Sunbird 1.0b1 release candidate 1 is now available

After quite some build-system related difficulties, we have finally succeeded building Sunbird 1.0b1rc1. Please download and test it within the next 2 weeks, if no critical errors show up this will afterwards become the final version 1.0b1.

Candidate builds for Sunbrid 1.0 beta1 in 37 languages are available as of now for:

A corresponding build of the Google Calendar Provider is available at

Please tell us what you think of these candidate builds and file bugs in Bugzilla as you go.


  1. The Linux-64 bit directory is empty! It would be awesome if you can provide 64 bit builds…

  2. Mike, when I open the linux-64 bit directory, I see a subfolder en-US, which contains the linux package.

  3. Which language files have been used? We have an error in the Danish version. And we cant find the error in our files in 1.9.1 or 1.9.2.

  4. No Windows fr-Fr directory ?

  5. Patclash, thanks for the note! We’re working on fixing this.

  6. Great! thx!!

  7. Hi guys,
    no more updates to calendar v1.0?
    The latest build in nightly/latest-comm-1.9.2/win32-xpi/ dates from 10-mar. Did you move on to work only on 1.1a found in nightly/win32-xpi/ ?

  8. ok builds are back… we’re rolling baby!

  9. Why is the printing bug still NOT solved in this release??

  10. Wonderful. Thanks lads!

  11. I’m using this release candidate on both PC and Mac, using the same profile stored on a USB drive, and it’s working great. Much faster than the previous version.
    Caveat to testers: once you access a profile with this version, you cannot access that profile with the previous version since the software updates the profile. Since the release candidate is working great, no problem for me–just thought others would want to know to back up their profile before testing this release in case you want to go back.