Lightning/Sunbird Christmas Status Update (December 23)

Before go into the christmas break, we would like to give you the last status update of 2007. Since the last status update three days ago, seven bugs have been fixed.

Here’s the list with the seven bug fixes:

  • Bug 365706: Migration wizard shows oversized progress bar on import page
  • Bug 406441: Add files for building universal lightning
  • Bug 408740: Calendar Toolbar has conflicting accesskey in Lightning
  • Bug 408743: [Mac] Today-pane close button misses active and hover states
  • Bug 408826: Errors regarding gdata’s superCalendar
  • Bug 409003: Rotate View is always disabled
  • Bug 409346: Typo in CalDAV provider prevents PUT to Chandler svn

Thanks to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters.

We wish everyone of you a merry christmas and a happy new year. We hope that you’ll stay with us in 2008. Great stuff is still to come…


  1. Don’t you mean the last status update of 2007?

  2. I just updated Lightning from the version 0.5 into 0.7. However I do not find my appointments and tasks anymore. Where are they gone and how can I restore them to the new version? I would be grateful for all the help.

  3. Just some info I don’t know where to post: Argentina is changing their time zone from GMT-3 into GMT-2, introducing daylight saving. This will surely affect sunbird & lightning. Here’s a link from evil sources which will clarify the issue:

  4. Happy New Year, all; I’m a mostly Outlook ’07 user, but I regularly follow Calendar development and hope to be able to switch over to TB+Cal soon.

  5. I’m in the same boat as Susan. I have verified that my calendars are active but my tasks do not show up on either Windows or Linux systems. Appointments show up fine.