Lightning 3.3 is Out the Door

I am happy to announce that Lightning 3.3, a new major release, is out of the door. Here are a few release highlights:

  • Various components have been made asynchronous, allowing for better perceived performance. This means less hanging when Lightning is busy.
  • Improved invitation processing, as well as a few new features:
    • Restrict sending invitations to newly added attendees
    • Send one invitation email per attendee, not disclosing other attendees
    • Consider default BCC and CC of configured email identity when sending invitations
    • More actions when viewing invitations, e.g. tentative accept, accepting only occurrences.
  • When accessing Google Calendar via CalDAV, the authentication dialog doesn’t constantly reappear.

There have also been a lot of changes in the backend that are not visible to the user. This includes better testing framework support, which will help avoid regressions in the future. A total of 103 bugs have been fixed since Lightning 2.6.

When installing or updating to Thunderbird 31, you should automatically receive the upgrade to Lightning 3.3. If something goes wrong, you can get the new versions here:

Should you be using Seamonkey, you will have to wait for the 2.28 release, which is postponed as per this thread.

If you encounter any major issues, please comment on this blog post. Support issues are handled on Feature requests and bug reports can be made on in the product Calendar. Be sure to search for existing bugs before you file them.

Addons Update:

There are a number of addons that have compatibility issues with Lightning 3.3. The authors have been notified and a few first fixes are available:

  • Calendar Tweaks: This addon causes constant flashing and makes Lightning unusable. The author has been notified and has released version 6.0 which shoul fix all issues. Plase notify him in case there is more trouble.
  • Thunderbird Conversations: There is an issue with the Lightning invitations plugin. It has been fixed in one of the nightly builds and will be available as a release soon.

Other Updates:



  1. It’s all very well having beta stuff that works but Thunderbird has just released a stable version 24.6.0 There appears to be no corresponding Lightning update and thus all my calendar information has disappeared into a black hole. That’s less than helpful.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      Lightning 3.3 and Thunderbird 31 is not beta, they are full release versions. Anyway, Lightning 2.6.6 is still compatible to Thunderbird 24.6.0. You can get it from the old versions page.

    • Have the same problem like Phil is describing. My calender has stopped to work, to synchronize. First unpleasant result of it was yesterday, when I didn’t went on a meeting cause Thunderbird didn’t remind me about that :(

  2. Daniel Boughton

    Seeing an old issue – can’t accept calendar invites sent to a group from outlook. There was a workaround in the prior version via modifying one of the javascript files.

    • I’m seeing the same issue. I didn’t have this issue until I upgraded to the latest stable Thunderbird with this new version of Lightning (version 3.3). Is there a fix for this issue?

      • I’ve isolated the problem. If I open the calendar invite in the Classic Reader, the Accept and other buttons appear. By default, I view messages in the message pane using Thunderbird Conversations. The calendar Accept and other buttons don’t appear there anymore as they used to. If I disable the Thunderbird Conversations add-on, the Accept and other buttons do appear in the message pane. So, this appears to be an issue with Thunderbird Conversations?

  3. Geoffroy Ménard

    Lightning is completely unusable, the calendar content keeps disappearing / reappearing every few seconds. During the second the content is shown, an exclamation mark appears next to one of my google calendar’s title. If I disable this particular calendar, the flashing stops. Strangely, I have another google calendar configured, which works fine.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      The flashing has (unfortunately) been there for a long while. I have some plans on how it can be solved but it requires some technical redesign. Anyway, this should not be your issue, lets see how we can fix it. I will contact you via email shortly. We have made some changes to Google Calendar access that have improved the situation for many, but maybe there is another problem.

    • Are you using the Calendar Tweaks extension? If yes please disable it and retest. This extension is known to cause blinking of the events.

  4. Kuangting Liu

    I am using Ubuntu 14.04. I installed Lightning 3.3 for linux and had the same problem as the other commentor. The calendar content keeps disappearing / reappearing every few seconds. And it’s hogging CPU so I couldn’t do any other work unless I disable Lightning.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      If you let it sit for a while does it eventually calm down? What remote calendars are you using?

      • I am using Google calendar. Thanks to ssitter, looks like Calendar Tweaks is causing the problem, even though I have updated it to 5.0. Once I disabled Calendar Tweaks, Lightning works fine. Too bad I won’t have the nice color coding but at least I can use Lightning again. Thank you.

