Where is 0.3 alpha1

Just a short post to keep you guys updated on the current situation.

Very late in the game of releasing Sunbird 0.3 alpha1, we were hit by bug 306834, which resulted in Sunbird using 100% of the CPU cycles, even when the application was doing nothing. The reason behind this behaviour is bug 291386, which we needed to workaround. We will test our workaround patch extensively and hope to release Sunbird 0.3 alpha1 in the next few days if all works out.


  1. Is the workaround already included in the builds that are currently on the ftp server (20051103)? I’m afraid I still see the problem.
    Greetings, Sebo.

  2. Sebo,
    No, the fix will only be in 20051104 builds or later.

  3. This is good news. Over the past few months I have become a Calendar convert. However, my main use of it is as an extension for Thunderbird. Are there plans to update that part of the project at the same time you roll out the new version of Sunbird? If not, is there an estimate as to how far behind it is? Thanks and much appreciated!