Lightning/Sunbird 0.9 string freeze announcement

I want to make those of you, who are actively translating the calendar products (Lightning and Sunbird) aware, that our string freeze for our next release 0.9 is approaching. According to our release schedule we are aiming for a string freeze on July 14 2008, which is two and a half
weeks away from now.
After the string freeze we are currently planning for two additional weeks before we try to release our first release candidate on July 28. We would really appreciate it if you could have your locales already in shape for the first RC as this will broaden both the localization and application testing base.
That gives you about a month to get your localizations in shape if you start now or two weeks, if you decide to wait for the string freeze. From my point of view, it certainly makes sense to start working now, at least in a few areas. If you take a look at all the string changes since our 0.8 release and now, you’ll notice that we’ve done a lot of cleanup work by removing unused and obsolete entities. This is definitely something that you can start working on now, while doing the remaining update work after the string freeze.
The 0.9 release will again come from the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH, but since we’re keeping both the 1.8 branch and the cvs trunk in total sync, it makes sense for you to commit your changes to both at the same time.
I’ll post some status updates in the coming weeks. If any of you will not be able to keep his locale updated for the 0.9 release, please let me know beforehand. As of now we are planning with all localizations that were included in the 0.8 release as well as with the new locales added since then (Norwegian (Nynorsk), Romanian and Traditional Chinese).
Please let me know if any of you wants to join us for 0.9.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them in the corresponding discussion thread on the newsgroup


  1. Hallo…
    i test lightning, i use at the moment Outlook and exchange…
    i have import all my Exchange termins, and the System are Down…
    withe 10000 termins from the last 6 jehars is impossible.
    And the synchronisation from lightning withe other persons, like a firm is boring for work.
    pleas work on Multiuser funktions

  2. Hi,
    I was translated all string of Lightning 0.8 to Traditional Chinese and repack it to test by myself now. How do I to post my translated result to you?
    Where is the Lightning 0.9 I can get it? Maybe I can try to translate Traditional Chinese for Lightning 0.9.