  5. In case it may help, using 3.3 against a private Davical calendar works very well. No flashing, fast now.

  6. Congratulations to the new version of lightning, which also works very well for me on Davical servers.

    In the course of this update, I found the source of a regularly reappearing authorization request on one of my caldav calendars as well. For some reasons, I used “…”. This seemed to cause problems with password storage. Removing the part “username@” solved this issue.

  7. Just installed Thunderbird 31 + Lightning 3.3 on Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit. I am no longer able to edit existing calendar events on my local calendar (or dismiss reminders).

    When I open an existing event, a small popup window appears that lists the event details and description as readonly. The description is displayed in a text box, but cannnot be changed.

  8. Well I figured out the issue. For some reason during the upgrade, my local calendar’s readonly property had been enabled. Right clicking the calendar from the calendar list, selecting “Properties”, then unchecking the “Read Only” checkbox seems to have fixed it.

  9. I am having the same issue as Daniel, I see the “this message contains an invitation to an event” banner, but no Accept/Decline buttons. I’m using ubuntu 14.04, i have not been able to find any other way to accept invites to meetings and it’s becomming a real problem.

  10. Etienne Le Sueur

    I was using Thunderbird 24 and Lightning 2.6 with the Exquilla exchange plugin, and I could use autocomplete in the event invite attendees dialog. I could also see availability of invitees.

    I upgraded to TB 31 and Lightning 3.3, and it’s regressed :( No autocomplete in invite attendees and no availability.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      There are some known issues w.r.t autocomplete in Thunderbird 31 that also affect Lightning. I hope this will be fixed for Thunderbird 31.1.0 + Lightning 3.3.1

      • Etienne Le Sueur

        Thanks for the info. Will keep an eye out for the updates.

        • Etienne Le Sueur

          Actually, do you have a bug ID that I can track? Seems that there are quite a few bugs open about autocomplete issues, none have recent comments.

  11. I installed 3.3 on two different PCs, both running Windows 64. Both have the same problem: Printing doesn’t work irrespective of the view selected. Printing from Thunderbird itself (emails) does work.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      Do you get any messages in the error console?

      • I also have the same problem. No preview and a blank page. This is on Ubuntu. No messages in the error console.

      • I have this problem too. Print is greyed and unavailable in the Event menu while I am Editing the event. However, if I select the event in the (Day/Week…) Calendar view, and I can print, including only printing that event through checking “What to print? Selected events/tasks.” No errors/nothing remarkable in the Activity Manager. Only errors related to AOL in Error Console. Having trouble figuring out what is important in the Error Console. Only add-ons is Provider 1.03 (and Lightening, of course). PlugIns include the obvious:
        Adobe Flash PlayerShockwave Flash 16.0 r0 Up to Date16.0.0.257
        Up to Date
        Adobe ReaderAdobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape Up to Date Up to Date Unknown Plugins Plugin Action
        ActiveTouch General Plugin Container (v. 27.20.2010.715)ActiveTouch General Plugin Container Version 105 Research
        Citrix Online Web Deployment Plugin (v. Online App Detector Plugin Research
        Shockwave for Director (v. Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version Research
        Windows Live™ Photo Gallery (v. 15.4.3508.1109)NPWLPG

  12. I´ve waited a bit for an update, but unfortunately it seems, its not that big of a problem. Since I updated to 3.3 I can´t use the calender properly anymore. it doesnt adjust itself to the frame. that is, I use the one-week-view and i only get monday to friday, the rest is outside the frame. problem with that is, that the bar to scroll is outside as well. so when i want to go from 10 am to 10 pm (for example), i have to scroll horizontally to get to the bar to scroll vertically and then scroll horizontally back. which is a bit tiring.
    yes, i am using it on my laptop (windows), so only those encounter the problem, who don´t have a big monitor.

  13. Hi,

    I can confirm that disabling Calendar Tweaks 5.0 is the cause of the remote calendars flashing on/off.

  14. Appears that I cannot enable two calendars from the same root url. I have the multi-realm setting to true. Whenever I try to enable a second calendar I get the error below.

    If I enable calendar A first, calendar B doesn’t work, and vice versa. On T-bird 31.0 and Lightning 3.3

    CalDAV: Status 404 on initial PROPFIND for calendar *******

    • Philipp Kewisch

      The 404 usually means the URL is incorrect. Could you double check this?

      • It appears right… as I said, if I disable calendar A, calendar B works on a restart of Thunderbird, and if I disable Calendar B, calendar A works.

