Using Lightning 2.6.* on Linux? Be sure you are using the exact compatible Thunderbird Version

As you may have noticed, Lightning is no longer working with Thunderbird 24.0.1. This is totally unexpected for us, it seems Thunderbird 24.0 and 24.0.1 are not binary compatible. We will be releasing Lightning 2.6.1 this week to fix the issue and afterwards find out how this could have happened.

If you are using Lightning 2.6, please downgrade to Thunderbird 24.0 for now and you will regain access to Lightning and your calendars.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Here is the compatibility table:

Thunderbird Version Lightning Version
Thunderbird 24.0 Lightning 2.6
Thunderbird 24.0.1 Lightning 2.6.1
Thunderbird 24.1.0 Lightning 2.6.2
Thunderbird 24.1.1 Lightning 2.6.3
Thunderbird 24.2.0 (unreleased) Lightning 2.6.3 and up

Update 1: This seems to be a Linux-only issue. Windows and Mac users can safely upgrade to Thunderbird 24.0.1!

Update 2: You can get the English version of Thunderbird 24.0 for Linux here. For other languages, please see the release directory on the ftp server.

Update 3: Lightning 2.6.1 is the version compatible to Thunderbird 24.0.1. To date it has not been reviewed by the Mozilla Addons Team, but you can still get it manually using the Other Versions page.

Update 4: Lightning 2.6.1 is now public. On Linux, it is compatible ONLY with Thunderbird 24.0.1, so go ahead and upgrade now.

Update 5: To be more clear: If you are using Thunderbird 24.0 on Linux you MUST continue to use Lightning 2.6. If you are using Thunderbird 24.0.1 on Linux, you MUST use Lightning 2.6.1. Thunderbird 24.1.0 (no typo) will be released soon, you MUST use the upcoming Lightning 2.6.2 here.

Update 6: If you cannot use the newer Lightnig versions yet and want to disable addon updates: Go to the Addons Manager → right click on Lightning → Show More Information → Disable Automatic Updates.

Update 7: Thunderbird 24.1.0 (not .0.1) has just been pushed to the mirrors. On Linux you will need Lightning 2.6.2 together with it. I have heard from some packagers for the Linux distributions that, in contrary to 24.0.1, this version will be made available. If you need Lightning 2.6.2 now, you can get it from the Other Versions page until it has been reviewed.

Update 8: I was now able to set up the version compatibility correctly. If all goes well, Thunderbird 24.0 users should NOT be getting upgrades to Lightning 2.6.1 anymore, all other versions should work correctly too.

Update 9: Updated for 24.1.1 release. The problems are now going away :) I will recap as soon as I get to it.


  1. Don’t worry, thank you for the quick reaction. Looking forward to the new version :)

    • Moreaux Patrice

      Thank you for your FAST reaction! I experienced the problem after my OpenSUSE 12.3 64bits updated Thunderbird to 24.0.1: no more calendar, panick on board!!!
      With you help I first downgraded to 24.0-61 then downloaded lightning 2.6.1 and re-ugraded thunderbird to 24.0.1 and reinstalled lightning 2.6.1: all is ok!
      Thanks a lot for lightning!!!

  2. For once, the Dutch localised version of Lightning 2.6 does seem to work correctly with Thunderbird 24.0.1. At least I didn’t encounter problems on my machine. Hope this helps.

  3. Lightning 2.6 works perfectly well for me with Thunderbird 24.0.1. I use the German version of both products.

  4. Hi folks, I have no problems using Lightning 2.6 with TB 24.0.1. Or can you give us more information about what exactly does not work?

  5. My german localised version works fine too. Can’t see any problems at the moment.

  6. Just to let you know my Thunderbird 24.0.1 works fine with Lightning 2.6 on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1.
    Looking forward to resolving the Google Calendar issue.
    Thanks for your efforts :)

  7. Thanks for that, which I read after I’d upgraded.
    It clearly didn’t occur to you to explain how to downgrade (or did it, but you decided not to bother to do that useful thing?)
    How do I downgrade, please?
    And why does my News folder now appear at the bottom, instead of near the top, where I want it?

    • Philipp Kewisch

      John, sorry for the brevity. You can downgrade by installing Thunderbird 24.0 as you normally would. Please see the update, you only need to downgrade if you are using Linux. I will add a link to the post in just a moment.

      • Hi,
        how to downgrade LIGHTNING (and not thunderbird) from 2.6.1 to 2.6 ?
        TB 24.0 is the current latest version available in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS standard packages, I can’t have a better version for now without doing some dirty tricks or stop having TB updates managed by system’s package mangement … I don’t want that, I want to keep TB in sync with ubuntu repositories, and just downgrade Lightning to 2.6 for it works well again.
        How to do that and keep my current Lightning data (events and preferences) ?
        Thanks ;)

  8. Also don’t see any errors so far with the german localized version.

  9. Same for me : no problem with localized French version on Windows XPSP3

  10. I’m having the same problem with Thunderbird 24.0.1 and Lightning 2.6 with Windows 8 Home Premium SP1. Thunderbird is indicating that it will be installed after I restart, but it never happens.

    I have no idea why I’m the only Windows 7 user that is having the problem with this combination of binaries.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      This is a different bug we unfortunately need to wait on the Mozilla Platform team to fix. As a first step, try uninstalling Lightning and then installing it again. If the problem still exists afterwards please reply again and I will advise via email.

      If you are technically inclined: go to the profile folder, there is an extensions subdirectory. After uninstalling Lightning via UI, remove all traces of it here, there is for example a staging directory. Then install Lightning again normally. Check the error console for details.

      • Will I need to reinstall my calender doing this?

        I am using TB 24.0.1 German Version on Linux. No appointment is shown after the automated upgrade to Lightning 2.6.


      • I tried uninstalling and installing it again. Lightning did not work. How can I downgrade to 24.

        Can you pls guide on that?


        K Adithyan

        • Did you see the update I put in the post? Its just a matter of installing Thunderbird 24.0 from the ftp server, just as you did when you originally installed Thunderbird. If you are unsure how you installed Thunderbird, here are some instructions. Please skip the section about installing via Ubuntu Software Center and downloading from the Mozilla Messaging website. Instead, use the link from the post and start with “Unpacking the Thunderbird archive”.

      • Philipp,

        I don’t seem to be able to uninstall via the UI – there’s no “Remove” button – so I clicked “Undo” which didn’t remove it either.

        I’ll try removing all traces of Lightning from the extensions directory.

      • OK, I couldn’t remove Lightning via the UI so I did what you suggested and moved the staging directory etc out of the profile, loaded the Lightning add-on again and restarted Thunderbird. Voila!

        Thanks for your help – much appreciated.

    • I’m actually meeting this problem with the Thunderbird 24.0.1 and Lightning 2.6 build on Win8 as well.
      Same problem on linux (32 bits), but the downgrade to the revision 24.0 is working for me but only on linux not on Win8.

  11. Hi,

    2.6 on 24.0.1 don’t work on Debian/Wheezy french.
    24.0 it’s OK

  12. I have been enjoying a functional calendar for years.
    Now in Linux after automated update to 24.0.1 the calendar was completely gone. After manual update to Lightning 2.6.1 part of the calendar entries reappeared but especially periodic entries seem to be present only at the first occurance. Which in practice means that 80% of my calendar is still gone. Downgrade to 24.0/2.6 did not help. Seems that the content is destroyed. The old periodic invitations seem to be missing the [Accept] button. Is there a solution at all to get my stuff back?

    • If you are looking at the event list and have it set to “All Events”, then only the first instance of periodic events will be shown. Please check the error console for error messages in case something went wrong.

