Bruno’s developer notes: CalDAV Scheduling Needs You!

One of the things we’re excited about for the 0.9 release is the addition of CalDAV scheduling support. CalDAV scheduling is an emerging standard; the first widespread use of it was in Mac OS 10.5, where it allows iCal users not only to store their calendars on a shared server, but also check each other’s free/busy schedules, send each other meeting invitations, respond to meeting invitations, and so forth.

With 0.9, people using Sunbird and Lightning will be able to do all these things, using not only Mac OS 10.5 servers but also a growing number of other CalDAV servers, both open-source and otherwise. And they’ll be able to do so regardless of whether the other calendar users they are interacting with are using Sunbird, Lightning, iCal – or some other CalDAV client we haven’t even heard of yet.

CalDAV scheduling support has just started to appear in nighlies over the last few days. It will be filled out further over the next few, but what it really needs most right now is TESTING! We’re really hoping the community will give this new code a serious workout and help us find whatever bugs remain so that it will be rock-solid for the 0.9 release. As Daniel has noted, testing nightly builds can be dangerous to both your profile and your data – so be careful but please do bang at it and let us know what you find.


  1. That is great news about the CalDAV sched! I’ve got the FB working through my horde groupware on the web side… I’m currently trying out the sogo connector for the caldav add-on.. (TB/Lightning) Only it doesn’t want to pull the calFBURL from my ldap server :(
    If we could get lightning to pull the FB info from ldap that would rock!
    keep up the good work, and let me know if I can help any!!
    (I run the nightly on 4 – 5 stations for testing here)

  2. The following page is useful in this context:

  3. I like the direction things are going, but with 0.9 all I see are the ability to store your calendar on a server and check free/busy. Sending and responding to meeting invitations isn’t available yet as far as I can tell.
    Another element that needs work is offline mode. As things stand, you can’t edit your CalDAV-based schedule at all when you’re offline. Ideally you should be able to do this then let it sync up once you’re online again.