Recent Rumors Cleaned Up

In a recent blog post, some rumors have emerged. Partially this is due to bad wording on our side, so I’d like to straighten things out here.

  • “Since we never leave our users with one outdated version of Sunbird, we always give Sunbird new updates with new cool features and bugfixes.” – This is plain wrong, we are not actively working on Sunbird. Nevertheless, due to a shared codebase between Sunbird and Lightning, users who build Sunbird on their own might still profit from some changes. The sentence was corrected in the original blog post.
  • Philipp writes all the blog posts here – Nope, please take a close look at the Author. We now have great support from Jan, Tobbi, and TMZ. I unfortunately don’t get notified about comments on blog posts I don’t write, so I didn’t have a chance to answer via comment. Sorry about that!
  • The latest version of Sunbird is 1.0 beta 2 – Although the folder structure on the ftp server might suggest this, the latest version of Sunbird is still 1.0b1. The naming of that folder is merely an artifact of the release automation used for Lightning 1.0b2. There were no Sunbird builds produced and promoted during that Lightning release.


  1. Jesper Kristensen

    “Philipp writes all the blog posts here”. No. According to your feed, a person named “Calendar” writes all the blog posts here. It would be nice if the author of each post was correctly identified.

  2. Jesper Kristensen

    … and by “your feed”, I mean’s feed.

  3. I’ll try to get that fixed, but I doubt its going to work. Here in the blog the names are correct. On planet, there is only one heading per feed subscription, which is “Calendar” for us. Unfortunately, I don’t think our blog has separate feeds per author, so we can’t turn it into multiple subscriptions either.