Sunbird and Lightning 0.3RC1 available

The first release candidate builds for Sunbird and Lightning 0.3 are now available.
Key things to know about these bits:
* Windows Sunbird users should be sure to remove any old installation of Sunbird before starting the 0.3RC1 installer. This (bug 355255) will be fixed in 0.3RC2.
* No localizations are currently available. This will change for 0.3RC2 and/or final.
* The release notes are still a work in progress; however it is believed that they contain most of the important information. Please read them carefully before installing: Sunbird Release Notes, Lightning Release Notes.
We’d love all the help we can get ensuring that we know about all the important bugs. Please download and file bugs in Bugzilla (or, if in doubt, ask in #calendar-qa on IRC): Sunbird, Lightning.


  1. Is there or will there be a roadmap calendar, which I could subscribe to? Anyway, great job. Thank you to all the testers and hackers.

  2. When I subscribe to my calendar on “Google Calendar” many of my events are titled “Busy”. with no other info other than the time.

  3. Do those instructions about removing Sunbird beforehand apply to Lightning as well?

  4. Matt:
    We are planning on having a developer’s calendar for folks to subscribe to, but we’re not there yet. (see bug 348392)
    As far as the Google Calendar thing is concerned, it sounds as if you’ve subscribed to your “public” URL, but your events are all set to be private, so you are essentially just seeing your “freebusy” information. We subscribe to Google Calendars fairly regularly around here, and it’s working in RC1 for me at the moment.
    You shouldn’t need to remove Lightning 0.1 before installing 0.3. If you find that you must do that, it’s a bug as Tbird’s extension auto-updater sure isn’t going to do that when we flip the “big 0.3 switch”.

  5. You shouldn’t be calling this a release candidate if there are known issues that you want to change before release. This should be called a beta, not a release candidate.

  6. lilmatt:
    Thanks for the information. The calendar is now working correctly.

  7. Sunbird always opens two windows when i start it (on winxp). these are two windows, not two processes.

  8. ah never mind. seems to be a bug in “minimize to try”.
    should have checked before. sorry for the noise.

  9. Nice job !
    But I have trouble in Lightning when I want to delete a calendar. Deleting one calendar actually erases 2 of them on the displayed list instead of the selected one, but if you close TB and restart, there are still there, except the one you wanted to delete…

  10. Jo:
    I’m getting the same problem (2 windows opening). I use the minimise to tray on sunbird and thunderbird but i only get this problem with sunbird.
    Is this definitely a bug in minimise to tray?

  11. I’m getting “invalid file hash (possible download corrupt)” errors for both version of lightning for mac. ( wcap and none). Fix it :)

  12. Does Lightning have printing enabled yet? It was supposed to make the 0.3 release.

  13. @snappy: if you disable “minimize to to tray” the 2-window-issue goes away…
    @dev: nice work btw! thx alot!

  14. Whenever I try to do anything extension-related, Sunbird crashes on me. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  15. I still have 1 problem with the latest lightning nightly in thunderbird ( latest 1.5 ).
    When I reload a remote calender the stuff in my agenda, is added (and not first removed) so the items are double.
    Does anybody know if this is a known bug ???

  16. @Olivier
    After deleting calendar the last calendar in list is not displayed
    Maybe ?
    Printing was dropped to release Lightning without too much delay
    I have not seen this. Do you have Talkback IDs for this crash?

  17. I seem to be unable to connect to any remote ics file with sunbird.
    I have various ics files that are on a server that I admin and that require simple password authentication. When I attempt to connect to one of these, sunbird crashes on me (winxp) without any talkback just after asking for login/password (whatever the login/password that I input). All was working well with sunbird 0.3a2.

  18. I had to unistall the mozilla calendar extension to get it to work.
    It works really well.
    Is it possible to send meeting requests using lightning?

  19. Does anyone know how to get mobical to work as it used to with kalendar?
    Everytime I reload, apontments are disapearing and others are coming. When opening and saving in mobical I get more of them but some can disappear again after another reload.

  20. Perhaps I am missing something simple, but the links to download this 0.3RC1 appear to be gone from the release notes. Has it been pulled, or do I just need to look somewhere else for it?

  21. I cannot setup the time view for each day, for example: from 7AM to 9PM, in this release. This feature existed in 0.3a2.

  22. Sunbird 0.3 crash. On my computer after 5 – 10 minutes a dialog box pops up saying “Sunbird has encountered a problem and needs to shutdown.”.. This also happens on the nightly builds. This is a consistent problem. Anyone else having this problem?

  23. I have built Lightning extension on GNU/Linux (PPC) [built on Ububtu Dapper Drake]. If anybody is interested in it, you can download from:

  24. Jon
    Yeah, sunbird crashes for me too. Every time, without fail, it wont run for more than 5 mins.
    Does anyone else have this issue, is anyone working on a fix?

  25. Sunbird also crashing for me.

  26. My crashing problem seems to have gone away. Here is what I have done to eliminate the problem. First, go to Control Panel “Add Remove Programs”. Remove Mozilla Sunbird. Second, use Windows Explore to find and delete the folder(s) where Sunbird resided. Now reload Sunbird 0.3….

  27. False alarm. It worked fine for about 12 hours until an alarm was triggered. Now it crashes after a few minutes.

  28. There is a talkback extension in my Sunbird 0.3 and would like to know what is it, please…It says: Sends information about program crashes to Mozilla…Do I have to worry…Thanks…This happened the day after I download it…

  29. Milagros,
    you do not have to worry about talkback. It is a tool, that sends us data, when Sunbird crashes. This data helps us to determine the cause of the crash, so that we can fix it. Absolutely *no* personal data is collected and sent to us.

  30. I see that printing was dropped from the 0.3 release. I believe this needs to be added very soon. I’m trying to convince users that there are alternatives to Outlook and I get a big pushback in that there are no good replacements that have integrated calendars. I’ve been using Lightning but without printing, my users tell me they can’t switch from Outlook.

  31. When I try to install any extensions (or themes) in Sunbird, I receive the following error message.
    AppName: sunbird.exe AppVer: ModName: msvcr80.dll
    ModVer: 8.0.50727.163 Offset: 000177a9

  32. Any way to copy emails from within thunderbird directly into lightning creating an calender entry on the fly?

  33. I have logged a href=”″>Bug 372851,/a>
    for the autehntication issue

  34. Same problem with crashes here too – after about 10 min the calendar has a problen and shuts down. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling – didnt work. Unistalled, deleted the folders and cleaned the registry – no help here either. Any ideas anyone?

  35. I have built Lightning extension on GNU/Linux (PPC) [built on Ububtu Dapper Drake]. If anybody is interested in it, you can download from:
    YES!!! thanks so much!

  36. Sunbird 0.3.1 crashes after almost exactly 10 minutes from startup. I have tried closing any other running applications before starting Sunbird. It still crashes every 10 minutes. I’m using Windows XP SP-2.
    Any resolution(s) to this “crashing” problem. Many users above this post have reported crashes.

  37. Downloaded and installed. Sunbird 0.5. This version no longer crashes.