Status update (30 September)

Hey folks,
I’m very sorry for not updating this blog earlier, but we were so busy in getting the 0.3 release in a decent shape, that I simply forgot to do it. As you can see from the list of fixed bugs that follows, the developers have been working very hard on getting the builds ready for release and we’re very near (probably within the next 2-3 days) to a first release candidate, which can then be tested on our Calendar test day (see the previous post).
So here’s the (quite long) list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 278236: don’t use time_t, to prevent crashes for dates before 1970 or after 2038
  • Bug 315672: Manually unfold lines so as to not split UTF-8 character
  • Bug 321384: New views need to support multiple selection
  • Bug 322827: store names of x- properties, and use that name when serializing
  • Bug 327912: Cleans up Sunbird File and Edit menus
  • Bug 328576: Fixes recurring events when using CaDAV
  • Bug 330178: Adds edit and delete to calendar tab context menu
  • Bug 334468: Adds date and imip-bar to meeting requests
  • Bug 335462: Queues up authentication requests to prevent multiple auth prompts
  • Bug 335463: Shows tasks which have a entryDate earlier than the first date in the view
  • Bug 337712: Uses X-MOZ-LOCATION-PATH to construct the uri for deleting if available
  • Bug 340195: Land string for Print Calendar before string freeze
  • Bug 343049: Add an iMIP bar for adding IMIP items into the calendar
  • Bug 344535: Adds nsIFilePicker filter to fix Linux crash
  • Bug 345310: Adds ‘Repeat every n [weeks|months]’
  • Bug 348028: Change strings on new calendar wizard
  • Bug 348245: Fixes regression where datepicker no longer works after using date/year dropdown
  • Bug 348254: Fixes duplicate xul element ids and changes captions to labels for some prefs
  • Bug 348798: Removes braces in uuids
  • Bug 349354: Editing recurring event resets any this-recurrence-only changes
  • Bug 349788: Adds convertDate to ensure dates passed to cpp are proper datetime objects and fixes missing recurring events for UTC+ timezones
  • Bug 350055: Update Win32 package list to include urlformatter
  • Bug 350287: create a webcal protocol handler
  • Bug 350375: Fixes invalid behaviour when editing a todo with an alarm
  • Bug 350965: iTIP information must be cached in an XPCOM object
  • Bug 351168: Add WCAP builds
  • Bug 351199: Stubs out missing methods to reduce useless exceptions in CalDAV provider
  • Bug 351380: Disable natural language parsing in lightning datepicker
  • Bug 351452: Fixes cut off custom alarm fields
  • Bug 351460: Removes print command disabling when a task has focus
  • Bug 351528: Tasks with an entryDate but no dueDate no longer cause errors
  • Bug 351558: Add ga-IE to all locales
  • Bug 351566: Update lightning’s install.rdf for 0.3
  • Bug 351598: Fixes task SQL query
  • Bug 351737: Converts rule.endDate to UTC so the later getInTimezone works properly
  • Bug 351781: Adds missing file from bug 350965’s checkin to packages-static
  • Bug 351815: Fix printing bustage from last night’s selection landing
  • Bug 351866: Fixes inability to print December month grid
  • Bug 351868: Fixes changing start-end time with drag n drop
  • Bug 351902: tweak vertical size for day view to make short events better readable
  • Bug 351990: Remove the talkback readme.txt
  • Bug 352071: Iterates over selected items when modifying or deleting
  • Bug 352188: Fixes deleting event using DEL key
  • Bug 352538: Add mn and eu to all-locales
  • Bug 352674: Adds .wav filter to alarm sound file picker
  • Bug 352713: Fixes case on stringbundle substitution character
  • Bug 352795: Fixes EXDATEs in Sunbird 0.2 ICS files when importing
  • Bug 352842: second try at manually unfolding ics files. really use octet arrays now, to not decode from utf8 too early
  • Bug 352858: Make imip-bar styling match junk/phishing/remote content notification bars
  • Bug 352862: Changes dragging a recurring event child to only move that child
  • Bug 352865: don’t allow moving an item to a readonly calendar
  • Bug 353044: remove dump in calMonthGridPrinter for perf win
  • Bug 353051: Changes Dismiss All to loop in reverse so as to not miss any alarms
  • Bug 353060: Time changes lost if editing immediately after creation
  • Bug 353470: Gives and takes focus from todolist items in richlisttextbox so you don’t unknowingly delete email when attempting to delete a todo
  • Bug 353482: Adds Danish to all-locales
  • Bug 353567: Forces default alarms on events to be negative
  • Bug 353725: Fixes regression by moving UTC conversion inside the else block
  • Bug 353797: Ensures endDate.isDate is false
  • Bug 353857: Adds missing arg to recurrenceInfo.getOccurrences
  • Bug 354073: Fix pre-1900 dates in the datepicker causing a crash on Windows
  • Bug 354465: Fixes calls to nsIAuthPrompt2 so it shows the save password checkbox
  • Bug 354633: Fixes item length computation when drag-n-dropping

Thank you again to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. We would not be able to do this without your assistance!


  1. Extremely excited to see you guys are getting so close to 0.3. Definetly looking forward to getting my hands on it. Great work!

  2. Jeroen de Mulder

    I adore this extension!! I have a suggestion: could you guys implement the followin option: that it would be possible to set the calender month-view as standard view when you open TB, kinda like on the following screen:

  3. Jeroen de Mulder

    I adore this extension!! I have a suggestion: could you guys implement the followin option: that it would be possible to set the calender month-view as standard view when you open TB, kinda like on the following screen:

  4. Thank you for the update. I have been waiting for the “snooze” option to be operational and now it is!

  5. Really looking forward to it, found out a bit too late for the test day.