window. In the lower left hand corner of the Extensions window click on the install button, opening a browse for file window. Find the lightning.xpi that you downloaded, select it, then in the lower left corner of the window click “open”. This will bring up the familiar extension installation window (familiar if you’ve installed extensions on firefox). Click on the install button in this window. Then restart thunderbird. You should be ready to go then.