        Would the backend sabredav server be telling it that it can’t server multiple calendars… weird cause everything ewas fine in the previous verison.

  15. I am seeing a problem not mentioned in previous comments. With 3.3 (and Thunderbird 31.0), when I create a new appointment and then click on the “Invite Attendees” button, it brings up the busy search dialog. Here, when I type names to invite, the integration with the address book no longer works. It worked fine previous to this new version. This basically means I am not able to schedule new appointments with others. I am running on Ubuntu 14.04.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      There are a few autocomplete issues in Thunderbird that also affect Lightning. We know about these issues, but right now we have to wait for the Thunderbird team to fix the core issues first. I suspect there will be a Lightning 3.3.x release fixing this issue.

  16. Any news? I would be glad to get some help to get Lightning working again. Wehn I close one of the sides in Thunderbird, I still can´t access the scrolling bar, it´s still out of reach. So something happened, with the latest update.

  17. I’ve been using Thunderbird 31 with Lightning 3.3 for a few weeks and have been suffering with continual instances where the CPU gets pegged to 100%. It is extremely frustrating as things bog to a stop for up to 30 seconds at a time. To attempt to figure out what’s going on, I’ve disabled all extensions and have found that when Lightning is enabled, this causes of the lagging performance. When Lightning is disabled, there are no CPU issues but upon enabling again, things bog down completely again. I’m running Win7 64 bit. What do I need to do to get this fixed?

    • Philipp Kewisch

      What kind of calendars do you use? local? CalDAV? Webdav/ics? Other? Could you try enabling “Offline Support” in the calendar properties dialog?

  18. Lightning 3.3 is not available for download as of 8/14/14

  19. I’m trying to download Lightning but all download links are 404. I’ll try again in a bit but wanted to give you a heads up in case you weren’t aware.

  20. Just downloaded Lightning 3.3 and tried ot install to Thunderbird 31.0, got message saying Lighting version not compatible with Thunderbird 31.0! Please advise

    • Hmm strange, Lightning 3.3 is the right version for Thunderbird 31.0. Maybe you can try Thunderbird 31.1, or redownload Lightning. Make sure you are downloading for the right platform too.

  21. I downloaded this add on directly from Mozilla but when I try to install it I get an error message that it is not compatible with Firefox 32.0. I tried several times with same result. What am I doing wrong?

    • Hey Dave. Lightning is an addon for Thunderbird and Seamonkey and is therefore not compatible with Firefox. Please download the extension to your computer and install it manually. Here is a guide on how to install.

      • Thanks Phillip, I just changed from Vista to Windows 8.1. Previously, I added Lightning to 2 PCs by downloading it directly so I am not sure what’s changed. Anyway, thanks for the answer, I may try the manual method you suggest or consider a different calendar, especially considering the wrinkles described below.

  22. Running tb 31.1 and lighting 3.3.
    The calendar no longer displays on tb startup. I have to: Menu -> Events and Tasks -> Calendar (or ctl-shft-c) every time I launch tb now. Any idea how to tweak in about:config?

    • This sounds like there is an issue with the Thunderbird session restore. What happens when you open another tab, for example an email message, and then restart? Is that tab restored correctly and it is just Lightning, or does it happen everywhere?

      • I open a tab (something I don’t usually do in tb) and then close and restart tb. That tab does not reappear.

        When I restart firefox with the restart command, with two windows open, one with multiple tabs, ff starts with the two windows. (It even saved the beginning of this reply which I’d started typing before restarting!)

        The only difference in process is that I don’t have a way to restart tb w/out closing it. In ff, I’ve a restart button. If I were to close firefox the same way, ff would start fresh w/ no indication of its previous state, as it always has, which I like.

        Another thing I’ve noticed related to tb restore, perhaps: I usually keep the “keep filters applied when switching folders” pin, pinned, but it too doesn’t retain that state upon fresh tb launch. Have to do it every time now. I forgot about that one as I don’t use it as often as lightning.

        • This sounds like its a more general Thunderbird issue then. I’d suggest visiting and posting your issue there. The session restore code between Firefox and Thunderbird is different, so its not so easily comparable.

          Given other settings don’t stick either, I can imagine this is a crash on shutdown, before the preferences are saved. Do you have the crashreporter disabled maybe? You could also try opening Thunderbird from the terminal (or with -console on Windows) and checking what happens on shutdown (look for segmentation faults or something that sounds similarly harmful).

