[January 28, 2009] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

We’re hard at work to fix many bugs in anticipation of our next release, so it’s no wonder that 43 bugs were fixed within the last 16 days by our developers.

Of particular importance are 2 bugfixes, which have bothered our users for quite some time:

  • Bug 266249: Can’t re-order or sort Calendars list
    This a long-standing request by our users that dates back to the old days of the Calendar extension for the Mozilla Suite. Philipp and Daniel finally made a fix possible. Thanks guys!
  • Bug 460988: OS settings for time format (12H/24H) and date format not respected
    Due to a backend change in Mozilla Core code, we were no longer using the date and time formats of the underlying operating system for a few months. This backend change was reversed last week, so things should again be as they should be.

Here’s the list of all the 43 bugs that were fixed within the last 16 days:

  • Bug 266249: Can’t re-order or sort Calendars list
  • Bug 328603: Calendar sqlite database issues; renaming of storage.sdb
  • Bug 357980: Slovak Holidays calendar
  • Bug 365404: Updater should use brand name string and not hardcode Sunbird
  • Bug 370519: Calendar file for Peruvian holidays
  • Bug 378754: Calendar Auto Configuration/Deployment
  • Bug 416138: Moving of all-day-events in weekview not possible, but shows possibility
  • Bug 460988: OS settings for time format (12H/24H) and date format not respected
  • Bug 462838: Using the ‘Status’ column in unifinder to sort events/tasks leads to an exception
  • Bug 463058: Remove remaining traces of Mozilla 1.8 compatibility
  • Bug 465319: Show Short Version of Navigation Pane String for small resolutions
  • Bug 466095: Text description still appears after task is deleted
  • Bug 466283: Remove gopher support from Calendar code
  • Bug 467338: Closing task or calendar tab with other tab focussed breaks the focussed tab
  • Bug 468420: Consolidation of the navigation bar
  • Bug 469146: Drag and drop tasks in month and multiweek views, doesn’t change tasks’ due date.
  • Bug 469477: Move fromRFC3339 from calGoogleUtils.js to calProviderUtils.js
  • Bug 469664: Selected tasks (with start/due date) are unreadable on windows with black desktop
  • Bug 470197: Update installer for Sunbird
  • Bug 471973: Make use of alarm interface in backend code
  • Bug 473012: Get Lightning to use nsIObserver for overlaying mailContext menus
  • Bug 473431: Latvia Holidays calendar
  • Bug 473518: Vanuatu Holidays Calendar 2009
  • Bug 473547: ‘Start the week on’ functionality is broken in multiweek/month view
  • Bug 473661: Use popupshowing event to hook Lightning into mailContext menus
  • Bug 473973: Calendar Functions failing (unable to log in)
  • Bug 473980: Colombian holidays
  • Bug 474207: Faked master items are missing calendar
  • Bug 474228: Fix calendar mode borders (again)
  • Bug 474275: Alarms don’t store on storage calendar
  • Bug 474276: Add windowtype to all calendar dialogs
  • Bug 474322: Add tests for default alarms
  • Bug 474325: Google calendars disabled on startup
  • Bug 474332: Enable package-compare step on the Sunbird win32 nightly builds
  • Bug 474361: remove and rename calendar-decorated panes
  • Bug 474451: Dragging the scrollbar grip in the calendar list doesn’t scroll the list
  • Bug 474561: Add pa-IN to list of supported calendar locales
  • Bug 474576: Error: Error parsing XML streamReference: Error: UTC is not defined
  • Bug 474596: New Task button in Tasks tab displays the icon from the New Event button
  • Bug 474638: Snooze or dismiss of alarms doesn’t work
  • Bug 474646: Multiple alarm/reminder windows/pop-ups/popups (should get merged)
  • Bug 474814: Add data: to necko protocols default for Sunbird
  • Bug 475170: LDAP Lookup broken in Invite Attendees dialog

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that have made this possible.


  1. “Can’t re-order or sort Calendars list”…. sweet fix!

  2. Keep up the good work.
    (hey CJ, you’ve the same initials as I)

  3. Another good news. The much awaited feature, “support multiple alarms per events/task, support absolute alarms with fixed date/time” (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=353492) has just been checked in. This gives the alarms the ability to notify via. e-mail.