L10n dashboard now available to Calendar localizers as well

Thanks to gozer, Mozilla Messaging’s build guru, we now have a working l10n dashboard for the calendar localizations. Localizers, who also do l10n work for Firefox or Thunderbird should already be familiar with the dashboard, for the others here’s a quick explanation of the dashboard table:

  • Locale: The locale code for each calendar locale
  • Tree: The tree ID, the Mozilla Messaging dashboard currently knows two trees:
    • tb3x: Information on the localization status of the Thunderbird localization of a given locale
    • cal3x: Information on the localization status of the Sunbird/Lightning localization of a given locale
  • %: Percentage of completion of a locale (Please note, that this will probably never reach 100%, because there are some strings in each localization which shouldn’t be translated)
  • Errors: Number of localization errors
  • Missing: Number of missing strings
  • Unchanged: Number of unchanged strings excl. access- and commandkeys (this relates to the % number mentioned above)
  • Stats: Graphical history of locale status (H) and compare-locales output (C)
  • Status: Graphical indicator for the current state of the localization

I hope this helps our localizers in working even more effectively than they have already done in the past (if that’s even possible). Thanks again, gozer!


  1. Hello.
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  2. This dashboard seems to be a really useful tool I definitely want to learn more about. So thanks for that hint.