      • I got nothing from error console.
        I was looking at daily, weekly, monthly views of calendar. However this was a good clue to look into event list to locate the first occurrances. I was able to reedit the entries. Repetition was for some reason in an undefined state. Also participant lists were gone which is less critical for me.
        At least the calendar got filled again.
        Intresting enough a local Holiday calendar survived, but at the same time a birthday calendar that I created myself has also only the starting entries. In the exported ics calendar file I see that RRULE line missing for all birthdays that I had not fixed yet.
        Appart from that little mishap it is really great that you maintain lightning. It has given a survival opportunity when everybody else here uses outlook. Thanks.

        • Philipp Kewisch

          I wonder why this is happening. We don’t have any known dataloss bugs like this. If this is a Google Calendar via Provider, it may be that something went wrong with the Provider or during transfer.

  13. There’s a saying in my country which is:

    “Let’s do it slowly because we are in a hurry and we don’t have time to waste”.


  14. Sorry – this is not a Linux only issue. I am on Win 7, upgraded this morning without suspecting anything amiss, and now find that my Google Calendar integration is gone.

  15. Thank you for pointing me to Linux x86_64 Thunderbird 24.0.
    Got it, replaced 24.0.1 and it is working and I can see the calendar now.
    I was going crazy trying to figure out where to get the older version. And I almost gave up until I rechecked this page again.
    Been using thunderbird for a long time and can’t image not having it on all my machines.

  16. I just upgraded to 24.0.1 and Lightning 2.6, and Lightning does not seem to be able to pull the calendars. For details, see my comment in this blog post of yours:
    Do you think it is 24.0.1 -related, or something else?

  17. On my side, the problem appears also on Win8 + Linux….
    Under linux, i downgrade to the rev 24.0 and i retrieved my calendar….not on windows.

  18. Werner F. in L.

    I’m using TB 24.0.1/Lightning 2.6 in the office and at home, both on openSUSE 12.3 x86_64, both in german localization. At home, the calendars work – at the office, I get a blank table, can’t add or delete any calendars. So I went back to TB 24 in the office installation only.

  19. When I noticed that lightning-2.6 worked no more in TB-24.0.1 on my Slackware-64 distro, I managed to make int run again by installing a beta version of TB which installed in turn a beta version of lightning, so it ran again.

    A colleage of mine told me that the bug is related here, so after I read the post, I tried the following : I backed to TB-24.0.1 release channel and I installed lightning-2.6b3 from file: It runs fine within TB-24.0.1 !

  20. Reverting back to 24.0 got my calendar going again although I lost some important recurring events for some reason and had to readd them manually. Oh well, that’s why you should put all important events in Google Calendar.

  21. Hi,
    I got the new v2.6.1 here:

    Installed in Tbird v24.0.1 in Fedora 19 and Lightning works again. Using CalDAV and Provider for Google Calendar, no problems!

    Thanks very much! Great calendar software!

  22. I downgraded to TB 24.0.0 (Linux x86_64) – all fine until right now that TB downloaded and updated to 24.0.1.
    So if you downgrade, make sure you turn off the autoupdate in the preferences.
    I had to redo my downgrade and uncheck the autoupdate. But I’m getting the hang of it

  23. One problem remains with the 24.0/2.6 combination: I still can’t reply to invitations. Thunderbird correctly tells me “This message contains an invitation to an event.” but I can’t accept or decline it like before. The buttons to do that aren’t there.

    • The invitation problem is associated with this error message:

      Error: [Exception… “‘[JavaScript Error: “foundAttendee is null” {file: “resource://calendar/modules/calItipUtils.jsm” line: 1209}]’ when calling method: [calIOperationListener::onOperationComplete]” nsresult: “0x80570021 (NS_ERROR_XPC_JAVASCRIPT_ERROR_WITH_DETAILS)” location: “JS frame :: file:///home/scowl/.thunderbird/educyb73.default/extensions/%7Be2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103%7D/components/calCompositeCalendar.js :: calCompositeGetListenerHelper.prototype.onOperationComplete :: line 520” data: yes]

  24. Updated Thunderbird to latest version, 24.0.1 at prompting of Thunderbird (I believe I was using 17.0.8 and probably Lightning 1.9.1). Told that my existing version of Lighning not compatible with Thunderbird update. Screen offered to apply latest update of lightning (no warning about possible consequences). Did so. When Thunderbird reappeared, I cannot view ANY of the contents in my Lightning based calendar. The data is somewhere in the background because I continue to get event notices. How do I regain visibility of the calendar entries?
    I am using Windows 7 Ultimate and not really a tech guy so please keep the help simple if possible. – Thanks

    • Philipp Kewisch

      As you are on windows, please make sure you are using Thunderbird 24.0 + Lightning 2.6 or later. This is usually a problem with mismatching versions of Thunderbird and Lightning.

  25. Thanks guys for blogging about this issue and also for providing a quick fix (v2.6.1)!

  26. Javier Martínez Ortiz

    Thanks for the warning. I’m downgrading to 24.0. I’m using openSUSE 12.3 with the Spanish (Latin America) localization.

  27. Did the downgrade to 24.0 trick on RHEL6. I was worried, because I’ve had trouble with more recent versions of Thunderbird not working out of the box from the download site on RHEL6 in the past, but 24.0 worked just fine. My e-mail profile came up like nothing had changed, Lightning installed just fine and my calendars reappeared in the Calendar tree on the left, but my biggest, most important calendar doesn’t show any of my past events. They seem to have just gone away. Sigh… I can create new ones, though.

    Oh, and my Google Calendar doesn’t seem to work right through CalDAV, even after I followed the previous post about the recent change in URL. Of course, it wasn’t working before the bad upgrade, either. I did like the Google-style login screen that popped up. Looks like I’ll need to play with it some more if ever I find the time.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      The CalDAV issue is another problem, I recently wrote another blog post on it. Lightning 2.6.1 will fix this, it will be available on soon.

  28. Yay! I updated to v2.6.1 and my calendars are back and functioning.

    I run Ubuntu and the Thunderbird upgrade to 24.0.1 broke my calendars.

    performing the manual upgrade to Lightning 2.6.1 proved to be the fix


  29. Any news on this? I’m running a 64-bits linux flavor of the addon and not sure whether the updated version (2.6.1) on the Lightning site will run fine in this system. And having to deal with Thunderbird every day at work with no meeting schedules nor tasks is a bit distressing :-)

  30. Using Windows XP (SP3) 32-bit with TB on Beta channel. For those users running TB 25.0 Beta 1, Lightning 2.7b1 restores calendar functionality and so far on my installation has been executing fine. Still really love this app.

  31. Seems like now Lightning 2.6.1 is working fine with Thunderbird 24.0.1

    Thanks a lot for fixing the issue and for warning about the problem.

    — Richard

    • Lightning 2.6.1 is working with Thunderbird 24.0.1 under Linux for me.

      However, when I add a private calendar, the calendar entries from all calendars are disappearing. In the error log i find an error message as soon as I add the calendar:
      “aString is Null” and it points to calDavCalendar.js line 2509

      Unfortunately, I don’t have a public calendar where I can reproduce that issue.

      That calendar was working with 2.6.0, anyone else having the same issue?

  32. Michael Gebetsroither

    There is another BIG bug in 24.0.1 on linux.
    In 1 out of 3 openings of ‘write new mail’ nothing can be input to the new mail window!!
    And to make matters worse all key clicks go to the main window.
    Interestingly one can click in the ‘new mail window’ and select text, though text input is not possible.

    If you want to delete a character instead one mail gets deleted, if you want to close the new mail window with strg+w, whole thunderbird will instead be closed.

  33. Michael Gebetsroither

    Additional info:
    Even if one clicks into the text input field of the ‘new mail window’ it is not possible to input text there and all key presses still go to the main window.

  34. B 24.0.1 Windows T’Bird update was applied 23/10/13, after which Lightning calendar is not accessible.
    Various blogs recommend retreating to TB 24.0.0 (or even 17.??) or earlier versions of Lightning – or just re-loading one or the other.
    I can download Lightning 2.6-tb+sm-windows, but this:
    “… could not be installed because it is not compatible with Firefox 24.0.”
    OK, so there are 3 Mozilla apps in this waltz.
    What do I do, and if it involves retreating to older versions of FF/TB/L, where can I download them?

