Last minute testing needed for upcoming Sunbird 0.3alpha1 release

OK guys, we’re nearly there. I know it has been a long time since our last official release (Sunbird 0.2) but the developers think that what we have right now could become Sunbird 0.3alpha1.

Please be aware that this release is an alpha release. This means that you shouldn’t expect the same quality as from a final release (like Sunbird 0.2). Sunbird 0.3alpha1 should be better in a few spots than Sunbird 0.2 but in some other spots it is probably only 90% as good as Sunbird 0.2.

But before we release, we could use some help in testing the latest nightly builds for any showstopper bugs. Showstopper bugs for this release would be all serious crashes or dataloss issues.

So please hop over to the mozilla FTP server, get a build and test it until your fingers bleed :-)

If you find something that may qualify as a crash bug or a dataloss issue, please put the following info in your bug report on

  1. Clear steps to reproduce. (if necessary attach an .ics file that shows the issue to the bug)
  2. The version of Sunbird that you’re using and the platform that you’re using it on. This info can be gained via Help -> About Mozilla Sunbird

Thanks for your help!


  1. Can you post a link for testing instructions? I’ve looked around and can’t figure out how to do it right. I download that windows .zip file and have the Sunbird directory. Do I just run sunbird.exe from within there? Do I need to put the /Sunbird folder anywhere in particular? Do I need to uninstall 0.2 first?
    I seem to get error messages no matter which combination I try. Thanks!

  2. GCW, we have a page with different sets of tests on our wiki.
    You don’t need to uninstall Sunbird 0.2 to test the latest nightly. We recommend to install the relevant archive to a different folder, though.
    You should also create a new profile for the latest trunk nightlies, by starting sunbird.exe with the -p switch.
    I hope this helps. Feel free to ask, if you have more questions.

  3. Good luck with the new blog.

  4. Maybe you should post a news item here about this blog?

  5. Hi,
    I DO know that this issue has been mentioned before, and I do NOT know whether this is the right place, but,
    would it be possible to incorporate SyncML support ? The folks of the sync4j project have added SyncML support to the ‘regular’ Mozilla Calendar plugin, so maybe it’s possible to merge their (GPL’ed?) code into Sunbird ?
    Please see

  6. Hello,
    I tried the sunbird 0.3a1 and at the moment I am working on a german localization for the upcoming 0.3a1.
    How can I get in contact with you ?
    I have already readen in several forum and newsgroups about localizations of sunbird in french and other languages. But why are these l10n-builds not hosted and linked at mozilla itself like the l10n-releases of firefox and thunderbird ?
    Would be happy to have some reply from you.

  7. Hi Thorsten,
    I originally posted this to the Calendar forum on Mozillazine:
    When you’ve finished your localization of Sunbird 0.3a1 (after we release it), send me a mail with the link to your build and I’ll setup a download page for localized versions and link to your build from there.
    This goes for all localizers. I’ll probably also announce this in netscape.public.mozilla.calendar, netscape.public.mozilla.l10n and on the Calendar weblog once 0.3a1 is out of the door.

  8. When will sunbird 0.3a1 be released as a “sunbirdsetup.exe”?