Lightning 1.0rc1 is available

The Calendar Team is happy to present Lightning 1.0rc1. This build requires Thunderbird 8 and is the first of a few release candidates we will be publishing on the road to Lightning 1.0.

During the previous releases there was often only a week or two between the first rc and final release. To make sure there are no unpleasant surprises there will be much more time (and more release candidates) for testing this time around. The scheduled release date for Lightning 1.0 is November 8th, which gives us time for 3-4 release candidates.

The rc1 release, and this is a first, is availble on We are now making use of the development channel feature, so head on over to and click on the “Development Channel” box. Once you’ve installed this build, you will automatically get updates to future release candidates.

We are almost there, please do report any bugs you find on or use the newsgroups.


  1. Bill Gianopoulos

    Could you please sync up the Lightning version numbers with the Thunderbird version numbers?
    So that If i am running Thunderbird 7 I install Lightning 7?
    I mean really. Why make this so complicated for the user?

  2. What about Provider for Google Calender. The version 0.8 does not seem to be compatible with Lightning 1.0rc1. Earlier a corresponding version was available with the nightlies. But the latest nightly I was able to find is dated March 28, 2011.
    Downgraded to Lightning 1.0b7 and it’s working alright. But maybe there is a solution for a common upgrade path for both add-ons?

  3. Hi!
    You should edit the first line to make it 100% clear that “This build requires Thunderbird 8”, as opposed to “compatible with Thunderbird 8”
    I filed by misinterpreting this.

  4. Philipp Kewisch

    Brenno, I don’t think we should burdon that page with release candidates, otherwise the list would get very long very quickly (i.e 3-4 planned rc’s just for this release?).
    I will update the page and describe that there may be builds on the AMO development channel though. Thanks for the hint!

  5. Philipp Kewisch

    Ronan, thanks for the hint. I’ve updated the blog entry to make it more clear.