Oct 11

Locale Trees for Lightning 1.0 and Beyond

I’d like to announce our plans for the localization of Lightning for 1.0 and beyond. I’ve done my best to make the process as little work for the localizers as possible, so please excuse if the naming and repos don’t currently match whats usual for Firefox and Thunderbird. I promise this will change for the following releases though.

Lightning 1.0

First of all, lets focus on Lightning 1.0 which is due November 8th. As with the last two releases, we will be using l10n-miramar. The main reason for this is that we’ve taken great care to not change any strings for 1.0b7 and the upcoming 1.0 release. Note however, the tree to compare with is not comm-miramar, but rather comm-beta. This may be a bit confusing, but be assured this name clash will go away after the release. Currently, 38 locales are green and only 11 are red. I would love to see a few more locales going green for 1.0. How about it? According to the current state of the l10n dashboard, here’s a list of the missing locales. Maybe you can help out? If so, please click on the links below and contact the team leaders there:

If you already localize for any of these locales and you know everything is translated, please request sign-off again to make sure it shows up as green on the dashboard.

Lightning next

The following information is not relevant for Lightning 1.0. We haven’t agreed on version numbers, but we do have l10n trees and will be leaving l10n-miramar after the release. Given Lightning has a binary component and needs to re-release every time that Thunderbird does, it makes sense for us get aboard the release train too. You can see the l10n trees here:

If you have any questions, please do let me know via comment or email.

Oct 11

Lightning 1.0rc1 is available

The Calendar Team is happy to present Lightning 1.0rc1. This build requires Thunderbird 8 and is the first of a few release candidates we will be publishing on the road to Lightning 1.0.

During the previous releases there was often only a week or two between the first rc and final release. To make sure there are no unpleasant surprises there will be much more time (and more release candidates) for testing this time around. The scheduled release date for Lightning 1.0 is November 8th, which gives us time for 3-4 release candidates.

The rc1 release, and this is a first, is availble on addons.mozilla.org. We are now making use of the development channel feature, so head on over to addons.mozilla.org and click on the “Development Channel” box. Once you’ve installed this build, you will automatically get updates to future release candidates.

We are almost there, please do report any bugs you find on bugzilla.mozilla.org or use the newsgroups.

Sep 11

Hello world!

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