[April 16, 2009] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

Sorry for the 7-week hiatus. I was quite busy personally and the project is busy as well. That doesn’t mean however, that Philipp and his crew aren’t fixing bugs anymore. To the contrary, a sizable chunk of bugs was squashed in the last seven weeks.

Here’s the total list:

  • Bug 308538: Foreign X-Props in VALARMs are lost during roundtrip
  • Bug 329570: Concurrent editing ICS calendars by multiple users can lose data
  • Bug 353492: support multiple alarms per events/task and absolute alarms with fixed date/time
  • Bug 363085: Not possible to enter a webdav share that requires SSLVerifyClient
  • Bug 367469: ICS x-property should allow VALUE=type parameter
  • Bug 389160: Editing color makes category list loose focus
  • Bug 392572: Correct comments in calIDateTime.idl
  • Bug 428538: Startup notice for calendars of uninstalled/removed providers
  • Bug 447824: Fix caldav ticket-based authentication
  • Bug 455515: Local calendar tasks are not shown when a remote CalDAV calendar is unavailable
  • Bug 460252: Today Pane Integration in the new Thunderbird tab model
  • Bug 463978: Details/Description textbox missing from create/edit event/task dialog
  • Bug 464133: CalDAV deletes against Zimbra server often (always?) fail
  • Bug 465019: Copy, cut, paste from context menu in calendar views do not work
  • Bug 466979: Clicking on the “Today” button in the minimonth doesn’t refresh the calendar view
  • Bug 468846: Recurring all day event -> duplicate event created
  • Bug 471774: Update calendar copyright dates to 2009
  • Bug 473366: Basque calendar
  • Bug 474025: Changing a recurring/repeating event to non-recurring doesn’t work
  • Bug 474552: Error: Assert failed: TypeError: logins[0].clone is not a function
  • Bug 475715: Create a binding for the calendar list
  • Bug 476132: Impossible to move event by drag&drop if another event is selected
  • Bug 476234: a calendar that shows the Mexican Holidays 2009
  • Bug 477248: Calendar hangs – Syntax error calProviderUtils.jsm (new XML(…))
  • Bug 478612: Add ta-LK to calendar/all-locales
  • Bug 479316: Task list and task view are empty [JavaScript Error]
  • Bug 479614: faq.html: how to publish/serve calendars should mention CalDAV (& WCAP)
  • Bug 480005: Estonian holiday calendar
  • Bug 480383: Creating new profile fails, calendar list and views are empty
  • Bug 480390: Include Lightning BuildID in install.rdf for easier QA work
  • Bug 480702: Add ifdef MOZ_UPDATER for the app update preferences UI and Help menu
  • Bug 480731: Calendar events showing reminder after scheduled event instead of before
  • Bug 480930: Calendar List not sorted according to “calendar.list.sortOrder”
  • Bug 480933: Events are shown transparent, calendar and category color is missing
  • Bug 481428: Error parsing XML streamReferenceError: getTimezoneService is not defined
  • Bug 481450: new XML() to cal.safeNewXML()
  • Bug 481472: Add Vietnamese (vi) to Calendar all-locales list
  • Bug 481499: Rename menu entry “Address Book Card” to “Address Book Contact”
  • Bug 481825: No loading of CalDav Calendar due to errors regarding parsing eTags
  • Bug 482001: Update the Iranian Holidays Calendar (in Persian and English)
  • Bug 482108: “Invalid alarm for item” errors when reading alarms from older releases
  • Bug 482116: Views are not updated after changing category color, restart required
  • Bug 482149: Today pane splitter still showing when pane is hidden in certain cases
  • Bug 482456: empty/blank status of calendar task
  • Bug 482612: too small textbox for custom snooze time in reminder dialog
  • Bug 482636: /usr/lib/sunbird Directory Requires World-writable Permissions
  • Bug 482864: Build does not generate chrome.manifest files for extensions
  • Bug 484160: Migration wizard starts with very small width/height.
  • Bug 484871: Sunbird and Lightning homepage content messed up
  • Bug 485570: absolute alarm with fixed date/time is reset to relative alarm
  • Bug 485571: absolute alarm with fixed date/time is lost after application restart
  • Bug 486676: Unnecessary alarm load on startup for all subscribed calendars
  • Bug 486709: Display of date/time of absolute reminder is confusing
  • Bug 486789: JavaScript Error “exc is not defined” in calStorageCalendar.js

As always, our thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that have made this possible.


  1. Good work, any estimation on beta 1 release date (even if 1.0pre works quite well on TB 3b2)?

  2. Impressive!
    Will you start work for Tb3 only after its release or during late betas?

  3. @Marc: development for tb2.x has stopped months ago, all development is for TB3 now.

  4. Thanks for the good work on Lightning! I am the biggest fan of it :) Shouldn’t have changed to 64bit under Ubuntu, because now I am excluded from using it. Even this is not working because of Firefox 3.09: http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/calendar/lightning/releases/0.8/contrib/linux-x86_64/