Results From December 5th Test Day

Congratulations to everyone on a very successful test day. Here is a quick snapshot of the results:

    • 151 Litmus Test Cases Ran!
      17 Litmus Cases Failed, 4 found to be unclear
      20 bugs found!
  • We ran a complete regression on both Sunbird and Lightning, ensuring that the recent database patch did not have any unintended side effects. We were also able to focus testing energy on the new prototype dialogs that the Sun team has been implementing. I’d like to thank everyone who was involved for their continued (and new) contributions: xFallenAngel, Sebo, Ulf, Andreas, Nightrat, Ssitter, Koenh, Matthaeus123, Fopper, Nor123, Soupes, Mechtilde, Mschroeder, Celina63, Dmose, Jminta, Lilmatt, Sandos.

    We also held a mini-test day on December 1st with 22 students from Seneca College in Toronto. In a whirl-wind effort, they confirmed 16 unconfirmed bugs and filed 6 defects in 45 minutes! We are looking forward to working with the Seneca students again next semester.

    Our next test day will be December 19. We will dedicate this day to testing the various types of remote calendars that Sunbird and Lightning can use: FTP, CalDav, WebDav, WCAP. As a holiday gift to the entire community, a new remote calendar provider might be available for testing on the 19th. You can either stay tuned for more information on that, or you can get a sneak peak by volunteering to aid with the preliminary smoke-testing of the new provider (assuming it lands). To volunteer, just drop by the #calendar-qa channel.

    Thank you very much for the excellent test day on the 5th. We could not do it without you.

    See you on the 19th.

    — Calendar QA Team



    1. Keep up the good work guys! I see this project as filling a crucial missing piece in the Mozilla suite.
      BTW: What’s the news on interoperability with Google’s calendar?

    2. Also agree, a great piece of functionality. I’m using Google’s hosted apps, and would also love to see integration with google’s calender.

    3. Is it tomorrow another new testday or is it delayed?
      for me, it doesn’t matter, next week is better for me :-) after new-year a lot worse :-(

    4. We ARE having a test day tomorrow (December 19th!). Sorry, I went on vacation and a lot of the usual preparations fell through!
      Hope to see you there.
      PS The Google calendar provider is making good progress but will not be ready by this test day. You can keep track of it’s progress by adding yourself to the CC list at bug 355117.