The return of the nightly builds

Hello Nightly testers,

I am happy to announce that we now have updated nightly builds for Daily and Earlybird. You may have noticed that for quite some time the builds were missing. The problem behind this was again our build machinery, there were some changes we needed to adopt so that the builds work again.

Fixing the issue wasn’t very hard, but since I was busy with exams and other patches that needed to be pushed before the last release, I haven’t gotten around to it. This again shows that we really need more people on the build side. If you know some python and are interested in fixing build configuration issues, please do email me.



  1. Waiting for nightly builds for Daily win64!
    When you have time, you should reconsider your opinion for 64-bit applications. Daily win64 is really fast (dozens of email accounts).
    Thanks anyway for yours efforts.

    • As you might have read in the newsgroup, statistics have shown that the 64 bit builds are not faster than the 32 bit builds, in some cases they are even slower or use more memory due to the size of memory allocations. If you nevertheless want 64 bit Windows builds, you can watch bug 634180. Lightning will not provide 64 bit Windows builds until Thunderbird provides official 64 bit Windows builds though.

  2. Hi: Lightning 1.9b1 doesn’t install on TB 1.7b1 unless I modify the install.rdf file because it shows the max TB version at 1.7a2.

  3. Glad to see x64 builds on nightly/latest-comm-central

    Two questions /remarks (using windows 8 x64 – Dailyx64):
    -why “gdata-provider-.en-US.win64-x86_64.xpi” can not be installed ? Daily says it is corrupt! I can easily install (on win64) the linux xpi = “gdata-provider-0.20pre.en-US.linux-x86_64.xpi”!
    -why using “lightning-2.1a1.en-US.win64-x86_64.xpi” and saving a CalDav there is no check box to save the credentials?

    • Philipp Kewisch

      This is very fresh, there might be some hickups. gdata provider is compatible to all platforms, so it doesn’t matter which one you pick. The file appears multiple times due to how the build system works.

      I have no idea what the status of the win64 builds are, this hasn’t been tested yet. I will first concentrate on getting the other bits in place (l10n builds, unit tests, signing, all-locale release builds), then I can look into win64 builds.