  23. Since the latest update from Ubuntu 14.04 repositories, I’ve noticed a problem with the “invite attendees” feature which means I’m struggling to send out invitations. Lightning does a look-up in our institutional address book and finds the person I want to invite, but splits their name on the comma contained within the address book entry, as follows:

    Address book entry: Holden, Nick

    Lightning invite:

    Then it fails to send to “Holden” and thus fails to send out the invitation at all.

    I’ve found bug reports of this behaviour in earlier versions of Lightning, but it has defnintely only very recently started happening to me.

  24. Phillip, I did the manual install you referenced and it worked perfectly. Thanks a million!

  25. I posted a bug

    I’m wondering if you can have a look at it.

  26. Hi people,

    I have been looking around for a solution to my difficulty, I think I’m on the right place now…

    I like Thunderbird a lot, and Lighning is great. However I have one small problem:
    To create a calendar, either google or local, you need to associate it to a mail account. Hence, if I create or receive an event, it is associated to a mail account, and thereafter things happen, etc, etc.

    I suppose my thunderbird setup is quite typical, many people must have it, I have a work mail account configured and a google account configured. When I receive an event that I accept as attendee, it appears automatically in my work (local) calendar.
    I cannot sync the local calendar to the google calendar. Hence, I cannot have the reminder on my phone.
    If I copy the event to the google calendar manually, upon creation it sends out an email to all attendees, furthermore, through my google mail. This is very awkward, because I do not want to invite back the people that just invited me in a meeting. I just want to accept once, the initial acceptance that put the event in my local calendar in the first place.

    To a degree I am willing to accept and understand the present functionality, it could have some sense. However, what I am not able do is simply sync the 2 calendars, the local (that is linked to my work mail) with my google calendar (linked to my google account).

    I don’t care if I need to have one or more calendars. People in some pages suggest that I merge calendars, import local to google, and so on. What they fail to think at that moment, is that a calendar is linked to an email, and if I don’t have a local calendar linked to my work mail, I will not get the invitation acceptances in any calendar whatsoever, since the point of entry is an email.

    in the end of the day, the requirement sounds simple: If an event appears in my “calendar”, I want it replicated in my mobile phone. I understand from my job (network engineer), that simple requirements don’t always mean simple implementations, but I really hope you could have a go at it.

    thanks for taking the time to read through,

    Kind Regards,

    • Solution :
      Not 100% sure, but I think the solution is that the people who invite you should use your gmail address instead of your usual work email address when they invite you. If such is the solution, my 2 tips are : FIRST, if your name is John, tell your contacts to create an additional contact in their address book called “John calendar” with your gmail address. They should use this one when they want to send you an invitation. SECONDLY, in your gmail parameters, set a permanent emforwarding of your received mails to your work email address, so you don’t have to check your gmail inbox.
      When all this is done, you shoud receive all invitations on your working email address, and when you answer them, it should impact your gmail calendar online, which will then sync with your gmail calendar in Lightning and in iPhone.
      Thanks to tell me if it worked

  27. Hello, I (and a few other people I see on the review site) can’t install Lightning on Windows. I get the following message:

    “Lightning could not be installed because it is not compatible with Firefox 32.0.3.”

    Following are my software versions:
    Firefox 32.0.3
    Thunderbird 31.1.2
    Windows 7 64-bit

    Thanks for looking into this.

    • Lance, apparently nobody cares, under Ubuntu 12.04.4 i have the same problem, it’s funny that they are incapable to say what are the apps version that allow Lighthing to work/be installed.

      • Yeah, linux, no intuitive interface, that is the problem.

        “How to Install in Thunderbird
        – Download and save the file to your hard disk.
        – In Mozilla Thunderbird, open Add-ons from the Tools menu.
        – From the options button next to the add-on search field, select “Install Add-on From File…” and locate the downloaded add-on.”

  28. Just started getting this: “Failed to read ‘quotaExceeded’ from chrome://gdata-provider/locale/”

    Calendars completely unusable.

  29. I’ve been running Thunderbird and Lightning for years now. Yesterday something got updated and now the calendar has gone haywire. It started by freezing up Thunderbird for about an hour, then it created duplicate for every event in my calendar. I’ve tried uninstalling it, I’ve upgraded to TB 31.1.2 and put Lightning 3.3.1 back on. It has now stopped working completely – I can see a calender menu on the Options pane, otherwise all the menu options for Calendar Properties are grayed out.

