[November 06, 2008] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

Two weeks have gone by and the Calendar developers are fixing bugs like crazy, as evidenced by the 44 bugs that we could fix in the last 14 days.

Because of the large amount of changes, we’re asking everybody to go and download a nightly build and test it intensively and report all the bugs that you find in bugzilla.

As a reference, here’s the list of the 44 bugs that were fixed within the last 14 days:

  • Bug 281690: Days are shown two times in Minimonth (depending on timezone)
  • Bug 303663: Should ICS calendar always bumps DTSTAMP on all events when writing?
  • Bug 305432: Setting nativeTime sets timezone to UTC
  • Bug 351880: Selecting repeating event in Unifinder does not select events in Main View
  • Bug 358498: calAttendee::icalProperty bug with rsvp
  • Bug 361634: imip-bar should consider local status of iTIP/iMIP invitations
  • Bug 394902: Update libical
  • Bug 401597: Provide Sunbird nightly updates via aus2-community.mozilla.org server
  • Bug 412096: “New Event” button should have the same disabled state everywhere
  • Bug 414949: Add AMO integration pane for Sunbird
  • Bug 418345: Decide how to handle Generation property properly
  • Bug 431127: Move email-specific itip processor code to the transport
  • Bug 431383: Replace GIF with APNG throbber
  • Bug 445769: iMIP bar isn’t updated after declining an invitation
  • Bug 446172: Add tentative invites to invites-counter
  • Bug 450565: When accepting an invitation the ‘Default alarm setting’ is not considered
  • Bug 452759: Tracking bug for 0.9 RC cleanup
  • Bug 456354: Get rid of “Today” toolbarbutton
  • Bug 456377: Integrate New Event, New Task into Write Button
  • Bug 457024: Crash during shutdown
  • Bug 457203: iTIP overhaul
  • Bug 458190: Broken unit tests
  • Bug 460263: Postflight on macosx fails when building thunderbird with lightning
  • Bug 460408: Shutdown crash at nsXPConnect::GetRuntime()
  • Bug 460649: Make use of new search textbox widget in unifinder
  • Bug 461166: e4x parser borks on surrounding white spaces and certain response elements
  • Bug 461328: Errors because chooseCalendarDialog.xul and calErrorPrompt.xul aren’t packaged
  • Bug 461337: Sunbird tinderboxen need more disk space to stay green
  • Bug 461628: Failed to load jar:calendar.jar!/content/calendar/calendar-minimonth-busy.js
  • Bug 461709: Remove ctrl-q for quit on Windows (like Thunderbird)
  • Bug 461826: .ics attachments from Thunderbird/Lightning not compatible with iCal
  • Bug 461941: [404] link to http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/lightning/build.html
  • Bug 461944: Selected event in unifinder is not highlighted in calendar view
  • Bug 462026: 301 and 302 redirects not done properly with caldav provider
  • Bug 462317: Crash [@strlen][@icalmemory_strdup] when closing a recursive event
  • Bug 462393: Sunbird tinderboxen busted [Error: mozilla/dist/bin/js: Not a directory]
  • Bug 462426: Throbber icon not visible in Customize Toolbar dialog
  • Bug 462447: Remove CVS leftovers from new buildbot mozconfig files
  • Bug 462490: Today pane -> ‘new event’ icon is defect
  • Bug 462837: WARNING: Illegal character in window name prompt-occurrence-modification
  • Bug 463060: Clean-up and move clipboard.js
  • Bug 463067: Small icons for Cut/Copy/Paste toolbar buttons are truncated
  • Bug 463079: Assertion failure, can’t load any remote calendars
  • Bug 463082: Update screenshot section to Sunbird 0.9 release

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that make this possible.


  1. Can you help clarify something for me? Are the latest lightning nightly builds still compatible with Tb2?

  2. Wonderful. Thanks for the great work!
    Might I suggest a bug finding and fixing event for printing bugs in the calendar? That printing either doesn’t work or takes ages or doesn’t look good is the most common complaint I hear about Sunbird.

  3. Noah, the Lightning nightly builds only support current Thunderbird 3.0b1pre nightly builds.

  4. Wim,
    please file a bug for the l10n builds issue, so that it gets on the radar of our build team.

  5. Wim,
    please file a bug for the l10n builds issue, so that it gets on the radar of our build team.

  6. Of course this should be 30 october, but anyway, it’s in bugzilla:

  7. Hi,
    I am trying out the latest lightning build for thunderbird 3. I see that the today pane is not visible in the status bar when in mail mode. Does anyone know how to display the today pane with the new futures events and tasks? I kind of liked the old today pane where it displayed all the near future events and tasks. Thanks for any information.

  8. Is there any change lightning could be built nightly for AMD64?
    I can’t install and that’makes it difficult to help with the testing.