[March 22, 2010] Lightning Status Update

As we’re moving closer towards our next release, Lightning 1.0 beta2, it’s time to talk more about our recent accomplishments and bugfixes. We’ve been pretty active in the last six weeks and over 40 bugfixes have made it into our code repository.

Overall we have fixed an impressive 43 bugs since February 8. Here’s the complete list of fixed bugs:

  • Bug 349996: Multiselection should be enabled to remove more than one category
  • Bug 351321: Italic and bold font for high and low priority
  • Bug 359016: JS error ‘this.currentItem has no properties’ in calItemBase propertyEnumerator
  • Bug 392737: Event dialog: No ‘save and close’ function in the new event file menu
  • Bug 395287: Event dialog: Cannot enable timezone option for ending time
  • Bug 405439: Recurring task -> repeating rule shows wrong start/end time
  • Bug 413296: Leaking object on window-close
  • Bug 416614: Doesn’t show completely an alarm when need to slide to select it
  • Bug 455232: Query for supported-calendar-component-set in case servers don’t support tasks/events
  • Bug 460030: Get rid of resize handler, use flex to draw view columns
  • Bug 465317: Today and Navigation Buttons need to be polished
  • Bug 476227: Drop shadow for multiday events has incorrect length
  • Bug 490169: Should be an easily-accessible option to fire an alarm “on time”
  • Bug 490303: Invites aren’t sent when using Sun Calendar Server and the meeting arranger is wrong
  • Bug 491254: Some languages need weekdays in plural form for some sentences in Recurrence Summary
  • Bug 498690: Support for webdav-sync spec
  • Bug 500283: Keyset in event-edit-dialog should be localizable
  • Bug 510930: Titlebar text is wrong when switch between Month/Multiweek
  • Bug 515643: Lightning messes up Thunderbird’s File->New submenu
  • Bug 519225: Shared calendar still shows events deleted by other calendar participants
  • Bug 525430: Task view doesn’t show the attachments for selected tasks
  • Bug 529813: Invite Attendees dialog: icons are messed up in case of missing participation role
  • Bug 533414: Drag shadow of events that span multiple days, doesn’t show the position of the whole event
  • Bug 534045: Invite Attendees dialog: icons are messed up in case of participation role NON-PARTICIPANT
  • Bug 538589: Remove button removes the reminder following the selected one in the list
  • Bug 538873: CalDAV: Cannot Delete Event
  • Bug 539512: Font Color changes with Persona’s Skins
  • Bug 539681: Puerto Rico Holidays
  • Bug 542210: Lightning does not update Sun Calendar
  • Bug 543698: Moved occurrences of repeating all-day events are displayed on new and original date
  • Bug 543744: Add calendar name to event tooltip information
  • Bug 544082: Update failing Mozmill tests
  • Bug 544682: Months should be viewed with different color to avoid confusion
  • Bug 544842: Nothing appears as “checked” when submenus “Progress” & “Priority” are opened
  • Bug 544858: Adjust Lightning version for GData provider on mozilla-1.9.2/mozilla-central
  • Bug 546300: Octal Numeric Constants are deprecated
  • Bug 546943: Don’t display drop shadows when dragging back to original date
  • Bug 550291: AsyncPromptAuth method is not implemented in calAuthUtils.jsm
  • Bug 550789: Update links for Lightning nightly builds
  • Bug 551147: Remove obsolete lightning/nightly/latest-comm-1.9.1 folder from ftp server
  • Bug 551231: Make xpcshell-based unit tests pass in JavaScript strict mode
  • Bug 552042: Calendar registry not written after creating/deleting calendar
  • Bug 552303: Errors while threading disabled

As always, our thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that have made this possible.