    Can you help? I’m on the verge of giving up with Thunderbird and switching to Outlook.


  30. As of last night, I am unable to get Thunderbird (Under Ubuntu 14.04) to display my calendar, although all the events on my Google calendar show up in the event queue on top. Before that, everything worked as expected: I could create and save an event on the Calendar page and it would appear there and online in my Google calendar, but now my calendar is completely unpopulated — though dates with events are marked in bold.

    I tried deleting the calendar and recreating it (after adding a dummy calendar) — no luck. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Lightning — also without luck, but I should report that Thunderbird installed a newer version of Lightning (3.3.1) than the one I had deleted, which was a little surprising since I think it’s been a few weeks since this version of Thunderbird got updated (to 32.0.3).

    • Exactly the same here, also since yesterday!

    • Same problem happened to me. On the left bar of Calendar, all my calendars show a yellow triangle with a exclamation mark inside. On the right side, all my events disapeared. However, accessing Google Agenda by webpage, everything is ok. My system is: Windows 7 64 bit.

      • Forgot to mention: Thunderbird v. 31.2.0, Lightning v. 3.3.1.
        Second thought: it could be a problem with the extension “Provider for Google Calendar” (v. 1.0.1) ?

  31. Hello,

    I am using Thunderbird 31.2.0, Lightning 3.3.1 and Provider for Google Calendar 1.0.1 on a Windows 7 laptop. What is the way to link my Google Calendars (from various Google accounts) with Thunderbird’s Lightning?

    I have tried Create New Calendar » On the Network » Google Calendar .
    In Locate your calendar, I get a “Please pick an existing session or enter your email address to create a new session. You only need one session per acount.” label, a radio button and a textbox, which I assume I should use to either select a Google account or enter an email address. However, I don’t see any of my Google accounts (which are configured); and if I enter an email address I get a launcher for that account to accept the application access but, then, no calendar is shown to subscribe to.

    I have tried Create New Calendar » On the Network » CalDAV.
    I entered Google’s calendar’s private XML link (, ticked Offline Support, customized with name, color, reminders, and assigned to its Google account. After the calendar has been created, no events appear even after I synchronize calendars.

    If it is a bug, please fix it (thank you in ahead); if not, tell me what can I do to have my calendars back on Thunderbird’s Lightning.
    They were working 3/4 days ago.

    Best regards,

  32. Hello

    So Im running TB 31.2.0 and lightning 3.3.1 on an Ubuntu 14.04 machine. Today, none of my “old” events will show up on this machine. But I have tested theres is a connection, as I am able to create an event, and have it show up on 2 other (android) devices, and vice versa. If I edit an existing event, on one the android devices, It will show up on ubuntu. But, all other of my already scheduled event wont show up at my ubuntu machine.

    Please help me with further troubleshooting.

    Thank you

  33. as of today 22 October all my calendar entries in Lightning have disappeared. It refuses to sync and says provider is out of date. On trying to add the calendar again I get an error that the quota on this account has been exceeded.
    Thunderbird 31.2.0 Lightning 3.3.1 Provider 1.0.2

  34. All my Lightning entries after about June 4 disappeared. I could enter new events, which then automatically synched with Google Calendar, but when I went back to the Lightning calendar the next day, they had disappeared. All my entries from June 4 to now are still in G Calendar.
    When I try to reinstall L 3.3.1 onto Tbird 31.2.0, I get a message that “Lightning could not be installed because it is incompatible with Firefox 32.0.3”. I tried an older version of Lightning and get the same message. This probably started with an auto update of Firefox. Is there a fix in the works? Meanwhile, I am using Thundercal, which puts a link to G Calendar on the Thunderbird toolbar. Unfortunately, that seems to link to the wrong G account by default. I can fix it, but it’s awkward. I’d really like to stick with the old, reliable (until now) Lightning. Thanks!

  35. I am having a problem linking my calendars with Lightning 3.3.1, When I choose New — Calendar — On the Network — Google Calendar, the box to enter the calendar’s URL disappears. I’m then prompted to advance to the next step to setup my calendar. I then click Next to “Locate Your Calendar” and I’m asked to choose a session or enter my email address. No sessions are listed, I enter my email address and I get to empty boxes. Here, there’s nothing to choose.

