Lightning 1.2b1 is ready

In case you are using Thunderbird 10 or Seamonkey 2.7 betas, you will be happy to hear that after some Christmas delay we have released Lightning 1.2b1 to the beta channel.

To get it, please visit Lightning on and click on the Development Channel.

If you have previously installed Lightning 1.1 betas, you should automatically get updates by tomorrow.


  1. Lighting 1.2b1 with TB10 beta does not send out the invitation when a task is created,
    please check.
    Thank you,

  2. hi, philipp – great to see that lightning is making progress! i’m eager to receive the release version of 1.2 .
    slightly off-topic: i could not find any up-to-date roadmap for lightning. i tried and . what are the next steps planned for lightning development?

  3. I am exited user of your google calender addon
    but read that google does not support you to get access to the tasks (thats the only missing point in a very perfect project! I have the calenders always with me (all private and business ones together !! great)
    Want to encourage you to continue to engage that get google to open the tasks