  1. Pretty impressive List! Just wanted to say thank you for your great work! Good luck with your next releases :-)

  2. I really appreciate the progress that lightning is making however I am also quite confused. Why fix a bug like Bug 405439 which is a minor fix for a problem with recurring tasks when the whole recurring tasks functionality is useless in its current form due to Bug 373775 having been a problem for ages?
    It just seems to me that you would want to fix the core functionality before making minor tweaks. Again, my intention is not to complain but to understand how bugs like these are so misprioritized…

  3. Is Lightning (Beta1) for TB 3.0 dead?
    Wasn’t able to download Beta1 since weeks, AMO always says “Missing argument: file_id”
    AMO should then at least say that there is currently no compatible Lightning for TB 3.0

  4. @ Jon
    Fixing bug 405439 hasn’t been a team’s choice. I decided to fix it only because … it was *simple to fix* (which is my selection criterion in general), in particular for a *non developer* like me.
    Developing and programming isn’t my job, I’m used to use Lightning for years and, like mostly people reading this blog, I’d like to get better functionality and performance from it.
    I was happy to fix that bug, apart from a little mistake, because it took a little time, nearly 20 minutes in total to find the causes, writing a patch, testing and posting on Bugzilla, a little record for my skill.
    Maybe it would have been fixed by someone of the team (probably in two minutes ;-)), maybe, since it was a minor issue, it wouldn’t have been fixed soon, maybe not for the 1.0 release, but, is a fact: it’s fixed and it has been fixed by someone outside of the Calendar project team like me, or like you, a normal user, interested in using LightningSunbird that decided to give (a little) help to the project.
    Unfortunately, it’s not with normal user like me that you will see bug 373775 fixed (which I’d like to see fixed too) because it’s out of reach for my skill, but I think that 43 bugs fixed it’s better than 42, or 35 in this particular bugs list.
    Best regards.

  5. @ Stebs
    Download of 1.0b1 from https://addons.mozilla.org/thunderbird/addon/2313 worked fine for me one minute ago. Maybe clear your browser cache, force a complete reload of the page and try again?

  6. I have been trying to hide the Sat / Sun from calendar view but unable to. Sat / Sun still appear on my calendar. How to I hide them?

  7. Weird, clearing browser cache did indeed help. Never had any problems in that direction, so I was strongly suspecting a problem at AMO.
    Glad I was wrong and thanks for the help!

  8. @Decathlon
    I agree. Thanks for your effort. And, thanks for the explanation regarding how it got fixed first.
    I do wish that somebody from the project itself would clarify how they prioritize bugs since it does seem like pretty core functionality to have tasks work properly.

  9. hey guys, awesome work as usual!
    is there a possibility to show the big calendar and task buttons on the left side of thunderbird? since I’m using TB 3 and this year’s lightning it does not work anymore.

  10. I am extremely happy with Lightning and hope you can fix the recurring events bugs (when synced with Google Calendar). Once this has been conquered I think I am ready to migrate to an Android phone.

  11. Thank you for your hard work!
    I have an issue but I am not sure if this should be called a “lightning” issue or a thunderbird issue. I normally have the “inbox” and “calendar” tabs open and when I open an e-mail it opens a tab after “calendar”. When I close the e-mail, thunderbird displays the “calendar” tab rather than going back to the inbox. The only practical fix on my end is to keep the calendar tab closed. Is there anyway to tell thunderbird to go to the “inbox” tab after closing instead of the “calendar” tab?
    I am using 1.0b1 and Thunderbird 3.0.4
    Thank you

  12. Thnaks for developing lightning, for me its the best email client around but i have a question. I have a laptop and a desktop. Is there a way to synchronize events in lighning from one computer to the other, similar to Xmarks?
    And also is there i way that i can put in order my email accounts as i have over 20 and they are not in the order i wish them to be or i have to delete them and put them manually as i wish…..?
    Please try to do this.
    thanks agaianand keep the good work going.

  13. @ Barry
    THis is an easy one. Buy Outlook 2007, good old quality software designed for pros. I changed to Outlook from Thunderbird and the calendar in outlook is just AWESOME!

  14. @Barry:
    It’s easy to sync events between 2 computers with google calendar: We just need the Google Calender provider to lightning/thunderbird: