Support the Calendar Project with a donation

One of the most often made statements within the last few years from our users and supporters was that people would really like to support us by donating a few bucks to the Calendar Project.

That wasn’t possible until now. But thanks to the Mozilla Foundation and the efforts of its employees, particularly David Boswell, it’s now finally possible to support the Calendar Project by donating to our cause.

All the necessary details are on our donation web page. You can support us via:

  • a one time donation online (using Paypal or a Credit Card)
  • a recurring donation each month (using Paypal or a Credit Card)
  • a personal check

If you are a regular user of our software, please consider donating to our cause.

Thanks in advance
The Calendar Project team


  1. I wonder how much of a $ 10 donation goes to Paypal and credit card companies …
    There exists such a thing called wire transfer!

  2. Found it:
    “Nonprofit transaction fees are 1.9% + $.30 per transaction for organizations with over $100,000 monthly volume and 2.2% + $.30 per transaction for organizations with less than $100,000 monthly volume.”
    That would be about 50 cents …

  3. Is it possible to make a donation only for sunbird ?

  4. sunbirduser,
    it will not be possible to donate a certain amount of money just for Sunbird or just for Lightning.
    The reason is simple:
    Both applications are more than 95% identical, so donating something just towards one application simply wouldn’t make any sense.

  5. @sunbirduser maybe cofundos ( might be a good place for asking for Sunbird specific development. If you raise enough money a developer might find an extra stimulant to keep the development of Sunbird up to date.

  6. I’ve added donation buttons linked to it to the Mozilla Sunbird, Portable Edition and Lightning Extensions homepages on
    Oh, and Jens, we here in the US don’t really do wire transfers for stuff like that. It’s cost-prohibitive. The wire transfer fees at my bank (Citibank) are:
    * $18.75 for each outgoing domestic wire transfer
    * $30.00 for each outgoing international wire transfer
    * $10.00 for each incoming wire.

  7. Just made a donation to you guys. I’ve wanted to see the calendar project succeed since the days of OEOne. Though of course I support Mozilla’s Theora efforts, I was kind of sad to see them give away $100k in funding to someone else while one of their own is kind of languishing on the vine

  8. Donation made. Thanks for all your work on the calendar project.

  9. Donation made. This is a project which definitely deserves to be supported!

  10. My first donation to OpenSource Development team done.
    Long life to Lightning !!!
    How much did you get so far?

  11. Foppe, Sunbirduser:
    I’ve made the experience that even thought the concept is nice, the money proposed at cofundos doesn’t really reach the developer, it stays with the bidders. I had a project there and never got my $50!

  12. I recognize the interest of the calendar project as a whole, but like sunbiruser I’ll also be willing to give in support of the development of Sunbird – I don’t use my calendar so much with my emails, and wish I could keep them split. Actually, my wild guess is that Sunbird users will be more willing to support dev than Lightning users…
    Of course Sunbird and Thunderbird need to share an address book, but the address book is wider than email address, it should have provision for… personal calendar address, for example. Actually contact list are more and more accepted as independent from the email software (WIndows Contact, MacOS…).
    The only argument for integration with Thunderbird I can see is that Sunbird may need using the email protocol to send invitation – but first, this is not really necessary, I don’t know but I guess the calendar sharing protocol must include that function, and anyway, these are not complex email, thus a simple SMTP interface would be enough…
    Of course if they are split, you may say why not simply use Google calendar then? Well, let say, I’ve more confidence in Mozilla than in Google, and then I’m not *always* online (yay, to cache remote calendar)…
    (but now that I think about it, I wonder what is really behind the decision to drop Sunbird in favor of Lightning? Competition with Google calendar? Fear of Google calendar? Lobbying from Google calendar?)

  13. Donation made. Keep up the great work!