Lightning/Sunbird Status Update (August 18)

Two more weeks on the road to 0.7 have passed and we’re making good progress on the release. None of the fixes in the last two weeks stands out really, but many of the latest fixes make life easier for the developers and will therefore spur future feature developments.

<Here's the list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 354703:
    calDateTime::SubtractDate has unused variables and function calls
  • Bug 383462:
    VTODO with RRULE but no DTSTART causes exception, missing entries
  • Bug 384700:
    RDATE/EXDATE specified timezones get lost during ICS roundtrip
  • Bug 385743:
    [Trunk] Update from password manager to the new LoginManager
  • Bug 386370:
    Provide more localization possibilities for GDATA provider
  • Bug 388405:
    Unify calendar list between lightning and sunbird
  • Bug 389077:
    [Trunk] Sunbird needs to package sqlite3.dll, nssdbm3.dll
  • Bug 389244:
    Uninstall information of old version not cleared from registry when updating via auto update
  • Bug 389245:
    Clean up undismissed alarms on item modification/deletion
  • Bug 389303:
    Use one ellipsis character (…) instead of three dots (…)
  • Bug 389540:
    eliminate superfluous bindings in recurrence dialog implementation
  • Bug 389951:
    Close-button in Today-pane is checked
  • Bug 390226:
    [Trunk] Lightning breaks Thunderbird view layout
  • Bug 390942:
    Sync packages-static on Trunk and Mozilla-1.8 branch
  • Bug 391062:
    jsDate property is not correctly invalidated upon calDateTime modification
  • Bug 391506:
    Remove custom calUtils.js from gdata provider
  • Bug 391820:
    Addons manager breaks in calendar because MOZ_PLUGINS is disabled
  • Bug 392326:
    Always use C++ casts instead of NS_*_CAST macros
  • Bug 392387:
    New Event / New Task context menu command no longer works (regression)
  • Bug 392388:
    Changing date format or timezone preference causes error in calendar-management.js (regression)
  • Bug 392572:
    Correct comments in calIDateTime.idl

Thanks again to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. Keep up the good work!

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