Lightning 2.4b1 is out

While Thunderbird is having a test week, we’ve released the version that goes with it 2.4b1.

We are interested in catching regressions with regards to : Alarms, CalDAV Servers and Email Invitations.

The beta is on AMO now, I think the most user friendly link is


  1. Hi,

    I’m getting a strange error with this version.

    “XML-tolkningsfel: odefinierad entitet
    Adress: chrome://calendar/content/calendar-event-dialog.xul
    Radnummer 925, Kolumn 29: <label value="&event.until.label;"

    Is shown when I open a new windows in the calendar. Also, the icon for the calendar is not shown, so it's not functioning properly.
    Is it something that is know and will be fixed till next release?
    I'm currently running 22.0 version of Thunderbird.

    Kind regards

  2. I have the same problem as Stefan. Cannot add new events to calendar. When will it be fixed??

  3. Version 2.5b2 – the same problem!

  4. The same problem in Seamonkey 2.20b (build 20130721212612) + Lightning 2.5b2