Lightning/Sunbird Status Update (August 03)

Hi guys,
another 10 days have gone by and I want to keep you informed about the latest new stuff that is going into the tree. The most notable fix in the last 10 days was the fix for bug 386589, which switches the new prototype event dialog on. This is something that we have been waiting for for a long time. Please help us in testing this and all the other stuff that has gone in lately.

Here’s the list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 313822:
    Make Lightning work on SeaMonkey, step 1
  • Bug 363441:
    Same item from different calendars
  • Bug 370305:
    Timepicker: double-click on hours shoud set minute to 00
  • Bug 371917:
    make the prototype event dialog work for sunbird
  • Bug 373983:
    Double click on calendar does not open properties dialog
  • Bug 375389:
    Allow mouse wheel scrolling in rotated view
  • Bug 376086:
    added missing labels for view context menu
  • Bug 378270:
    Remove ‘Rotate’ button and move the rotate option to the views menu
  • Bug 380335:
    Add picture to task in month view
  • Bug 384779:
    Some entities in connection.dtd should be moved to advanced.dtd
  • Bug 386558:
    change event fired without date actually having changed
  • Bug 386589:
    promote the prototype event dialog as standard dialog
  • Bug 386714:
    Encapsulate Lightning’s view-deck in vbox as it is in Sunbird
  • Bug 386925:
    Sunbird Trunk fails to build (Error: Cannot open include file nsBuildID.h)
  • Bug 387425:
    add ka and lt to calendar/locales/shipped-locales
  • Bug 388016:
    Mode Toolbar: Visual Fine Tuning
  • Bug 388216:
    Event Listeners are not removed in views
  • Bug 388566:
    Set a minimum width for calendar and mode toolbar icons
  • Bug 389036:
    recurring task: only first instance is shown in agenda
  • Bug 389158:
    Event Listeners are not removed in todo-list.js
  • Bug 389164:
    Category preferences: doubleclick to edit category
  • Bug 389294:
    Today Pane: Border is too thick in events section
  • Bug 389397:
    Use async providers > reload remote calendars doesn’t work
  • Bug 389536:
    address style nits in all files under prototypes/wcap
  • Bug 389693:
    Event dialog: File->New->Event fails

A huge ‘Thanks’ goes out to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. Keep up the good work!


  1. I hope I can join in again during the next bug-day.
    Lightnight keeps getting better

  2. I’ve just updated Lightning to version 2007080205 from 20070725.
    I noticed a new bug. The parameter “day starts at” is ignored. When I switch between Mail and Calendar windows with day or week views, days are always shown from 00AM.
    Thank you for this must have extension. Keep up the good work.

  3. The new event / task dialog box is a winner, tx to all concerned!

  4. Hi,
    The buttons to switch between calendar and mail at the bottom of the right pane and the multiweek view are great improvements. But in Lightning 0.7pre every event has a white background color. White on white: very hard to find the start and the end time of an event on the first view. In Lightning 0.5 every event had a light blue background. That was much more better.
    Can i change the colors/background graphics by myself?

  5. @Guido:
    This is a known bug that will be fixed for the 0.7 release.

  6. Hi, I was wondering if in some stage, you will add support to Oracle Calendar… I were trying to use Oracle Mozilla Extension unsuccesfully… thanks