[July 14, 2009] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

Three weeks after the last status update, it’s time for another. We’re hard at work to finally get our next release (1.0 beta) out of the door for Lightning and Sunbird. Over the last three weeks we have fixed 12 bugs, which are listed below.

  • Bug 392021: Event dialog: Option to delete event/task
  • Bug 413594: move alarm indication icon to the extreme right
  • Bug 431126: Revise calIItipTransport::defaultIdentity
  • Bug 435168: New Calendar Wizard shows empty focus box next to “Show Alarms” check box
  • Bug 455281: Color of drag-and-drop shadow in day/week and multiweek/month view is different
  • Bug 459478: Tooltips in main view don’t work anymore
  • Bug 460967: Sorting of tasks to their title in the task-tree is not working
  • Bug 483582: Multiple requests for master password on startup of Sunbird
  • Bug 485912: Recurring events with monthly rule: “every” + “day of the month” show wrong recurrence summary
  • Bug 499542: View menu entries Rotate View and Workweek Days Only are always disabled
  • Bug 500488: Can’t open Calendar and Tasks tabs; adopt Lightning to openTab API changes in Bug 467768
  • Bug 500908: Find events button keeps its own state and may work invertedly

As always, our thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that have made this possible.


  1. Will 1.0 beta include the bug fixes and new features of the Inverse Edition as well?

  2. Yes, it will

  3. Does it have a feature like “only i can access my calendar using a password protection”? If none, i hope in future releases it will have, so that only i can view my itinerary, as well as modify my calendar.