  35. It would be useful to have a full new post once its been reviewed so that its extremely clear that its resolved

  36. updated to Lightening 2.6.1, then moved to TB 24.0.1 on Linux RHEL 6.4 (x86_64).
    It was a disaster. TB hung. The interaction with google calendar provider is messed up.
    I went back to Lightening 2.6 and TB 24.0.0 – so far disabled all my add-ons except Lightening trying to add google calendar provider and reconnect to my calendars. It is moving forward but very slowly.

  37. We’ve been using Thunderbird and Lightning, and ran into the problem with Google Calendar and CalDAV when they changed the “endpoint”. I have installed Tbird 24.0.1/Lightning 2.6.1. They work with the old endpoint ( but when I create a new calendar with the new endpoint (

    It immediately switches itself “off” (is unchecked) (but I do get the prompt asking if I want this application to manage my calendars).

    The error console has this to say:
    Could not read chrome manifest ‘file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Mozilla%20Thunderbird/extensions/%7B972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd%7D/chrome.manifest’.
    While creating services from category ‘profile-after-change’, could not create service for entry ‘Disk Space Watcher Service’, contract ID ‘;1’
    No chrome package registered for chrome://testpilot/locale/main.dtd
    [JavaScript Error: “[calCachedCalendar] replay action failed: null, uri=, result=2147500037, op=[xpconnect wrapped calIOperation]”]

  38. I’m using Thunderbird 24.01 and Lightning 2.6.1 on Windows 7 Home Premium. Today two of our Church’s calendars now are marked by the yellow triangle with exclamation point. The error console entries for the Events calendar are

    [JavaScript Warning: “CalDAV: Unexpected response, status: HTTP/1.1 507 Insufficient Storage, href: /caldav/v2/”]

    [JavaScript Warning: “There has been an error reading data for calendar: Events. However, this error is believed to be minor, so the program will attempt to continue. Error code: DAV_REPORT_ERROR. Description: There has been an error reading data for calendar: It has been disabled until it is safe to use it.”]

    [JavaScript Warning: “There has been an error reading data for calendar: Events. However, this error is believed to be minor, so the program will attempt to continue. Error code: READ_FAILED. Description: “]

    The same errors appear for the second calendar.

    Other church calendars are not marked with the yellow triangle, but no entries made in Lightning are transmitted to the corresponding Google (Toast) calendar. However, if I make new Google calendar entries, those entries appear in Lightning.

    I have four personal Lightning calendars synched to Google (Toast) calendars in the same fashion. All of them work properly. I can’t see any difference in how I have set up my Google calendars or the synched Lightning versions.

    Where is the insufficient storage occurring?

    Why doesn’t Lightning transmit new events from the calendars unmarked by triangles to Google, while Lightning can read new events entered directly into the Google calendar?

    These calendars were working properly on Tuesday, October 22, 2013.

    • I have the same issue as Gene, I also get the “Insufficient storage” error in the error console and error status in the calendar (already accidentally attached this as a comment to another earlier blog post). In my case it happens with all my calendars. TB 24.0.1, Lightning 2.6.1 on Windows (8 and XP).

    • I have the same problem: 7 subscribed google calendars work well, two are failing to load:

      [JavaScript Warning: “Fehler beim Lesen von Daten für Kalender: xxx. Allerdings ist dieser Fehler wahrscheinlich vernachlässigbar, daher versucht das Programm fortzufahren. Fehlercode: DAV_REPORT_ERROR. Beschreibung: Es wurde ein Fehler beim Lesen des Kalenders festgestellt: Der Kalender wurde deaktiviert bis er sicher genutzt werden kann.”]

      [JavaScript Warning: “CalDAV: Unexpected response, status: HTTP/1.1 507 Insufficient Storage, href: /caldav/v2/xxx/events/”]

      TB 24.0.1 (linux), Lightning 2.6.1

  39. Great work on the updates by the way and fantastic add-on!!!

    I have noticed that after the update to 2.6.1 my calandar has stopped working and I can no longer see my calendar entries (I am new to Lightning and the Google calendar provider). I am running Ubuntu 13.04 and thunderbird 24.0 along with the Provider for Google Calendar 0.25.

    Just letting you know and feel free to yell out if you would like any more info from me. Debug info etc….just let me know how to obtain it and I will send it through.

    Kind regards

  40. I’m on Ubuntu 13.10 (TB 24.0/Lightning 2.6) all working until auto update of Lightning to 2.6.1 broke calendar. Reverted to Lightning 2.6 and turned off auto update — all working again. At this time TB has not been updated to 24.0.1 in Ubuntu repos.

    • Same here. I’m using two calendars, google and exchange (with another add on). What’s the best way to revert? Just remove and install? Will my set up remains as it is?

  41. Tom Oskar Ortleb

    [Thunderbird-24.0[.1] @ Ubuntu-12.04.3 LTS]

    After having had the mentioned problem, I downgraded to 24.0 and things were back fine. Today I updated to 24.0.1 again, the Lightning was updated automatically also, and now everything is fine with 24.0.1, too.

    Great thanks to all developpers, bug hunters and beta testers!

    – too

  42. So to sumarize:
    – Case 1: TB 24.0.1 with Lightning 2.6 : FAIL
    – Case 2: TB 24.0.1 with Lightning 2.6.1 : seems OK?
    – Case 3: TB 24 with Lightning 2.6 : OK
    – Case 4: TB 24 with Lightning 2.6.1 :FAIL

    Stable Linux users may failed in case 4, and in this case you have to revert to Lightning 2.6. Wich is funny, is Lightning 2.6.1 was done to fix a prb with TB 24.0.1, but has also hang users with TB 24! #DOUBLE FAIL

  43. I’m on Ubuntu and today 2.6.1 was shipped to my Thunderbird 24.0 via automatic updates and broke all my calendars. Had to manually install 2.6 from

  44. My Lightning 2.6 works good with Thunderbird 24.0.1. I use the Ukrainian version of both products.

  45. My calendar seems broken — using Ubuntu, TB version 24.0, the panel has only dates. A little bit confused since 1) the problems here don’t suggest this is a losing combination, also 2) I usually accept autoupdates of T-bird, not sure why I’m still on 24.0.

    Tried to uninstall/reinstall Lightning 2.6.1, still broken. Calendar on my Android phone still functional with data intact.

  46. ….so I reverted to Lightning 2.6, which is working with T-bird 24.0. Will stay here until the coast is clear

  47. Hi Philipp,

    Upgrated to get rid of the Google CalDAV issue. But its still not working. I still only get the yellow triangle displayed behind the calendar name.

    Win 7 Pro
    TB 24.0.1
    Lightning 2.6.1
    CalDAV adress:

    • I hope to get another version out that will fix the remaining issue. Just keep clicking synchronize until all your events are there.

    • There is one remaining issue I need to fix, will be part of 2.6.3. In the meanwhile, it sometimes helps to just click synchronize a few times more.

  48. I’m running Ubuntu and the packaging folks haven’t gotten around to 12.0.1 yet. So even though Lightning 2.6.1 was automatically installed for me at some point in the recent past, my calendar, like everyone else’s was foobar – well, missing.

    Fortunately, the fix is really easy. Don’t even have to uninstall anything. Just download 24.0.1 from Mozilla’s website, untar that in your home directory, then run ~/thunderbird/thunderbird. It finds your old profile, checks your add-ons, and within a minute you’re up and running again.

    And my calendar works.

    Hope this helps someone.

  49. Leonardo Garcia

    Thanks very much for this post. Explained why my calendars were not working since I upgrade. Luckly the first time I look for information I ended in this page with the exact info I needed! Thanks again!

  50. Lightning 2.6.1 does not work in Fedora 18 x64 / Seamonkey 2.21. No records are displayed neither in calendar nor task list. No problems with Lightning 2.6.