    I have searched all over trying to find a solution to this issue and Ive been unsuccessful. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

  36. Using Thunderbird 31.2.0 with Lightning 3.3.1, after accepting a meeting invite from someone with Outlook, the acceptance request sent back to them shows “Tentative” even though I clicked on Accept.

  37. Ubuntu Mate 14.10, Thunderbird 31.2.0, Lightning 3.3.1, when I accept a meeting invite sent by anyone using Outlook, the return acceptance to them shows “Tentative” even though I selected Accept.

  38. (OS-X and Windows / Thunderbird 31.3 / Lightning 3.3.1)

    I checked this on different computers and OS : my invitations are being sent in MAC OS-X environment , but they are not in Windows environment.

    Am i the only user to face this issue ?

  39. So I get to download the X to the nth version of lightning.


    Now what? Nowhere am I able to find a path to add it to Thunderbird and make it functional.


    There’s got to be a simple set of instructions for non-geeks like me.

    Maybe I should bail Thunderbird and go to MS Outlook or whatever. I got better things to do with my time than go around and around and around like a dog chasing its tail.

  40. Hello,

    I would like to ask if there will be any version of Lightning compatible with Seamonkey 2.43, which btw was released today. I can see a version on the download list for beta releases, but there is no possibility to download this version. Any chance for having this version available soon?

    Anyway, I’m really appreciate this plug in, you make marvelous job. Keep going!!!

  41. I’m having trouble with looking-up invitees for events in Lightning 3.3.3/3.3.4.

    When I schedule an event, click on “Invite Attendees”, and start typing a name, name completion fails. In fact, I’m unable to add an invitee at all.

    I tried the v3.3.4 nightly build, but that didn’t fix the problem.

  42. Need “Send an Email” as an option for Reminder Action. Since I can not configure my company calender on my Android, this option would be really helpful.

  43. Hello!

    We would like to use Thunderbird and lightning for email and calendar client, but we have a problem with the lightning extension. If we add a CalDav calendar it will appears in the calendar list but the syncronisation is slow and if we would like to add a new event to this calendar than ALL the events disappear for a second or two.. and than appear again. It’s slow. Why the new event or syncronisation hide the events? We use SOGo webdav calendar …

    Wait for your reply! Thanks!

    • Philipp Kewisch

      If you have a lot of events, performance might not be optimal. The flashing is an unfortunate issue I’d love to get rid of. Make sure you are using the “offline support” option and switch the events filter away from “All Events”.

  44. Ferdinand Scholz

    I use the calendar Lighting 3.3.3 in Thunderbird.

    I notice that, if a list of reminders pops up and I acknowledge one reminder, then the whole list disappears for popping up some ten minutes later or so. There is no chance to acknowledge (as an example) 2 reminders out of 5 or so.

    If I remember correctly, this was not the case in earlier versions where you easily could work down such a longer list of reminders.

    • Philipp Kewisch

      Hi Ferdinand. Lightning 3.3.x has been out for about a year, we have not made major changes there. I assume you are also using the Provider for Google Calendar and that this is the reason its failing. I’ll contact you via email for further details.

  45. Long time user of Lightning with no probs but now have tabs for day /week/month but all blank and cannot see any appointments or add a new appointment.
    Have updated to 31.6 & 3.3.3 but still same problem . Thunderbird still working ok . Any ideas what has happened ?

    • Philipp Kewisch

      Hmm second such report. We haven’t changed anything in Lightning 3.3.3, so I’m not sure whats wrong. Can you check the error console?

  46. Hi I have Thunderbird 31 installed and now that I’m using Lightning 3.3, the calendar is greyed out. How can I see the calendar and send out meeting invites?



    • Philipp Kewisch

      Can you double check the version numbers? Also, please check the error console for messages.

      • I have the same problem…I have Thunderbird 31.7.0 installed and now that I’m using Lightning 3.3.3, the calendar is greyed out.

        Error Console message I’m seeing is…
        Timestamp: 06/18/2015 03:35:46 PM
        Error: Components.classes[‘;1′] is undefined
        Source File: resource://calendar/modules/calUtils.jsm -> file:///u/home/cheryl/.thunderbird/ylov718l.default/extensions/%7Be2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103%7D/calendar-js/calUtils.js
        Line: 62

        Is there a fix?


        • Philipp Kewisch

          Can you try updating to Thunderbird 38 and Lightning 4.x? This usually happens when there is a mismatch between Lightning version and Thunderbird, but the versions you mentioned seem fine.