Lightning 1.0b7 released

I am happy to present you Lightning 1.0b7, our stable release compatible with Thunderbird 7. This is the first release in a long time that has been created using release automation. While it took a bit longer to set up this time, we hope that its very easy to produce subsequent builds with it, leaving more time for actual coding instead of release engineering work.

Lightning 1.0b7 contains 39 fixes to the last release, which was two months back. You can find a full list of changes here.

You can get the release from for all platforms.

Note this is the last release before Lightning 1.0, which is due in 6 weeks, so please be sure to report all bugs you find on our bugtracker at (please search before you file a bug).

If you are using a localized version, please also report localization errors in the respective locale here.

A short note on the release process for 1.0, we will be releasing a number of release candidates that will become the final builds. I’ll do an extra blog post on this soon.


  1. Hi,
    is not available fore solaris
    Lightning 1.0b7
    by Mozilla Calendar Project
    Manage your daily schedule directly within Thunderbird. Allows managing calendars locally or subscribing to network calendars.
    Lightning 1.0 beta5 is the latest stable release containing 150 bugfixes and improvements over the 1.0b2 release.
    Download for Linux
    Not available for your platform
    Solaris X64

  2. Wolfgang, I have already notified Ginn, who is doing the Solaris builds. I’ll update the post as soon as Solaris builds are available.

  3. Is it only for TB7?
    I using TB6.02 with L1.0b5 and works fine.
    With this L1.0b7 no own date entries, no timezone in settings, no selectable tabs (day, week, more weeks, month)!

  4. Ahh, sorry. I saw it now. Only Thunderbird 7.0a1 – 7.*.

  5. Eveything is fixed up on our side with these new versions
    Many thanks to all of you

  6. Hi Philip,
    now i found Lightning 1.0b7
    thank you.
    But not: Update Add-ons Automaticly

  7. Wolfgang, unfortunately the contrib releases will not update automatically since we do not upload them to, which is partially because they only allow the major platforms and also because we could the Solaris builds as contributed builds. I hope you understand.

  8. Is there a Lightning forum somewhere? Meanwhile, please allow me to ask here : are task categories set in stone, or can edit them? Thanks.

  9. Philipp Kewisch

    Re: Task categories
    you should be able to edit them using the task dialog (doubleclick).
    Check out