  51. Same error as Gene above under same config on Windows 7 64bit.

  52. Can confirm that the calendar does not work if you have Thunderbird 24.0 and Lightning 2.6.1. Manually removing Lightning 2.6.1 and installing the 2.6 version fixed it for now.

  53. Hi there,

    I have TB 24.0 and Lightning 2.6.1 under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Suddenly the whole calendar view is messed up. There are many white fields on the screen but no calendar is shown and apparently it does not do anything when I click here or there.

    How can I downgrade Lightning to 2.6? Should I remove and re-install? But I guess, my calendar settings will be gone, too, then. Isn’t that so?

    • Your calendar settings won’t be removed when you uninstall. They are saved in your profile. Feel free to just install the older version on top or uninstall/reinstall.

  54. […] no puedes esperar a la siguiente versión en la que prometen subsanarlo. ACTUALIZACIÓN: Al parecer se trataba de un problema que sólo tenía la versión 24.0.1 de Thunderbird y que está corregido ya si la usas junto con la versión 2.6.1 de Lightning. […]

  55. Hi, I arrived on this site after I woke up today and my Lightning had suddenly stopped working. Now I understand that my Thunderbird 24.0 has automatically updated Lightning from version 2.6 to version 2.6.1, which, as you described, is incompatible to Thunderbird 24.0. This unfortunate effect will probably affect most Ubuntu 12.04 Thunderbird users who whave Lightning installed. Downgrading to Lightning 2.6 and disabling automatic updates solved the problem, but at least my mom would be overchallenged with that ;) Isn’t there perhaps any possibility to prevent the 2.6.1 update from being applied to Thunderbird 24.0 users or to make the 2.6.1 version compatible to TB 24.0?
    Greetings, Andreas

  56. I need to continue to use TB24.0 (no update available yet in my repos). However, Thunderbird has updated LIghtning automatically to 2.6.1. Which did not work. Please set the addon compatibility range correctly for addon version 2.6.1! Currently seems to be “24.0 24.*”.

  57. I’m using ArchLinux with Thunderbird 24.0.1 and Lightning is not working in version 2.6.1… I had to go back to 2.6.0 :(

  58. Using Tb 24 with Lightning 2.6.1.
    yesterday i updated my Ubuntu. Since Then i lost my calendar events..

  59. I have Thunderbird 24.0 running on Linux Mint (3.2.0-23-generic).
    When TB updated the Add-On Lightning to 2.6.1 my calendar broke. :(
    Found the info here and downgraded back to Add-On 2.6 and all was fine.

    My question — is there some way to prevent TB from updating the
    Lightning Add-On


    (Sure hope this is not a stupid question)

    • Philipp Kewisch

      No problem. I’ll add it to the main post. Addons Manager -> Lightning -> right click, Show more information -> disable automatic updates.

      Be sure to enable it again once you are running the latest Thunderbird again.

  60. I lost all my appointment and task schedule in lightning this morning.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      Don’t worry, you should be able to get everything back by following the instructions. The calendar data is not affected by this bug.

  61. All sound and fine but… why it offers update to Lightning 2.6.1 on TB 24.0?

  62. See earlier post above ( October 24, 2013 at 4:30 am .) re dysfunctional recent updates for Lightning for Windows 7.
    Yesterday it all came right – I now have a ‘Today’ pane & calendar. The only thing I can see that might have triggered this is a Calendar appointment for to-day with reminder ‘one day before.’
    Presumably Calendar ‘understood’ that it couldn’t provide this alert without being enabled, and did whatever it took to acheive this. Woopee!

  63. Upgraded Lightning to 2.6.1 with Thunderbird 24.0.1 on Windows 7 Home Premium. Locale is English (UK). Keeps asking for password for Google Calendar

    Tried update to Thunderbird 25 with Lightning 2.7b1 – same problem.

    Calendar has been working ok for a number of years, now integration has totally failed.

  64. Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon 64-bit
    TB 24.0 (was Lightnin 26.0.1)

    after not seeing my calendar for a week ((hoping that the problem would go away) I downgraded to Lightning 26.0.

    Has made no difference. Am still presented an empty calendar. No Google, no local calendars. I am flying blind. Sigh!

    • So I downloaded TB 24.0.1
      Unpacked the tar.gz, ran the install.
      It updated Lightning to 26.0.1.
      Still an empty calendar.
      Interesting: there are also no time slots on the left hand side (only 1, 00:00, i.e. midnight) …… and then …..
      My apologies!
      Problem resolved – I had set the calender preferences (Views\Day and Week Views\ to Show 1 hours at a time.
      Silly me.
      When I set it at >8 hours at a time, the events reappeared, as by magic.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      Do you get any error console messages?

  65. I usually don’t comment unless I have something constructive to say, but as a long-time lightning user, I have to say that this is very quite possible the worst open-source software out there. It may very well be the fault of thunderbird, which also has a horrible track record of stability .. but hey.. thats also a mozilla product isn’t it.

    The lack of regard (or incompetence) in having some sort of software process is astounding. Everything else on my Ubuntu desktop works great from one version to another and I have wasted way too much time trying to figure out the voodoo required to run your hardware.

  66. Hooray! Thanks! Fixed! A key thing for me was that I was running TB 24.0 with L 2.6.1 and my calendar was strangely blank! Downgrading L fixed it in a flash!

  67. Hello all, I reallly appreciate the effort and hard work that you guys put into this, however for a small company like mine it’s really hard to have full working calendars one week and the next zero.

    If I may suggest something, I think you should fully integrate lightning into thunderbird so at least it gets a better testing and QA, and avoid the tedious work of coordinating release versions number between different teams and all the bugs that creates as this one.

    Thanks in advance, once again, I do really appreciate your really hard work.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      I agree its really annoying and I am sorry this has happened. While integrating into Thunderbird might solve the issue, it really means a lot more work. Thunderbird is a little more mature, so releases need to have a little bit better quality than Lightning can provide with the current amount of contributors. It also means that Thunderbird QA will need to work harder and Thunderbird support teams will have to take over Lightning bugs. We need more automated unit tests to make sure changes won’t cause regressions and so on. This is only the short version, but there is really a lot of extra work needed to integrate Lightning, for which we don’t have the manpower.

      If you want to help out, stay tuned. I will (hopefully find time to) make a few posts soon to let people know what can be done, and show them that they don’t need to be developers to help.

  68. I’m using Thunderbird 24.0 on Fedora 19 and it auto-updated to Lightning 2.6.1, which broke the calendar. If there’s a known incompatibility, Lightning should refuse to load…this is not cool.

    I forced it back to Lightning 2.6 and it seems to be working now, but I had a few moments of terror at missing meetings till I could recover the data from backups.

  69. Tysm! Was very upset that my calendar diddnt send out a reminder for a meeting today, diddnt know why until I read this!

  70. So, I downgraded Lightning manually and switched off automatic updates. Now everything is fine again.

  71. Any idea when 2.6.2 will be released? The current situation in which every update to TB breaks Lightning kind of sucks :(

    • Lightning 2.6.2 won’t fix the issues yet. I have just uploaded it, but it will only work with Thunderbird 24.1.0. Lightning 2.6.3 will hopefully fix everything and be compatible to Thunderbird 24.2.0 and up.

      • Hi Philipp,
        When do you estimate (very roughly) will the repositories (ubuntu/mint) provide automatic updates of TB/Lightning that make everything work again? I’m not eager to hack around by downgrading stuff, if it’s only a matter of a few weeks…

        • I can’t speak for the distributions, but I think some of them decided not to release Thunderbird 24.0.1 at all. You might be more lucky with Thunderbird 24.1.0 though.

  72. I run TB 24.0 (64bit, german locale) on my openSuSE 12.3 x86_64 system. TB upgraded lightning to 2.6.1 automatically and suddenly all my calenders were unaccessible. When I downgraded to lightning 2.6 everything worked again. Just to double check I upgraded to 2.6.1 again and then all my calendars are unavailable.

