Lightning/Sunbird Status Update (January 23)

WOW! Just nine days have passed since the last status update and 44 bugs have been fixed in that time period. A lot of of those bug fixes fix important and/or longstanding issues and deserve special attention, but if I put everything into this posting you’ll probably need a few hours to read through this post :).

Therefore I’ll post one or more additional posts within the next few days dedicated to those important bugfixes.

So without much further ado here is the list of all the 44 bugs which were fixed within the last nine days:

  • Bug 195580: Can’t use delete button to delete task or calendar
  • Bug 257428: use alarms? — preference on a per-calendar basis
  • Bug 278799: Unifinder: Sorting events should use collator & precomputed keys
  • Bug 313822: adjust getMailBar() to recognize the SeaMonkey toolbar
  • Bug 328618: failure when creating calendar objects does not display an error dialog
  • Bug 328996: guessSystemTimezone doesn’t take northern/southern hemisphere into account
  • Bug 352546: Build Lightning with all locales included
  • Bug 379100: Give the Unifinder an overhaul
  • Bug 384826: Double click while editing event title in multiday view should select word
  • Bug 386432: Unify code of Lightning and Sunbird (Part 1 — Script Consolidation)
  • Bug 387863: Event Invitation by mail does not display END TIME of event
  • Bug 389952: Header of Agenda-pane should be improved
  • Bug 392936: Switching mode toolbar location from top to bottom causes duplicate icons
  • Bug 393395: Offline Support infrastructure: Synchronization interfaces
  • Bug 401546: Alarm indicator icon is not visible for recurrent events
  • Bug 402518: Enhance storage provider to store foreign timezones
  • Bug 404023: Lightning asks for a target calendar even when declining an invitation
  • Bug 405312: task mode splitter affects message pane splitter in mail mode
  • Bug 408287: Strict warnings in calendar-task-tree.xml on double click and startup
  • Bug 408291: calendar task tree shows completed date in UTC
  • Bug 408349: Add ‘Click Here to Add a New Task’ text field to Task List of Today-Pane
  • Bug 408473: Strict warnings in calendar-dnd-listener.js
  • Bug 408651: scroll bar in task mode is defect
  • Bug 408727: Monthview is slow in sorting events
  • Bug 408798: Optimize Menu Structure for Task Mode
  • Bug 411489: It is not possible to drop a Mail or Task into the Event List Container
  • Bug 411497: Task mode should offer some sort of filtering
  • Bug 411498: Task mode details pane doesn’t show enough details
  • Bug 411690: Avoid unifinder startup load
  • Bug 412258: Category color isn’t displayed if category name is longer than 2 words
  • Bug 412389: channel variable not defined in calDavCalendar.js
  • Bug 412613: Select All (Ctrl+A) in Mail mode doesn’t work anymore
  • Bug 412639: Clicking offline icon throws exception
  • Bug 412671: Only build locales if calendar locale is checked out
  • Bug 412742: Try to open the invitations dialog -> XML Parsing Error
  • Bug 412757: Event dialog is broken after removing the Privacy toolbar button
  • Bug 412853: many strict warnings
  • Bug 412929: displayDeck has no properties error
  • Bug 412946: Invitations show wrong start and end time
  • Bug 412948: Tasks cannot be deleted
  • Bug 412964: Switching to calendar mode throws error
  • Bug 413245: hardcoded string ‘Calendar’ in Lightning sidebar
  • Bug 413450: calCalendarManager: js error NS_ERROR_INVALID_POINTER
  • Bug 413455: Task tree component does not fully implement nsITreeView

Special thanks again go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that made this possible. You guys rock!!!


  1. Great that you have fixed so many bugs, good work.
    Unfortunately, I was unable to use my Google calendar(s) using any nightly as of 16-01-2008 (january 15 is the last on which runs smoothly, using the latest gdataprovider: gdata-provider-2008-01-08-11.xpi) . The problem occurs under both WindowsXP and Ubuntu-Linux installations. I hope you will get this functionality running again.

  2. somebody has been drinking lots of beer/coke!!! Great work! Keep the fixes coming.