[August 29, 2008] 0.9 release status update

I guess it’s time to give you an update on our efforts to finally nail down the 0.9 release.

The major newsitem is, that we have decided on our last developer conference call that we will cut CalDAV scheduling from the list of 0.9 features. The reason behind this is, that we have found that this feature is still too immature for wide-spread consumption and the list of regressions would likely put the release date a few weeks (or even months) in the future. Therefore CalDAV scheduling will be disabled by default in 0.9, but interested users can enable it, by setting a hidden preference via about:config.

With that out of the way, we are now down to nine release blockers, where only four of the nine blockers will require code changes and the other five covering tasks to be done during the release preparation process by our build and documentation crew.

So hopefully, we can fix the four remaining code issues during the next week and give you first release candidate (0.9 RC1) shortly thereafter. We also have fixed some other bugs (15) during the last week. Here’s a list of last week’s bug fixes:

  • Bug 326792: ‘Next’ button doesn’t change to active when dragging URL into text field
  • Bug 366482: “Edit as new” for opened eml files results in a broken compose window
  • Bug 409166: Missing crop attribute in agenda checkbox
  • Bug 437412: Zero-length and short events are shown at the wrong times in timegrid
  • Bug 446303: Use the “RELATED-TO” property
  • Bug 447800: Month View is missing a right border
  • Bug 447814: Reloading remote calendars shows wrong progress in status bar
  • Bug 449449: Invitations Link: CPU usage every three minutes
  • Bug 450563: Attendee gets organizer alarm setting if he accepts iTip/iMip invitation
  • Bug 451585: Use ICS service for ics parsing in CalDAV
  • Bug 451827: no local storage calendar, error at startup
  • Bug 451937: Titlebar changes to text of Calendar Mode at midnight
  • Bug 452379: Accepting an invitation on caldav (Bedework) doesn’t work (regression)
  • Bug 452392: Minimum height of eventboxes is too little
  • Bug 452417: Readonly events should not show grippies on hover event

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that make this possible.


  1. Doas this means the current functionality with Google will not work any more? I have convinced a lot of friends to move to Thunedrbird from Outlook and they will not like (and me neither) to suddenly see the collaboration with Google calendars go away…
    So we`ll need to stay with version 0.8 till this is solved?

  2. If you want access your google calendar via caldav, you need to turn the pref setting, no warranty given.
    But it’s (still) recommended to access google calendars using the gdata calendar provider: will be updated to work with final 0.9 shortly after.