    So I have trouble with TB 24.0 and the new lightning version 2.6.1. Using lightning 2.6 everything works with TB 24.0.

    Have a nice day

  73. THX for providing 2.6.2 so fast after official release of TB 24.1.0!
    Keep up the good work!

  74. Thank you for 2.6.2!
    It fixes the recent automatic update to Thunderbird 24.1.0 on Xubuntu LTS, and that’s great!

  75. Hi,
    how to downgrade LIGHTNING (and not thunderbird) from 2.6.1 to 2.6 ?
    TB 24.0 is the current latest version available in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS standard packages, I can’t have a better version for now without doing some dirty tricks or stop having TB updates managed by system’s package mangement … I don’t want that, I want to keep TB in sync with ubuntu repositories, and just downgrade Lightning to 2.6 for it works well again.
    How to do that and keep my current Lightning data (events and preferences) ?
    Thanks ;)

    • Philipp Kewisch

      Just install 2.6 normally as you would any extension through the addons manager. It will not overwrite your profile data.

  76. I still can’t accept invitations with the 24.0.1 + 2.6.1 combination. It correctly says “This message contains an invitation to an event” but there are no buttons to accept it.

    The error message is still:

    Error: [Exception… “‘[JavaScript Error: “foundAttendee is null” {file: “resource://calendar/modules/calItipUtils.jsm” line: 1214}]’ when calling method: [calIOperationListener::onOperationComplete]” nsresult: “0x80570021 (NS_ERROR_XPC_JAVASCRIPT_ERROR_WITH_DETAILS)” location: “JS frame :: file:///home/scowl/.thunderbird/educyb73.default/extensions/%7Be2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103%7D/components/calCompositeCalendar.js :: calCompositeGetListenerHelper.prototype.onOperationComplete :: line 520” data: yes]

    • I confirmed the very same bug is in the 24.1.0 + 2.6.2 combination.

      I’ll probably fix it myself since I’ve seen no interest in fixing it here.

      • Still the same error:
        “‘[JavaScript Error: “foundAttendee is null”, don’t see buttons to accept invitation.

        24.1.0 + 2.6.2 combination

        What’s the solution? Is there any?

        • I see, this might be a specific issue with the type of invitation you received. Could you open a bug on in product Calendar component E-mail invitations?

  77. Thanks a lot for the quick updating and the clear explanations.
    While installing some updates via the update manager on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS machine, there must have been an upgrade from Ligthning 2.6 to 2.6.1 (I’m using TB 24.0). Suddenly nothing was displayed correctly anymore. After downgrading to Lightning 2.6. everything is fine again.

  78. I have just lost my calendar for the second time because Ubuntu has installed Thunderbird 24.0 and Lightning 2.6.1.
    I downgraded to 2.6.0, got my calendar back and it just went and undid it and now I can’t find how I did it before.
    You give a link to older versions but there is no link to download it.
    Where the fuck do I get Lightning 2.6.0 ???

  79. “Thunderbird 24.0 users should NOT be getting upgrades to Lightning 2.6.1 anymore”
    BOLLOCKS, it just did it again and my caöendar’s gone.
    Where the fuck can I download Lightning 2.6.0

    • Philipp Kewisch

      I just tried this myself, I am not getting updates after I installed 2.6. On the other versions page, go to Lightning 2.6, mouseover, and the download button appears. Here is the direct link.

      Be sure to disable automatic updates.

  80. Thanks for getting this info out quickly and being sufficiently high on a Google search :-). I use TB 24.0 in Linux Mint, and after an automatic update to Lightning 2.6.1 my calendars didn’t work. Installing Lightning 2.6 solved the problem for me.

  81. The following is the error I get for 6 of my CalDav Google Calendars. 2 of them are read/write of the form Some more work fine. The 2 read/write ones that work are gmail accounts’ calendars of the form I did try a clean Lightning reinstall. Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Thunderbird 24.1.0, Lightning 2.6.2. Same as Thunderbird 24.0.1, Lightning 2.6.1:

    Timestamp: 30/10/2013 8:41:08
    Error: Assert failed: unexepcted endBatch!
    2: [resource://calendar/modules/calProviderUtils.jsm:647] cPB_endBatch
    3: [resource://calendar/modules/calUtils.jsm -> file:////extensions/%7Be2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103%7D/calendar-js/calDavRequestHandlers.js:464] wH_endDocument
    4: [resource://calendar/modules/calUtils.jsm -> file:////extensions/%7Be2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103%7D/calendar-js/calDavRequestHandlers.js:423] wSL_onStopRequest
    5: [null:0] null

    Source File: resource://calendar/modules/calUtils.jsm -> file:////extensions/%7Be2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103%7D/calendar-js/calUtils.js
    Line: 1029

    Thanks, keep up the good work :)

  82. This is getting rediculous. Regrettably, I had auto-update enabled and again lost
    my Lightning calander when update from 26.0.1 to 26.1.0. I had Lightning 2.6.1
    working after the last issue of incompatibility and now I have to rebuild my calander once
    again. And, to top it off, attempts to upgrade to Lighting 2.6.2 which is noted to now
    be compatible with 26.1.0 fail due to Firefix bing out of date.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Philipp Kewisch

      Sorry about the hassle. Firefox shouldn’t have anything to do with it, you need to download the packages to your computer and install them into Thunderbird. Please doublecheck the version table in the post.

  83. Just updated to TB 24.1.0, Ligthening 2.6.0 didn’t work (as expected). Downloaded Ligthening 2.6.2 and installed it. All clear and good for now.
    RHEL 6.4 x86_64
    Ubuntu 10.4 x86_64

  84. Just upgraded via ubuntu repository to 24.1.0, and took Lightning 2.6.2. Everything resurrected correctly. Thank you for the fix!

  85. Manjunath Laksh

    Thanks, it resloved my issue. Thunderbird is the best email client I have come across. Keep it up.

  86. Ubuntu 12.10 64bit, Thunderbird 24.1.0, Lightning 2.6.1 does not work, Lightning 2.6.2 – works fine. Russian version.

  87. I’ve been having issues with Lightning and Thunderbird since Google change their Caldav file. Presently I’m running Thunderbird 24.1.0 and Lightning 2.6.2 on Win 7 Home Premium . I still am getting “Google mail is temporarily unavailable with a little yellow triangle. I’ve tried removing the calendar and recreating it to no avail. Any idea when this might be resolved?


    • Philipp Kewisch

      If you are using Google via CalDAV, the last issue is not resolved yet. The patch is ready, but the release is not. 2.6.3 is just around the corner and will fix the (hopefully last) remaining issue. A workaround is to use the Provider for Google Calendar, see this post.

      • Thanks for the reply…I’ll wait for the patch

        • Hi, just a heads up: since the release of Thunderbird I can now use Google Calendar via CalDAV and I can accept invitations in the google calandar (I don’t know if Lightning updated along with Thunderbird, but I have Lightning 2.6.3)

          At last! I was very unhappy about not being able the damn calendar but let’s hope it will keep working now ;)

        • Hi Again,

          I was using Lightning 2.63 with Thunderbird 24.1.1. on Windows 7 All was working well until a few moments ago when lightning stopped working. I’m not getting any error messages, the calendar just turned itself off and will not let me turn it back on again. Any suggestions?


          • Philipp Kewisch

            Try turning on calendar.debug.log and calendar.debug.log.verbose, this might give you a few more error messages in the error console. What calendar type are you using?

          • It’s starting working again…no clue why…but why look a gift horse in the mouth.

            Thanks and keep up the good work!

  88. totally unexpected…. ok, first time I agree… but I have had problems with Thunderbird + Lighnting before a month … I have found some custom made lightning-2.6.1-tb+sm-linux.xpi that resolved the problem… ok… I was waiting… but few days ago, Thinderbird anounced me a new version… that I installed (thinking this is the awaited fix) and now I am once again without my calendar and even the specific xpi does not resolve the problem anymore.. .. :( …

    • Philipp Kewisch

      Please check your Thunderbird version, there is a version chart in the post now.

