Calendar Test Day Results

We had a good test day on Tuesday. Thanks to everyone that dropped by and helped with the testing. We managed to narrow down the “remote calendar problems” to two basic issues:

  • ICS/WebDav: It seems that most of these problems stemmed from incompatible Limit/LimitExcept statements and a change to our code base that causes writes to fail if authentication is required for PUTs but not GETs. This is best summed up in bug 387559
  • ICS/WebDav and CalDav: There are also proxy issues affecting both clients for these server types. The proxy configuration seems to have been recently broken, with various reports stating that it worked in 0.3.1 and that it did not work in 0.3.1. We need further clarification on this issue. This issue is summed up in bug 373439

We were able to track down the first issue to a specific check-in, and that is now being investigated. However, we need to do the same with the proxy issue. If you have a proxy configuration please try out various Lightning nightly builds and see if you can determine the build where the proxy configuration stopped working.

Things We Could Use Help With

Thanks very much to everyone that turned out for the test day. And congratulations to Alan Schwartz who won the prize for most creative test.

Happy Testing!!


  1. Howdy,
    I was wondering what the plan is for future releases of Lightning.
    Will we continue to see 2 separate builds (one standard build and one to include WCAP support) or will it all be rolled into a single build?
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. I’d like to thank you for the not just statistical information about the test day results, with bug links and a content-related summary. That way one can easier at least try to track what was going on although I permanently miss the test days.
    If I didn’t know about your massive workload I’d ask you to give such summaries for each test day. ;-)

  3. Matt B: For the forseeable future, we will continue to have WCAP builds of lightning as well as the standard lightning build. But, many of the prototype dialogs (which WCAP uses) will be moved into the main Lightning build going forward.

    rbr: Thanks for the feedback on the post. I’ll try to do more posts like this one for future test day summaries. I also liked it a bit better.

  4. I’m using ICS/WebDAV through a proxy. The latest version that works for me is:
    on Windows 2000 with Thunderbird Version (20070604)
    All newer versions don’t seem to work correctly.
    I hope this helps.

  5. So, probably bug 380931, rewrite password manager, is the cause of this problem…

  6. or related anyway, perhaps bug 374723 ?

  7. Hi bvdbos, both bugs you mentioned are Trunk only. This means that neither Thunderbird 2 nor Lightning 0.5 is affected by the changes.