[February 08, 2010] Lightning Status Update

Now that we’re moving full-steam towards the Lightning 1.0 beta2 release, it’s also time to make clean slate and show you in terms of fixed bugs, what has happened since the last status update back in late November 2009.

Overall we have fixed an impressive 55 bugs since then, keeping in mind the whole release process hassle, the holidays and Philipp’s exam schedule. Here’s the complete list of fixed bugs:

  • Bug 313822: Make Lightning work on SeaMonkey
  • Bug 357332: Holidays in Chile for 2010
  • Bug 364487: Argentina Holidays 2008-2009
  • Bug 376139: Sri Lanka Holiday 2010
  • Bug 397180: South African Holidays 2010
  • Bug 432440: Israel Holidays 2010
  • Bug 472466: No small icons in edit event/task dialog available
  • Bug 489882: Building with “NECKO_DISK_CACHE=” fails with unresolved external symbol
  • Bug 500399: Event Dialog: Help Menu is uselesss and could be removed
  • Bug 509100: Holiday file for Namibia
  • Bug 511193: [Mozmill] Recursion tests
  • Bug 518610: Tasks no longer work in TB3/Lightning with Kerio Mailserver
  • Bug 524574: Polish holiday 2009-2020
  • Bug 528676: e-mail list not updated when using next/prev button in New Calendar wizard
  • Bug 529810: Views borked using wcap: dayHeaderBox.mItemBoxes is null
  • Bug 529853: Creation of local calendar fails (DB Error no such column: recurrence_id_tz)
  • Bug 530096: Tracking bug for Sunbird/Lightning 1.0b1 release
  • Bug 530097: Create release notes for Lightning/Sunbird 1.0b1
  • Bug 530100: Bump version numbers for 1.0b1 release
  • Bug 530165: [Mozmill] Timezone test
  • Bug 530842: Upgrade Sunbird/Lightning 0.9 to 1.0pre fails
  • Bug 531028: Linux: Delete Task button in Task view is missing its icon
  • Bug 531418: Allow building lightning with all locales at once
  • Bug 531685: Build problems on linux and win32 due to insufficient disk space
  • Bug 531699: Spanish Holidays 2007-2010
  • Bug 532656: Fix Sunbird official branding on Mac.
  • Bug 533070: Sunbird nightly builds fail with |No rule to make target
  • Bug 533089: Malta Calendar 2010
  • Bug 533259: Sunbird website does not validate to its doctype
  • Bug 533324: Finnish Holidays 2010
  • Bug 533329: [Mozmill] Verify that Calendar is working properly with UTF-8 characters
  • Bug 533458: Fix mac and windows trunk builds
  • Bug 533466: calendar-multiget REPORT should not specify the calendar collection URL
  • Bug 533498: Build config changes for Cocoa Printing
  • Bug 533713: gdata-provider.xpi should support SeaMonkey 2
  • Bug 533747: Mention required version of Thunderbird in system requirements of Lightning
  • Bug 533943: CalDav access to my calendar doesn’t work on RC2, lightning 1.0, using CGP
  • Bug 534969: Add sq to calendar/locales/all-locales
  • Bug 535379: Create more l10n.ini files to builds against 1.9.1 and central
  • Bug 535574: [Mozmill] Writing to a local ICS calendar
  • Bug 535812: [Mozmill] Event with no changes shouldn’t prompt to save
  • Bug 536185: Update calendar/ copyright dates to 2010
  • Bug 536189: Wrong Lightning version in install.rdf
  • Bug 536354: getItem doesn’t set calendar for items
  • Bug 536525: Turkey holidays for 2010
  • Bug 537066: Scrape dead bits out of credits.xhtml
  • Bug 537470: Russian Holidays 2010 and onward
  • Bug 537628: Building localized Sunbird l10n nightly builds fail since 02-Dec-2009
  • Bug 537885: Add Arabic (ar) to Calendar builds
  • Bug 538170: Mac trunk builds failing running merge-installrdf.py
  • Bug 538439: static Sunbird builds from comm-central/mozilla-central fail
  • Bug 538576: Singapore Public Holiday 2010
  • Bug 539681: Puerto Rico Holidays
  • Bug 539943: Set up builders for Lightning 1.0b2pre for Thunderbird 3.1
  • Bug 543359: Adjust Lightning version and required Thunderbird version

As always, our thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that have made this possible.


  1. Bug 472466: No small icons in edit event/task dialog available
    Have been waiting for this fix. Thanks guys!

  2. Haven’t seen a nightly build via the nightly build updater since the 31st of January (WinXP 32-bit). Is the build server broken again?

  3. What about swedish lang? Where is lang list?

  4. @Lesbarstow
    Please see the previous article for an explanation.
    If youre talking about 1.0 beta1, the Swedish locale wasn’t updated for that release by our contributor, so we did release without it.

  5. Thanks, Simon – my bad. As I am attempting to move my company into a production system, I will watch Bugzilla to track my remaining issues rather than upgrading at this time.