      • Philipp: if you are asking me about error console messages?, then, yes, however, I was not aware of this feature. It looks interesting. Pity that it does not date stamp the log items, so I have no idea when they occurred.

        Your table at the top of this blog is great, and when TB updated to 24.1.1 it was a doddle to resolve the blank calendar that appeared again.

        In defence of Philipp and the TB+ team – in fact, all the Linux heroes (not intended as sarcasm):
        The criticisms can be a little harsh and unfair at times.

        I have been doing systems since 1972. Due to the decision to manage projects at a fairly early stage, I had less and less time to be intimately involved in the tech side (programming, OS, networking, etc) but at one time I could patch an OS.
        I have had the opportunity to work with specialists and even managed some really big, very complex projects involving the biggies – SAP, Oracle, MS, IBM, and many others.
        I have worked with EVERY edition of MSDOS and Windows (even now, I have a VM with Win7, and dual-boot Win8 – forced because I need to use the s/w my customers use; and being involved in strategy, I need to have a reasonable understanding of it.)
        All I can say that I have been tested to the limits by the big boys – IN SPITE OF the $billions and armies of developers, testers, documenters, etc. at their disposal.
        To me, the astonishing thing is how WELL the whole Linux thing works.

        I tip my hat to you guys.

  89. Hopefully, I have just downloaded Lightning 2.6.2 and it works again

  90. […] Weiterführende Informationen […]

  91. You Rock! Thanks for this. I appreciate all your hard work!!

  92. I just update thunderbird 24.1.0 to 24.1.1, and Lightning 2.6.2 doesn’t work anymore again. Linux 3.6.11-4.fc16.i686.PAE

  93. Mozilla pushed Thunderbird 24.1.1 and Lightning 2.6.2 doesn’t work anymore (Arch Linux).

    • Please use 2.6.3 :)

      • Hi,

        I just found out about this addon today. I have Thunderbird 24.1.1, and I downloaded Lightning 2.6.3, it says in the latest update up there that it should work, but it doesn’t seem to. I click synchronize and nothing happens. Is there a step I’m missing? Do I need to configure my google account in some special way for it to work?


  94. I really want to thank you for fixing lightning very fast for every new thunderbird version. But why does it take a new version every time?
    I can’t imagine thunderbird’s plugin api changing that often

    • The problem is that we have a binary component. ABI (not API) stability is not guaranteed between major versions and especially since Linux also added symbol versioning in Thunderbird 23, we need to create one for each. Since Lightning 2.6.3 we at least don’t need another new version for Thunderbird 24.2 or 24.1.2

      We are working on getting rid of that binary component in future versions, but as its a very integrated part of Lightning, its not something to be taken lightly.

  95. Lightning 2.6.3 is uninstallable with Firefox 25 on OpenSuse 12.3. Add that to the version headaches. Thus, needed to regress to earlier Thunderbird version in a different repo to continue to use Lightning.

    Appreciate the continued effort, although as you know this is not optimal.

    • Lightning does not install into Firefox? If you mean Thunderbird 25, then you will need to use a corresponding beta version, please see the calendar versions link on the blog.

  96. It seems as if in Thunderbird 24.1.1 + Lightning 2.6.3 the Offline Support doesn’t work anymore:

    (*) When the Offline Support is disabled, calendar entries/appointments are displayed correctly.

    (*) Once Offline Support is enabled (to have offline access), all appointments disappear…

    In previous configurations this worked perfectly…

    , when Offline Support is enabled, all appointments disappear

    • Sorry, I should have mentioned that I’m running both Thunderbird 24.1.1 + Lightning 2.6.3 under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise). Received Thunderbird 24.1.1 via an update…

      • Any news on that? I have the same problems here running Ubuntu 13.10, Lightning 2.6.3 and Thunderbird 24.1.1.

    • Thanks so much for this comment @centnl!
      @Developers: Could you add this to the top post to let people know where the problem is if they can’t see their calendars as long as offline support is enabled? (Same as @centnl, TB 24.1.1, Lightning 2.6.3)

      Cheers for keeping this plugin up to date!

  97. TBird 24.1.0 – Lightning 2.6.2 – Windows 7
    I have tried turning off ‘check for updates’ both for TBird and Lightning (either or both or none), but even with this every time TBird 24.1 starts it thinks that Lightning 2.6.2 is incompatible and does not load it. When I then close TBird and start it again, it starts Lightning ok.
    Is there a reason/workaround for this annoying phenomenon?
    Thanks for any help.

    • Nick, are you sure you have Tbir3 24.1.0? The version 24.1.1 was recently released, which is compatible to Lighting 2.6.3 and up. I’d suggest upgrading to Thunderbird 24.1.1 and Lightning 2.6.3

  98. I have win 8.1 on my machine and the Thunderbird upgrade not only killed lightning, it lost my calendars. I had linked everything to a Google calendar and all those settings disappeared, along with all my apps. I was using my laptop at the time and had to reinstall/recreate the 7 calendars from the google site, then go to my desktop and prevent the Thunderbird upgrade from installing (I’ve been away so my desktop was shutdown before the upgrade). This is no fun, but it’s (1) not just a linux problem.

    • Could you check if you are using Lightning 2.6.3 and Thunderbird 24.1.1 ? I’ve made the versioning a little more strict to accommodate Linux, this might have also affected Windows.

  99. Downloaded lightening 2.6.3 for Linux x86-64, just in case. Responded “OK” to update TB to 24.1.1 hoping that it would update lightening auto-magically. It didn’t. Since I already had 2.6.3 downloade, I did an update to lightening 2.6.3
    All seems to be working for now. If It changes, I’ll report. So far google calendar syncs and updates are working alright. :-)

  100. Linux Tbirb 24.1.1 and Lighning 26.2.3 – no calendar display at all and “offlien” already unticked.
    Tried back installing earlier Lightnings -same result.

    its a problem here:

    [JavaScript Error: “Components.classes[‘;1′] is undefined” {file: “resource://calendar/modules/calUtils.jsm -> file:///home/broomiebroomie/.thunderbird/j3ft0zoe.default/extensions/%7Be2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103%7D/calendar-js/calUtils.js” line: 67}]’ when calling method: [calIIcsParser::parseString]” nsresult: “0x80570021 (NS_ERROR_XPC_JAVASCRIPT_ERROR_WITH_DETAILS)” location: “JS frame :: file:///home/broomiebroomie/.thunderbird/j3ft0zoe.default/extensions/%7Be2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103%7D/components/calDavCalendar.js :: caldav_addTargetCalendarItem :: line 986” data: yes]
    TypeError: Components.classes[cid] is undefined
    — Exception object —
    + fileName (string) ‘chrome://calendar/content/calUtils.js’
    + lineNumber (number) 22
    + columnNumber (number) 0


    • Philipp Kewisch

      Is this on Linux? Do you get any messages in the error console that could not be loaded?

  101. I’ve been working for a while now without Lightning working – waiting for an update to correct it. I’ve noticed here that its been resolved for some people, but not for me. I just want to check that my environment is known to not be supported yet. I’m reluctant to do any downgrades/reinstalls as I can’t afford to lose any information.

    Thunderbird: 24.1.1
    Lightning: 2.6.2
    Windows 7 Home Premium

    I see above its been suggested that this should work, but not for me. The calendar isn’t available from the Thunderbird view menu or anywhere else. The Events & Tasks panel still shows my calendar entries so the data appears to be ok

  102. I have upgraded to Thunderbird 24.1.1 and Lightning 2.6.3 on Linux Mint. After the upgrade I started to experience several different problems. The first one similar to what has been mentioned above for an Ubuntu installation:

    1) The caching does not seem to work on my main calendar anymore. It is located on an MS Exchange server and I access it using CalDav via DavMail-gateway. It seems like the calendar can be accessed properly, but as soon as I turn on caching all calendar items disappear from the lightning window. By turning it off again, they re-appear.

    2) Lightning has also stopped sending out meeting invitations. I can “Invite Attendees” to events, but when the event is being saved Lightning no longer asks if it should send invitations/notifications. (The event sits in my calendar, but I need to access the calendar using the MS Exchange web interface and tell exchange to send the invitations instead.)

    The above worked well in the previous version of Thunderbird/Lightning.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      Yes, these might be the known issues. If you are up for patching some files, you could try the patches in the dependent bugs of bug 946202. Otherwise it will be fixed in 2.6.4.

  103. This is getting strange. I’m on Ubuntu 13.10 with Thunderbird 24.1.1 and Lightning 2.6.3

    It worked OK end of last week and when I restarted Thunderbird on Monday, it didn’t work and the calendar wasn’t showing any content. After a few tests I manually downloaded 2.6.3 again and installed from file. Restart Thunderbird and it worked.

    Today I restarted Thunderbird again and the calendar isn’t working again. Another manual re-install of the plugin helped.

    When is wasn’t working today after the first restart, I captured some messages from the error console, maybe they help:

    Failed to load native module at path ‘/home/jurgenhaas/.thunderbird/galno26f.default/extensions/{e2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103}/components/Linux_x86_64-gcc3/’: (80004005) /opt/thunderbird/ version `xul24.1.0′ not found (required by /home/jurgenhaas/.thunderbird/galno26f.default/extensions/{e2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103}/components/Linux_x86_64-gcc3/

    Timestamp: 28.11.2013 11:18:37
    Error: TypeError: Components.classes[cid] is undefined
    Source File: resource://calendar/modules/calUtils.jsm -> file:///home/jurgenhaas/.thunderbird/galno26f.default/extensions/%7Be2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103%7D/calendar-js/calUtils.js
    Line: 22

    The second error has been there several times but that was probably a follow-up caused by the first error.

    After the manual re-install of the addon and another restart, the error console did no longer show these messages.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      What distro are you using? The error message says you are using Thunderbird 24.1.0, but you mention 24.1.1?

  104. Hello,

    I currently have TB 24.1.1 and Lightning 2.6.3 (on Ubuntu). Unfortunately, all my calendar data is gone (I presume this happened after some automatic updates). Is there any way to restore the data?


    PS. This already happened several weeks ago; if I remember correctly, I had Lightning 2.6.1 at the time, and downgrading to 2.6 did help to recover the data. But not anymore :(

  105. I use Thunderbird 24.1.1 with Lightning 2.6.3 and I think to have found a bug in (caldav) sync with an owncloud (5.0.7) instance, installed localy in my home network. Since Lightning 2.6.2, where showing the calendar data was simply impossible (I switched back to 2.6.0 to go on working), the sync fails. In the last version occurs the following situation:
    using TB with lightning: insert one appointment – it shows up correctly in the moment
    insert a second appointment – nothing shows up
    insert a third appointment – it shows up correctly like the first one, the second is still invisible
    the fourth one acts as the second and stays invisible
    the fifth shows up like the first and the third and so on.
    It seems like every second appointment inserted to the calendar is getting missed, but it isn’t. If I open my owncloud in the browser all appointments are there correctly. So I close TB (whole TB with Lightning – close the lightning window in the TB session won’t work) and open it again – surprise, all appointments are now shown in lightning.
    Has anyone else come across this issue?
    Or can someone point me to a way to get around this?

  106. Hi — thanks for the last update. One (small) request: could be the links that appears in the add-on page in Thunderbird (at least in Linux) be updated — maybe pointing all to this page?

    The main one (just below the name) points to which is a bit outdated.
    The “homepage” link points to which is a 404 Not found…

    The only way to arrive to this blog is to choose “review” and to search the links there.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      We are about to release a whole new website, where the links will look a bit different. I don’t want to make any changes until then since the links might look different. Thanks for the report though!

  107. Installed thunderbird 24.1.1 from upstream + lightning 2.6.3 on x86_64.

    Now, with CalDAV-synced calendars, when appointments are created locally, I get roughly-random results across:

    (1) appts are not saved at all
    (2) appts are saved remotely, on the server, but don’t show up locally — before or after (re)sync
    (3) appts are correctly saved, synced and displaye — both locally and remotely

    in all cases, when an appt is created, or a sync is exec’d, all appts in the view (month, week, day) vanish completely for a couple of seconds, then reappear.

    Dropped back to Tbird 24.0 release from upstream, installed lightning 2.6.1, and all’s OK again. appts get created/saved/sync’d correctly, and no temporary vanishing of appts from display on exec

    • Philipp Kewisch

      I think this may be a known issue. I made a mistake with a fix introduced in 2.6.3. If you are willing to experiment, you could apply the patches in the bugs blocking this one, which will be those for Lightning 2.6.4.

  108. oops, typo:

    – Dropped back to Tbird 24.0 release from upstream,
    + Dropped back to Tbird 24.0.1 release from upstream,

  109. TB 24.1.1, Lightning:2.6.3, ubuntu:13.10 64bit. It seems all functions of lightning are disabled, all the menus, buttons, etc are greyed out. None of my google calendars show up. right-click on one and hit properties and nothing ever happens, and right click->new calendar is greyed out.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      Are you getting error console messages? When everything is disabled, this is usually an incompatible version combination, but the versions you mention seem fine. I assume you are using the Thunderbird 24.1.1 from ubuntu, could you test with the one from ?

      • FYI, I tried disabling the plugin and re-enabling and it didn’t help, however I just tried un-installing and re-installing the plugin and that solved it. Plug ins are same version, but maybe something went wrong in the first install.

  110. hi,
    Since a couple of updats I am no longer able to accept “invitations”…
    In most cases, these invitations are for very boring meetings, so if Lightening does not keep track of these for me, I will not attend.

    I am using Thunderbird 24.1.1 with Lightening 2.6.3 on Ubuntu Gnome Remix 13.04 (64-bit).

    Any help with this ?
    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work !

  111. When will the issue be fixed for sending invitees on caldav events an invitation email ?
    This doesn’t work on linux/win xp etc. version 24.1.1/24.2.0 and lightning 2.6.3

  112. I just updated to Thunderbird 24.2.0, with Lightening 2.6.3 and Provider for Google calendar 0.25. When I try to view a Google calendar, a dialog opens requesting login and password. After I insert my password, a blank dialog box opens and Thunderbird hangs forever. I have to close and reopen. I’m using Mac OS X 10.8.5.

    • Could you try with 2.6.4? If you have a large calendar, you might need to wait for a while, initial ynchronization could hang.

  113. […] you may have read in the previous post, there have been quite a few issues with Lightning 2.6.x. I wanted to explain what happened and […]

  114. Hi,
    I just updated to Thunderbird 24.2.0 on Linux (CentOS5), upgraded Lightning to 2.6.4.
    My calendars don’t work (no events, everything greyed out) and I see in the console “Error: TypeError: Components.classes[cid] is undefined
    Source File: resource://calendar/modules/calUtils.jsm”.
    I deactivated the “Exchange EWS Provider” add-on and related calendar, tried Lightning from 2.6 to 2.6.4, and I keep getting these errors…
    In the Lightning preferences I can see the timezone drop-down is empty, don’t know if this is related?
    Any help would be welcome.

    • This is usually caused by incompatible versions, but the combination you note is correct. Could you try the stock builds of Thunderbird instead of the one from your distribution? If this works we would have to check the Thunderbird package of CentOS:

      1) Find in the Thunderbird installation of CentOS
      2) Open a terminal, cd /path/to/directory, objdump -T

      Then there is a column with “xul24” and a few other names. Is it really “xul24” or is it something like “xul24.2.0” ?

      Do you get any other messages in the error console, maybe that could not be loaded?

      • Yes it is “xul24″, not “xul24.2.0″.

        In the console, nothing about or any other lib, the only other message is:

        Error: NS_ERROR_XPC_GS_RETURNED_FAILURE: Component returned failure code: 0x80570016 (NS_ERROR_XPC_GS_RETURNED_FAILURE) [nsIJSCID.getService]

  115. Some progress — I’ve now updgraded to

    thunderbird -version
    Thunderbird 24.2.0

    with Lightning 2.6.4, on linux/x86_64

    I’ve a calendar subscribed via CalDAV @ a Zimbra Messaging server.

    With these new versions of TBird & Lightning, I can create/edit events, syncable to/from the server.

    But, @ manual “Synchronize …” in Lightning, on exec of the sync — even if there have been no changes — all appointments vanish from the viewport for 3-5 seconds, then are repainted.

    Here’s some of the info that was disucssed above; During this process, here’s the verbose error console


    [calICSCalendar] Refreshing USHolidays
    CalDAV: Status 207 checking ctag for calendar Zimbra CalDAV
    CalDAV: recv:


    HTTP/1.1 200 OK


    CalDAV: ctag matches, no need to fetch data for calendar Zimbra CalDAV
    [calICSCalendar] Loading ICS succeeded, needs further processing: true
    [calICSCalendar] Parsing ICS succeeded for
    Warning: ReferenceError: reference to undefined property
    Source file: chrome://messenger/content/protovis-r2.6-modded.js
    Line: 1858


    objdump -T /usr/local/thunderbird/ file format elf64-x86-64

    0000000000840cb8 l d .init 0000000000000000 .init
    0000000002e734cc l d .tbss 0000000000000000 .tbss
    000000000086e466 w DF .text 0000000000000029 xul24 _ZNSt13_Rb_tree_nodeISt4pairIKjSsEEC2IJS2_EEEDpOT_
    0000000001c09ebe w DF .text 00000000000000b3 xul24 _ZNSt6vectorIPcSaIS0_EE19_M_emplace_back_auxIIS0_EEEvDpOT_
    0000000000000000 DF *UND* 0000000000000000 gdk_window_object_get_type
    00000000017e7591 g DF .text 0000000000000011 xul24 NS_GetDebug
    0000000000000000 DF *UND* 0000000000000000 PR_FormatTimeUSEnglish
    0000000000000000 DF *UND* 0000000000000000 NSS_3.2 CERT_GetCountryName
    0000000001d6bdd0 g DF .text 0000000000000043 xul24 _Z19JS_EnterCompartmentP9JSContextP8JSObject
    0000000001a7ccb8 w DF .text 00000000000000e5 xul24 _ZNSt6vectorISt3mapI10TBasicType10TPrecisionSt4lessIS1_ESaISt4pairIKS1_S2_EEESaIS9_EE19_M_emplace_back_auxIJS9_EEEvDpOT_
    0000000000000000 DF *UND* 0000000000000000 gdk_event_copy

    • This looks fine. The repainting problem is a known issue and is deep down in our architecture so it can’t be easily fixed. Sorry about that!

  116. On this system, I also have:

    xulrunner –version
    Mozilla XULRunner 26.0 – 20131205075310

    which xulrunner

    ls -al `which xulrunner`
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 38 Dec 14 11:34 /usr/local/bin/xulrunner -> /usr/local/xulrunner-sdk/bin/xulrunner*

    xulrunner –version
    Mozilla XULRunner 26.0 – 20131205075310

    env | grep FIVE

    objdump -T /usr/local/xulrunner-sdk/bin/ | head -n 20

    /usr/local/xulrunner-sdk/bin/ file format elf64-x86-64

    00000000007f3c60 l d .init 0000000000000000 .init
    0000000002bb0000 l d .tbss 0000000000000000 .tbss
    0000000000820d92 w DF .text 0000000000000029 xul26 _ZNSt13_Rb_tree_nodeISt4pairIKjSsEEC2IJS2_EEEDpOT_
    0000000001a0da44 w DF .text 00000000000000b3 xul26 _ZNSt6vectorIPcSaIS0_EE19_M_emplace_back_auxIIS0_EEEvDpOT_
    0000000000000000 DF *UND* 0000000000000000 gdk_window_object_get_type
    00000000015cc20a g DF .text 0000000000000011 xul26 NS_GetDebug
    0000000000000000 DF *UND* 0000000000000000 PR_FormatTimeUSEnglish
    0000000000000000 DF *UND* 0000000000000000 NSS_3.2 CERT_GetCountryName
    0000000001ba4240 g DF .text 000000000000006c xul26 _Z19JS_EnterCompartmentP9JSContextP8JSObject
    0000000001871504 w DF .text 00000000000000e5 xul26 _ZNSt6vectorISt3mapI10TBasicType10TPrecisionSt4lessIS1_ESaISt4pairIKS1_S2_EEESaIS9_EE19_M_emplace_back_auxIJS9_EEEvDpOT_
    0000000000000000 DF *UND* 0000000000000000 gdk_event_copy
    0000000001ba92f0 g DF .text 0000000000000005 xul26 _Z17JS_HoldPrincipalsP12JSPrincipals
    00000000015ffc35 g DF .text 0000000000000005 xul26 NS_Alloc
    0000000001ba59e0 g DF .text 0000000000000037 xul26 _Z14JS_ComputeThisP9JSContextPN2JS5ValueE
    0000000000000000 DF *UND* 0000000000000000 GLIBC_2.2.5 __res_state
    00000000016d6771 g DF .text 000000000000001b xul26 gr_fref_value

    which clearly reports back a different XUL version, xul26 — if that matters?

    • I upgraded to TB 26.0 (beta) + Lightning 2.8b1.

      `objdump -T` for the beta returns “xul26.0”.

      With this setup, the vanish-then-repaint continues to occur on calendar sync execution.

  117. Hello,

    I wanted to try Lightining today.
    I’ve opensuse 13.1 with Thunderbird 24.2.

    Lightning 2.6.4, 2.6.3 or 2.6.0 doesn’t work: Every buttons are grey, I cannot click on antyhing.
    I’ve read a lot on internet but my combinaison (24.2 + 2.6.4) seems to be good.

    Can you please help me ?

  118. Using Thunderbird 24.2.0 with Lightning 2.6.4 on Debian Linux (My install of Thunderbird, not Debian’s) suddenly my calendars have disappeared. The “view calendar” and “view tasks” are greyed-out. The prefs.js still has the information for the calendars in it. If I try to set up one of my calendars anew I am informed that I am already subscribed to a calendar at that location. These are hosted on a local Davical server.

    Lines in the error console show that Lightning appears to be “talking” to the Davical server for my calendars, but nothing in there seems to indicate a problem.

    Odd, never really had issues with Lightning before.

  119. By the way, I tried to use the funambol extension with TB 24* and Lightning 2.6* on ubuntu 12.04.3. No success. The last running configuration was TB 17.0.8 with Lightning 1.9.1 and funambol 17. Unfortunately Jonas Maurus, the maintainer of the plugin, didn’t respond to my mail since september 2013. There are more people affected i. e. at memotoo.
    At the moment I downgraded to TB 17.0.8, but this is of course only a workaround.

    • I believe that the funambol extension uses some binary component and is therefore not compatible with more than one specific Lightning/Thunderbird version. I hope this has been resolved by now!

  120. I’m seeing a similar compatibility problem with TB31 and Lightning 2.6.4. It can’t connect to the CalDAV server with error

    [Exception… “Component returned failure code: 0x80570015 (NS_ERROR_XPC_CI_RETURNED_FAILURE) [nsIJSCID.createInstance]” nsresult: “0x80570015 (NS_ERROR_XPC_CI_RETURNED_FAILURE)” location: “JS frame :: resource://calendar/modules/calUtils.jsm -> file:///[…]/calendar-js/calCalendarManager.js :: cmgr_createCalendar :: line 474” data: no]